Classic olive kitchen in a country house

A cozy kitchen in the country is a dream of many…. In a country house, you don't want to run, rush and try to solve a million cases in a day. Everything here is conducive to complete relaxation and enjoyment of space and air. Therefore, we chose such a kitchen so that its appearance was close to nature.

Made in the company  MAMO,
G. St. Petersburg

Classic pistachio cuisine

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Shades of earth and fresh greenery successfully fit into such a popular eco-trend today. Natural, relaxed and fresh olive interior invigorates and charges with the most positive energy.

Olive MDF facades

The room is small, for these reasons, preference was given to light shades. The entire color composition is based on a combination of several tones of green and brown.

Green-brown interior

The style of the furniture is a light and comfortable classic. In the U-shaped headset, it was possible to create a large working area that continues near the window.

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Classic pistachio cuisine

The sink is located in front of the window opening and this arrangement provides several advantages: watching the child playing on the street and enjoying the views from the window while washing the dishes.

Washing near the window

The boiler was removed in a wall cabinet so as not to disturb the complete picture of the furniture row. There are many mezzanines above the upper sections, allowing for additional storage space.

Boiler in the closet

Doors with showcases have become a real decoration of the facades. The decorative binding, being part of the classic interior, has adorned the glass and revived the wooden surfaces.

Glass doors with decorative cover

The facades are made of MDF. The large domed hood was painted in the color of the furniture. It is framed by closed cabinets on both sides. On one side, a narrow cargo locker was added so that there was no empty space.

Large dome hood

The damp-proof worktop comes with a wood look and the wall panel comes with a brickwork pattern. But the shades were selected in such a way that they are practically indistinguishable from afar, making up a single whole.

Washing near the window

Calm, cozy and beautiful - the kitchen has become a real decoration of our dacha.

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