How to get rid of unpleasant odors in a washing machine

How to get rid of unpleasant odors in a washing machine


Unfortunately, even in a new washing machine, an unpleasant musty smell may appear. How to remove the smell from it and avoid its reappearance? The reasons for the appearance of mold and mustiness can be many, but it all boils down to one factor: microorganisms multiply inside the aggregate. These can be fungi or bacteria, but it is their colonies that become the source of stink. To get rid of the problem, you need to know where such pests appear most often.


  • 1Where bacteria are most often settled in the automatic machine
    • 1.1What causes should be fixed: table
  • 2Why does it smell like mold, damp, musty
  • 3How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in a washing machine
    • 3.1How to clean the styralka and eliminate stench from it: video
    • 3.2Cleaning with dishwasher tablets (video)
  • 4Methods of prevention

Where bacteria are most often settled in the automatic machine

The colony can be formed anywhere, but most often microorganisms multiply in some places, where they feel particularly free. Here is a list of these places:

  • a container for pouring in powder or liquid for washing and surrounding walls;
  • The hose leading from the powder tank to the tank;
  • sealing rubber ring around the hatch;
  • filter drain hose and the hose itself, which connects the tank to the sewage system;
  • the bottom of the tank, where there is always a little water left after washing;
  • Heating elements, if they have formed a layer of scale.

Check each of these places and rinse them well with chlorine-containing substances to eliminate a badly smelling bacterial plaque. An unpleasant smell will disappear if you can get rid of the cause of its formation.

What causes should be fixed: table

Problem place Cause What to do
Cuff of loading hatch The appearance of fungus, the accumulation of dirt and soapy deposits Rinse or replace the boot hatch
Tray for detergents and powder Mold, a cluster of unused detergent Clean or replace the singing chamber
Waste water drain hose Clogging Check and clean if necessary
Sewerage in the house Clogging Check and clean
Drain pump Clog, the accumulation of tissue fibers and small debris Clean or replace the pump if necessary
Heating element (heating element) Occurrence of a raid from the unhanded washing-up liquids or the conditioner Clean the washing machine with citric acid

Why does it smell like mold, damp, musty

Most often this happens with machines, whose owners prefer to wash in economy mode, at low water temperature and short rinse. At low temperatures, bacteria that live on the surface of dirty things do not die. They stay on the walls of the tank, linger on clumps of small debris from their pockets and other trash.

If after washing the car has not dried as it should be, the bacteria opens a green street: full of nutrients, how much moisture, dark and warm. As a result, after a while you find out the manifestations of their life activity, that is, what from your car smells, as if from a sewage system.

To the formation of bacterial or fungal deposits on the walls of the washing machine, two more factors lead to: excessive use of rinse aid and the use of low-quality powders.

A rotten smell can also appear if you wash things with crumbs, cookies, candies, or even just a paper napkin forgotten in your pockets. The soaked paper coalesces into a loose lump, which becomes an excellent substrate for a colony of mold or bacteria. A week later you can feel an unpleasant smell and you will have to think about removing it.


Scum is another reason for the smell of mold. For example, the machine was cleaned with a descaling agent, and pieces of calcareous plaque fell to the bottom from the TEN. If they stay at the bottom of the tank, they will have a bacterial or fungal attack with a corresponding odor, which is not always possible to get rid quickly.

The last reason, because of which the machine can stink - wrong connection to the drainage system of the drain hose. Sometimes inept and inexperienced technicians attach the hose so that all smells from the sewer pipe go into the machine. Check the hose connection if the machine smells bad. Sometimes it's enough to remake the connection to get this ambre.


How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in a washing machine

The entire interior of the machine must be thoroughly rinsed with a disinfectant. You can buy special solutions for this, the purpose of which is just to remove the unpleasant odor and its sources. But you do not need to purchase special means: you can do the treatment with an ordinary chlorine bleach. A good result is the use of special tablets of detergent for dishwashers.


If you find a black rotten coating on the walls of machine parts, rinse them well and dry them.

The old rubber ring of the manhole seal can also be replaced if it is heavily damaged by mold. The same should be done with a drain hose if it can not be cleaned.

To get rid of the unpleasant odor from the washing machine, you need to run empty, no laundry, long wash at maximum temperature, adding bleach or tablets of detergent to dishwashers. After the end of the full cycle, run another short rinse to clean all the insides of your car clean. Most likely, after such processing your machine will no longer be the source of the smell of mold and rot.


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How to clean the styralka and eliminate stench from it: video

Cleaning with dishwasher tablets (video)

Methods of prevention

The instruction manual, which is supplied to any automatic machine, lists in detail all the necessary actions. But many people read inattentively or have long since lost this manual. Let's recall the main points that will allow you to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant smell of mold and mustiness in your car.

  1. After each wash, dry the inside of the machine, remove and rinse the powder tray, rinse the cavity into which it is inserted. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the sealing ring made of rubber around the door of the hatch.
  2. From time to time, clean and flush the drain hose filter. Very often, it smells like mold from the organic remains that have accumulated there.
  3. Once in 1-2 months, clean the heating elements of scale. To do this, you can use a glass of vinegar or 100 g of citric acid. The acid must be placed inside the drum, and then run the wash cycle at the maximum temperature.
  4. At least once a month, turn on the machine for a long cycle with boiling, preferably using bleaching agents based on chlorine.
  5. Do not use too much rinse aid or balm. The remains of it settle on the walls of the tank and become a substrate for the development of mold.
  6. Avoid the use of cheap powders of poor quality.

Ways to get rid of the "fragrances of France" set, but do not neglect the tips above. Prevention is the best defense.

The material is updated on 07/10/2017

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