Modern white and gray kitchen with a bright apron

It's amazing how one bright accent in a room can completely transform an interior. You can order comfortable modern facades without any decor (even without handles), install a bright apron and you will get a very interesting solution like in this kitchen.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Furniture in Mikuni

G. Mikun

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Modern kitchen in the living room with a bright apron

So it happened in our case. The beautiful design of the coral reef attracts all eyes, it has transformed the simple film facades and the lower gray stone sections now resemble corals.

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White and gray modern interior

The gray and white combination of shades is very stylish and I've always liked it. White complements a more intense and energetic gray, and thanks to the light top, the cabinets seem taller than they really are.

Lifts FREEfold

A large furniture set, almost 5 meters, is located in the living room. It takes up one wall and it is very convenient for all kitchen chores. On the side there is a tall pencil case with built-in appliances (oven and microwave). Gray-brown facades protrude forward, and white modules have formed a small niche.

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MDF facades with PVC foil

The Slotex worktop in light wood is in harmony with the lower sections. It is made of a moisture-resistant chipboard, lined with plastic on all sides. It is impossible to scratch, break, it does not care about steam, heat and bacteria.

Tabletop Slotex

The wall panel is made of photo-printed tempered glass. It continues on the adjacent wall, protecting it from water droplets flying from the sink.

Tempered glass wall panel

The fittings inside are high-quality and reliable: Salice hinges, FREEfold lifts, guides in McMart drawers.

Guides McMart

The bottom drawers can be opened with a profile handle. It is very convenient, because you hardly touch the facades. This means that they will remain clean all the time.

Profile handle

The entire top tier of the cabinets is made up of FREEfold lifts. The facades are quite heavy, so you need to be sure that they will withstand all the loads. The overview of the contents of the cabinet is very convenient, the space above the cabinet is not filled, as is the case with hinged doors.

Lifts FREEfold
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