Clean the pens at the kitchen stove: folk ways

Clean the pens at the kitchen stove: folk ways


The first assistant in cooking - a stove. Whether it is gas, electric or induction, the cooker is operated by us daily. The first thing we touch, including the stove, is the switches for the burners on the front panel. Uncomplicated handles, allowing you to control the level of power of the hob. During cooking, they are often contaminated - then hastily turned on by hands, sticky from the dough, then the frying pan began to spray fat in all directions. It is not easy to clean these regulators: the detergent does not dissolve fat, and the sponge itself becomes sticky and dirty, but does not clean the switches. What to do and how to clean the handles at the stove? We will discuss this in more detail later in this article.


  • 1Handles are removable and non-removable - cleaning rules
    • 1.11. Removable handle
    • 1.22. Fixed handle
  • 2Top 5 folk remedies for removing dirt from the handles from the cooker
    • 2.1Ammonia
    • 2.2Lemon juice
    • 2.3Wet wipes
    • 2.4Vinegar
    • 2.5Laundry soap

Handles are removable and non-removable - cleaning rules

Determine which regulators are on your gas stove is not difficult. If, after pulling the handle slightly towards yourself, it is removed, then you can rest assured that the switches are removable. If you make an effort, twist the handle in all directions, pull yourself on with all your might, but it does not give way - alas, the regulator is not removable. In this case, do not try to disconnect the regulator by force, in order not to break it inadvertently.

So, there are two types of pens from the cooker and options for cleaning them.

1. Removable handle

Washing the dirt with a removable handle - it's not a troublesome thing. If the regulators are removed, then proceed as follows. Remove all the switches. Prepare a container with hot water (about 80 ° C). In hot water, grate grated soap, laundry detergent or dishwashing detergent. Place all the pens in a soap solution for 15 minutes. Then arm yourself with an old toothbrush and try to thoroughly clean the entire switch, from the outside and from the back. Gas stove regulators shine with cleanliness.

2. Fixed handle

With regulators that are tightly attached to the hob, it will be more difficult. Inside, it is almost impossible to clean the handles, but outside it is quite realistic. Help will come: cotton swabs, cotton swabs, toothpicks, toothbrush. Handles slightly wet, hard-to-reach places cleaned of dirt with a toothpick. Soak the dirt around the switches with cotton buds. Using a swab of cotton wool soaked in a detergent with chlorine, carefully clean the regulators. Then rinse with warm water using a sponge.

Top 5 folk remedies for removing dirt from the handles from the cooker

In the department of household goods many powders, gels and solutions are sold, which effectively dissolve mud and grease from any surfaces. The price of this miracle - the jars is high, and the guarantee that this tool will help to wash the handles, no. Before you empty your wallet, try the "cheap" funds that are tried by the people and cope with pollution just as well as buying and expensive chemistry.



A vial with ammonia is in every medicine cabinet. Ammonium hydroxide surprisingly well helps to clean stains from furniture, utensils, sanitary ware, and even jewelry. Speaking about how to clean the handles at the stove, take note: you need to use not pure ammonia, but drops, called "ammonia-anise". Breathing a couple of ammonia from ammonia, you can get poisoned. Drops are safe - they do not even need to be diluted. We wet the cotton wool with drops, and wipe the contaminated regulators. In hard-to-reach places, clean with a cotton swab soaked in droplets. If you plan to wash your hands with alcohol, then use a diluted solution with water, in the proportion:.

Lemon juice

Concentrated lemon juice dissolves any dirt.

  1. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon.
  2. Prepare an unnecessary toothbrush.
  3. Dipping the brush into the lemon juice, thoroughly clean the surface of the plate regulators at the contamination sites. If the switch is soiled that it has many small, non-washable grease points, then brush it into the food (not calcined!) Soda and gently rub the problem area.
  4. Dip the brush alternately in sour juice and soda to completely clean the handles. At the end of the handle, rinse with a sponge and clean water to wash off the stickiness of the juice and the remaining soda.

Wet wipes

Sometimes, in order to clean the handles, it is enough to wipe them several times with wet wipes. Many wet wipes contain castor oil and citric acid, which effectively remove contaminants. This is a gentle cleaning method, both for gas stove regulators and for your hands. Wrap the wet napkin on the finger, carefully handle and wipe the surface of the handles. Change the napkin as it gets dirty. After cleaning, wipe the switches from the cooker with a clean cloth.


Use of vinegar is suitable only for removable handles from the stove. It will dissolve strong corrosive contaminants, eliminate bacteria and an unpleasant odor.

  • Regulators remove and fold in a small pan or ladle.
  • Mix 200 ml of vinegar and 700 ml of water.
  • Pour the solution with the handle. Put on medium heat, bring to a boil. Boil for 7-10 minutes.
  • Drain the water in the sink, allow the switches to cool. Dry and wipe dry, set back on the panel slab.

Laundry soap

Strong soapy solution from household soap will well clean the handle of greasy sticky stains and dirt. 50 g of soap grate on a fine grater. Mix with 100 ml of boiling water.


If the regulators are removable, they should be soaked in a soap solution overnight. After 8-10 hours, wipe them with a sponge and rinse with clean water. Non-detachable handles should be cleaned using the hard side of the sponge. Lowering the sponge in the solution, wash off the dirt.


After cleaning, wipe the handles with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely.

If your cooker is connected to an electrical outlet, disconnect it from the power supply before cleaning. Wipe the knobs after each cooking, then they will not accumulate dirt, your stove will always be clean and tidy.

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