Modern corner kitchen LORENZO with a large island

Our LORENZO kitchen perfectly matches the modern ambiance of the entire home. The facades are clear, laconic, strict, but at the same time quite simple. This is an example of pure geometry, with wonderful materials and skillful craftsmanship.

Made in the company  ViVakitchen ,
G. Odintsovo

LORENZO kitchen

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The main emphasis in the interior falls on the beautiful blank facades of two shades - light and dark. The dark ones have a more pronounced structure, and the light ash solid attracts attention with the unsurpassed beauty of natural wood.

Facades MDF and solid ash

The furniture set is angular and takes up almost 2 walls. On the one hand, there is a working area with a countertop, on the other, blank facades with ovens and a microwave. In the center of the pencil case there is a darker sideboard with open shelves, which look very interesting against a light background.

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Sideboard with open shelves
There are also dedicated glass shelves on the island, which was a wonderful solution to decorate our furniture.

The island in the middle is functional and wide. It houses a sideboard, regular kitchenware sections and a sink with gold taps. The worktop is so large that it is another complete work area.

An island in the LORENZO kitchen

The wall panel is made of glass. Thus, the effect of volumetric space is created and a rather large room becomes even larger. An integrated handle runs along the entire perimeter, creating a characteristic graphic effect that extends the height of the facades.

Facades MDF and solid ash

The facades are made of solid ash and MDF with a unique coating - “special effect brass with patina” enamel. Thus, the impression of aging and additional matte is created, plus the pores stand out beautifully. The structure of the tree is fully manifested, and the color transitions under artificial lighting play and glare. And the most original thing is that patina is the prerogative of the classics, and you simply cannot find them on modern facades. Besides our kitchen!

Sideboard with open shelves

Massive vertical side walls are made of lightweight and durable tamburat material at the same time. This is the so-called honeycomb plate, a composite with an external cladding, characterized by increased strength. Such walls will not deform, dry out and will last a very long time.

Tamburat side walls

Our LORENZO kitchen is a bold design idea, functionality, comfort and freedom of space, embodied in one solution.

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