Beige and brown modern kitchen with peninsula

Everyone calls our modern two-tone kitchen extraordinary. It is simple, but at the same time quite original. And its strict volumetric geometry is attractive no less than pretentious decorative elements.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Furniture Holding Factory

G. Vladimir

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Modern kitchen made of MDF

The combination of light and dark wood is a classic that has not lost its relevance. In the top row, the light sections in dark frames, together with the backsplash and white countertop, create a visual niche that adds volume and depth to the entire set.

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Chipboard body, MDF facades in foil

On the side, the pencil case protrudes slightly forward to the very ceiling, with niches for the oven and microwave. And together with the wide bottom drawer, the effect of the transition from one color to another is obtained.

Blum, TIP-ON mechanism

Headset size - 3 * 1.5 m, cost - 110 thousand. rubles. Body - laminated chipboard, MDF facades covered with PVC film. The upper tier of the cabinets is narrower than the pencil case and the lower sections. In this way, the space was slightly unloaded upward.

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Multilevel facades

Almost all facades are deaf, except for a small glass cabinet in the upper row and a sideboard with transparent glass in the lower one. Glass facades have revived the blank monolithic sections of the modern set, carrying a kind of decorative load. In the lower tier, dark brown doors were installed on the light body. And this contrasting element has become another furniture accent.

Modern kitchen made of MDF

All doors in the top row are hinged, with stops. It is very convenient when little-used items are placed in the uppermost tier, and often only the lower modules are opened.

Bloom fittings

Hinges and guides - Blum, the lower doors are equipped with a TIP-ON mechanism. Thanks to him, heavy facades can be opened with a light touch and literally with one finger.

Blum, TIP-ON mechanism

White tabletop of the Kedr company (economy) from laminated chipboard. It is quite a bit lighter than the facades and it was possible to pick it up to match the apron. The table top creates a flowing line that continues into the peninsula with a glass sideboard at the bottom.

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