White and green MDF kitchen with curved facades

Our new kitchen is located in a two-room panel apartment and, of course, cannot boast of a large number of square meters (8 sq. m). But with the help of a bright and cheerful contrasting green headset, it was possible to revive the whole atmosphere in the apartment and it became even a little more spacious.

Made in the company  Furniture manufactory Sankov ,
Oryol region, p. Nepolod

Modern green and white kitchen

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The furniture was created according to an individual project, because the correct ergonomics of the kitchen is very important for a comfortable work. And our kitchen turned out to be just that - ergonomic, practical, but also beautiful.

Kitchen project in a panel two-room apartment

Green embodies the most pleasant moments of human life - spring, awakening, nature. In contrast to the white, a very harmonious atmosphere came out. The alternation of green and white filled the room with light. For the same purpose, a white plinth was installed under the lower green facades. White upper sections are interspersed with green ones.

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MDF facades with PVC foil

The third complementary color is gray. These are chrome-plated handles on the facades and rails along the wall panel, a stainless steel sink, a gray countertop and an apron in various shades that are in harmony with each other and with the furniture sections.

Sulfur countertop and apron

Furniture facades are an alternation of radius and flat sections. Thanks to them, the kitchen has acquired smoother outlines, and the contrast of green and white, together with curved lines, looks much more advantageous than ordinary standard furniture.

Modern green and white kitchen

All modules are made of film MDF (gloss). This is a relatively inexpensive material, but its quality is definitely better than the same budget plastic. Today's PVC film has a fairly long service life, practically does not scratch or peel off.

Sulfur countertop and apron

Our green and white kitchen is clear and bright, it evokes the most positive emotions for the whole family and guests!

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