Boyard: furniture fittings and accessories for the kitchen, an overview

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Room decoration is impossible without well-chosen furniture. Now there are many manufacturers who offer models of different characteristics and prices. How not to get confused among such a variety of shapes and types, as well as buy your favorite model at an affordable price? In this article, we will tell you in detail about the Boyard brand, whose furniture fittings are very popular in the domestic market.

The share of Boyard accessories in the production scale of our country is as much as 30%. Stores for the purchase of goods of this company are located in many large cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg. Boyard accessories are widely represented in the catalog available on the official website of the store. There you can find out everything about technical characteristics, see photos, compare with other models.

Pull-out kitchen drawer

Handles and other furniture accessories from Boyard

Boyard furniture fittings provides a variety of different accessories for the front, front side of furniture to choose from.

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Handles play a very important role in the design of a room - they make its appearance more complete and harmonious. Boyard makes handles from a high-quality alloy of zinc and aluminum, so the product will last longer and will look more representative. There are many materials and colors of the coating: aged silver, polished chrome, blackened zinc, antique brass and so on. You can find the handles you need to suit any interior, from the classic to the minimalist loft.

Other important accessories that need to be mentioned are the following:

  • shelf supports;
  • roof rails;
  • dish dryers;
  • bottle holders;
  • retractable corners;
  • opening systems Push-to-Open.

Hinges, fasteners and other accessories

In addition to its decorative appearance, Boyard furniture fittings carry a large functional load. These are hinges, lifting and retractable mechanisms, guides and supports. It is these details that ensure the normal operation of the furniture.


Furniture hinges presented by Boyard store can be both traditional and modern, where there are additional adjustment options and a cushioning system. They are offered in different sizes: standard, 35 millimeters in diameter, and small, 26 millimeters in diameter. The hinges are suitable for installing facades made of MDF, laminated chipboard, natural wood and glass.

Lifting mechanisms

In the assortment of Boyard there are several types of lifting mechanisms:

  1. Pneumatic type. Such a mechanism can be selected in a standard or secretary version. It will allow for smooth and silent opening and closing of doors or provide fixation at the desired point of the trajectory. This function will help in the installation of both kitchen and office furniture.
  2. Mechanical type. The spring devices of the AERO range are developed by qualified engineers in cooperation with Italian professionals. The mechanism meets all the requirements of practicality, convenience and comfort, has a long service life, and is distinguished by reliability. The AERO system is popular among manufacturers as it provides the most complete view of the interior of the drawer.

The hoist model can be selected depending on the desired trajectory. The box can be opened vertically, at an angle, it can be folded or hinged, which is especially convenient in a small room.

Retractable mechanisms

Drawers increase the functionality of the furniture, making it easier in terms of convenience. There are several types of such mechanisms:

  1. Classic. An inexpensive and easy option. The construction consists of balls and rollers.
  2. The sidewalls of the MB type guides, made of metal.
  3. Concealed installation of rails type DB, specially made for wooden drawers.
  4. SWIMBOX, SWIMBOX PRO, B-box. These systems are state-of-the-art, with two sides made of metal. With this mechanism, the drawers close tightly, softly and quietly. Drawers can be pulled out completely, exposing all the contents, making it easy to access even the far corners.

Kitchen accessories

The Boyard line also includes kitchen accessories that fit perfectly into the overall design and serve as a pleasant addition to the functionality. This line includes the following products:

  • connection systems;
  • latches for facades;
  • mesh fillings;
  • shelf supports;
  • Push-to-Open systems;
  • furniture closers.

We told you in detail about the assortment of Boyard furniture accessories. Your business is to choose and purchase the models you like, using our article as a guide. The task of the furniture maker is to fix the equipment correctly and reliably. Enjoy the shopping!

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