Window sill-countertop in the kitchen: review of materials, photo

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Kitchen countertop sill design
Most residents of old-style apartment buildings feel daily discomfort due to small-sized inconvenient kitchens, in which it is impossible to arrange a family feast, and often there is not enough space even for cooking food.

In this situation, an excellent solution would be to install a countertop-window sill in the kitchen room, which will free up space and make the room more ergonomic. However, despite the spaciousness of kitchens in modern homes, this technique is also relevant for them, as it allows them to change the design of the room and make major repairs. There is no particular difficulty here, it is simply recommended to carry out work before leveling the slopes of the windows.

Materials for the countertop-window sill in the kitchen

Materials for the manufacture of countertops-windowsill
It would be more logical if the window sill, which is a continuation of the countertop, is made of the same material from which all other horizontal work surfaces in the kitchen are made. Special requirements are imposed on the design due to constant exposure to sunlight, the material is selected taking into account this condition. It is also necessary to focus on the design of the kitchen as a whole, to evaluate how it fits with the rest of the furniture.
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Different materials are used for the manufacture of a window sill-countertop:

  • fake diamond;
  • natural stone;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard.

Each has pros and cons.

Natural stone

Natural stone for making countertops
One of the most reliable options, it has the following advantages:
  • resistance to most chemical and mechanical influences, that is, durability;
  • immunity to ultraviolet light;
  • resistance to high temperatures.

The disadvantages of the material include:

  • high cost;
  • complexity in processing;
  • great weight.

The most attractive stone for making a window sill as an extension of a table top is onyx. It lets light through and looks beautiful in the sun. Marble can be spoiled by liquids of high acidity or with coloring properties (juices, coffee, tea). Granite can be radioactive, so it must be selected carefully. Only granite is suitable, which belongs to the I category of safety.

Fake diamond

Worktop with window sill and integrated sink
An alternative to natural stone is artificial stone made of special materials.


  • strength;
  • mechanical stability;
  • immunity to liquids;
  • heat resistance;
  • variety of colors;
  • lack of tendency to fade in the sun.

The downside is the high price. Artificial stone is probably the best choice.


Wood is a classic material for making kitchen worktops
Natural wood is a classic kitchen countertop material with the following benefits:
  • ecological cleanliness;
  • durability;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • wide range of shades, etc.

However, wood has serious disadvantages:

  • susceptibility to mechanical damage;
  • susceptibility to high temperatures, which can even cause a fire on the countertop;
  • fear of moisture;
  • the need for special care.

To improve the protective properties, the wood is treated with special wax-based agents. But you do not need to choose it when they plan to make a surface for work from the window sill. If the extended window sill becomes a bar counter, then the choice of wood is justified.


In a high-tech kitchen, a metal countertop sill is appropriate. The advantages of metal are as follows:

  • spectacular view;
  • immunity to sudden changes in temperature, moisture, UV rays;
  • ease of care.


  • high probability of scratching;
  • the likelihood of corrosion due to long-term use.


Plastic is an economical option for making countertops
Plastic is a good and economical option for making countertops.


  • relative durability and reliability;
  • resistance to moisture and light;
  • a variety of colors and textures;
  • the ability to create solid worktops of large dimensions;
  • ease of care;
  • low cost.


  • susceptibility to thermal effects;
  • high probability of scratching from sharp metal objects.

Modern high-quality plastic practically does not have the listed disadvantages, but it costs an order of magnitude higher than ordinary plastic.

MDF and chipboard

For budget repairs, countertops are suitable instead of a window sill in the kitchen made of chipboard or MDF. They have the following advantages:

  • relative durability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ease of care;
  • variety of colors;
  • low cost.


  • high probability of mechanical damage;
  • complexity of installation;
  • lack of heat resistance.

The choice of chipboard or MDF for the manufacture of countertops in the continuation of the window sill will be justified if high loads will not act on it.

Design solutions (design photo)

To expand the kitchen space from the window sill, you can create the following designs:

  • work and dining table;
  • bar counter;
  • countertop with built-in sink;
  • full working surface.

One or another option is chosen depending on the layout of the kitchen and the need to install furniture or household appliances in this room.

Window sill table
Table top with window sill and bar
Corner table top with window sill
Countertop-sill in the kitchen

Dining or work table

Often, a window sill in a kitchen is converted into a dining table, so that space is used more economically. In addition, it is pleasant to eat by the window, since there is natural light and the opportunity to observe what is happening on the street. A table-top window sill as a dining table can have very small dimensions.

The worktop, turning into the window sill, in the kitchen, the photo of which is presented, can be additionally equipped with a folding table, which, if necessary, allows you to increase the area of ​​the tabletop. When one or two people live in an apartment, it will be possible to get by with just one folding table. The windowsill is great for equipping a full-fledged desktop.

Small shelves can be hung on the sides of the window to create storage space for papers and office supplies.

Dining table-sill in the kitchen

Bar counter

When the kitchen does not have a seating area, a table where you could sit with friends, you can equip an elegant bar counter from the countertop on the windowsill.

This design is appropriate both in a spacious room and in a small kitchenette, since the counter can be any size and can play the role of a table. In rooms of a large area, a window sill looks spectacular, which smoothly turns into a curved bar counter, standing against one of the walls or being an element that separates the living room area from kitchen. This design is very functional. With a balcony, the configuration is usually such that a window sill with a countertop can be connected to the counter and to the island in the kitchen, be equipped with cupboards, drawers and a built-in oven.

Bar counter-window sill in the kitchen

Working surface-table top, turning into a window sill

It is most practical to use a window-sill table in the kitchen as a full-fledged work surface on which food is cut and prepared for further culinary processing.

Here you need to choose a material suitable for wear resistance and reliability that can withstand active use. From the bottom of the work surface, different cabinets and drawers are usually made, due to which it is possible to significantly increase the number of storage spaces. It is important to provide for the possibility of warm air flow from the radiator to the window, for which the battery is usually covered with cabinets with latticed doors or removed by installing a "warm floor". In some apartments, the battery is initially located somewhat to the side of the window, and under the window there is a "winter refrigerator", on which doors with additional thermal insulation can be installed.

Work surface on the kitchen windowsill

Washing by the window

An interesting solution is the location of the kitchen sink in the countertop windowsill, but this is not feasible in every kitchen. This option is used, as a rule, when decorating the design of kitchen rooms in private houses, where sewage and water supply pipes are quite often located near the window.

A sink built into the countertop looks harmonious in a kitchen decorated in Provence, country and other styles that strive for antiquity or classics. Thanks to this arrangement of the sink in the kitchen it will become cozy and it will be more pleasant to wash the dishes.

With any installation method in the kitchen countertops, you may need to raise or lower the level of the window sill. Modern methods make it possible to do this at no additional cost. But if you don't want to touch the window sill, the gap or joint between it and other horizontal surfaces can be masked using a special corner.

Washing in the kitchen window sill

Before choosing the most suitable countertop design instead of a window sill, carefully study different examples of kitchen interiors. It is advisable to ask your friends, who have already installed a countertop by the window in their kitchen, whether they are satisfied with the innovation.


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