How to make a fan with his hands

The question is trivial. First, we recommend to determine the place homemade fan installation. dominated by two types of motors in the art: the collector (historically first), Asynchronous (invented by Nicola Tesla). The first strong noise, switching sections causes spark brush rub, causing noise. Induction motor with short-circuited rotor quieter, generates less noise. Puskozaschitnoy relays will find in the refrigerator. By adding a few sentences humorous phrases, or rather a serious site. How to make a fan with his hands, not to scare family. Let's try to answer.

homemade fan design aspects

the fan device is so simple, lost the meaning of telling to paint the insides. What to consider when designing? Remember growl cyclone vacuum cleaner, the volume greater than 70 dB. Inside the commutator motor. Often deprived of the possibility of speed regulation. Decide, in the place of installation of the fan of homemade prevent such sound pressure level? Selecting the second will focus on asynchronous motors, simple models do not require a start winding. Power is low, the secondary induced EMF field stator.

Drum induction motor

Drum asynchronous squirrel cage induction motor is cut copper conductors for forming, gender angle to the axis. bias direction defines the rotation direction of the motor rotor. Copper wires are not insulated from the drum material Olympic conductivity of the metal material exceeds the ambient (silumin), the potential difference between adjacent cores is low. Current flows through the copper. Between the stator, the rotor is no contact, the spark nowhere to take (wire coated with a varnish insulation).

Noise induction motor is determined by two factors:

  1. The alignment of the stator and rotor.
  2. Quality bearings.

Done correctly setting the asynchronous motor service, you can achieve almost complete quietness. We recommended to consider whether the sound pressure level is important. The case concerns the channel ventilyatora- allowed to use commutator motor, the requirements will set the location of the section.

Ducted fan put inside the duct section is mounted, tearing tract. To withdraw the service section.

The noise becomes a dominant role. Sound wave passing duct fades. Particularly rapid part of the spectrum having inconsistent sizes relative to the width / length of the path section. More read textbooks on acoustic lines. The commutator motor can be used in the basement, garage, deprived people. Neighbors heard the cooperative, rather too lazy to pay attention.

What good commutator motor that are fighting for the right to use. Three disadvantages asynchronous:

  • The engine consumes a significant inrush current (rated 3-7) had a negative effect on the requirements for the supply, circuit breaker. Provision should keep even the short-term, heavy load. The good news is that the vast majority of generators at the start time capable of delivering an infinite current. The bad - your home network is looking at the question differently, unsustainable growth in power break (before-after fuse).
  • Induction motor capricious, changing voltage frequency - momentum does not remain unchanged. Reduced power amplitude will cause a similar effect. Not always a good thing. As for collector engines, indifferent look at the first factor, power surges cause a transient increase in speed. Both due to sudden changes in the inductance of windings quenched voltage fronts. induction motor
  • efficiency induction motor factor does not differ a great value, single-phase three-phase models little inferior. If you just need to blow in the heat efficiency is sufficient, no longer need. The device will run on the hood around the clock in the room of a cubic kilometer - the problem becomes significant.

At the initial moment of the induction motor does not develop high torque, taking a number of specific structural measures. Fan does not matter. Most home models are equipped with asynchronous motors. Production phase number is increased to three.

Search engine fan

In one video Youtube proposed to use a DC motor at 3 volts from the hardware store. Crowned with the USB cable, it works by rotating a laser disc blade. Useful invention? If tired of the extra port, the heat will go through. Simply take the CPU cooler, powered from the system unit. At 12 volts is carried yellow (red 5). Black pair - land. From an old computer will collect. Russian citizens just too lazy to invent, throwing curious equipment in a landfill.

homemade fan

Asynchronous fan motors run without starting condenser fan motors feature... is: go directly to the wound. A couple of tips to help you get the engine:

  1. Blender is noisy, inside usually costs commutator motor. If the device is lost relevance, it managed to get a new, perfectly serve as a fan.
  2. Best channel fan - vacuum cleaner. The engine is placed in a sealed enclosure provided with a vane. Install good in the channel, a good outflow of air from the room is provided.
  3. The refrigerator compressor parts in working condition, the device is supposed to throw in a landfill. A chance to get the current asynchronous motor with launch protection relays. We believe that if the extract engine start conditions change, the practice of offering readers to do their own. Perhaps the rotation of the shaft will be a little slow... use the gearbox. Puskozaschitnoy relay will give the starting voltage of the coil, and then shut off. The principle of operation is based on a heating current of the bimetallic plate, at the right moment terminates auxiliary winding. With regard to protection, it works flawlessly. Scheme better comprising an induction motor through a capacitor. Construction of the fan with his hands
  4. Many guessed aerogrill - just wonderful noisy fan blowing quartz lamp. Since the heating element is a consumable item, replace a piece of cake. It is better to remove in case the thermostat does not work properly. Most aerogrill guided timer have hourly cock mechanism. Simply stop. Chewing gum is not suitable, use adhesive tape. Do not mention it. Portal VashTehnik happy to help.
  5. In washing machines, the engine is able to give momentum. Uses a brushed motor, asynchronous do not develop a good torque at the start. Inside speed control thyristor, the circuit operates on the principle of the cutoff. Will understand where to look for: engine power is conducted through the key. Belt or direct drive - the difference is zero.
  6. Induction motors make their own hands. Round magnet to impose on the shaft side to put one coil - chances to make the device work. The truth will have to start manually, remember the first airplanes, cars.

Make a fan impeller

The question of what to do the fan has not been resolved, the authors keep silent about the impeller. First and foremost, a fridge! The compressor impeller is blown. Will get the engine, remove. Handy. With regard to the washing machine drum is empty in the air propeller. The plastic tank is suitable to make the case. fold space warm building hairdryer.

Inspect the blender, provide unnecessary CD, received the impeller shape. Make yourself a fan is possible, using materials at hand. Does not require a lot of power, it makes no sense too zealous, honing details. We believe readers will know how to make a fan with his hands.

Eternal fan of the CPU cooler

Decided to please readers, describing how to make a fan. Overview is not the first, it was necessary to dig, finding worthwhile. It looks elegant idea of ​​creating an eternal fan, spinning forever. User posted design looking attractive. Let's look closely, thinking about passing, how to make the fan running forever.

You know, of course, the system blocks are quiet (current models). The slightest noise means the cooler lost its axle, or it is time to lubricate aged fan. Working hours, days, weeks are added, the system unit will provide years. It was made possible thanks to sophisticated technology. Reflect, the magnitude of the frictional force depends on the noise. Mechanical energy is thermal, acoustic, due to the presence of roughness. CPU coolers is easy to rotate, it is necessary to blow.

CPU cooler

CPU cooler

video Author - apologize for the absence of a name, justify: clip in English - offers a gathering of accessory eternal fan. The accuracy of fit of parts is large, the blade rotates easily. Costs are reduced to a minimum. Author video uploaded channel deirones, said: CPU fan is powered by direct current. Climbed inside, he found four coils, equally spaced circumferentially, priborchiki axes directed toward the center.

Inside the switch is not observed, it is a paradoxical fact: the constant field coil.

If a typical induction motor of the fan is supplied with alternating voltage of 220 volts, creating a rotating magnetic field, in this case the picture is constant. You might say, inside the rotor drives a switch that creates the desired distribution. True, confirmed by the further course of the author's thoughts, the result of experience. West innovator decides to replace the coil by a permanent magnet. Indeed, there is an alternating field - why an electric current?

Defiantly author cuts the power cord, a neodymium magnet (hard disk) the perimeter of the frame. Each coil on the extension axis. The work is completed, the blades began to rotate vigorously. We believe, just use the principles hushed orthodox literature. Trade secret patentee.

CPU cooler

CPU cooler

The initial movement of the blade is obtained due to random fluctuations in the air. Resembles the magnetron, oscillations build up caused by natural random movement of elementary particles. There was a question that defines the direction of rotation. The design is absolutely symmetrical. Decided to find out, we express our observations:

  1. In the review of the CPU cooler (cooler, no fan) can be seen: the stop blade, the affected hand starts moving light jerks. Portal regarded pump washing machines. There is a similar effect. The design is similar: the perimeter of the coil stand (alternating field), within a magnetized rotor. Due to the action of a permanent magnet rotating blade jerks. It indicates that the CPU fan axis has a point. The degree of magnetization is small, but lacks the device. It is possible, the effect is shown without special effects. The TV has a loop degaussing screen mask. As for the cathode-ray models. Literature says, cause the magnetization could be located close to the speaker of the acoustic system, the natural field of the Earth. The coils are DC perimeter. The axis of the cooler is provided with a magnetic moment, it is possible to grasp: Archimedes leather, which promised flip Earth, having the lever.
    The cooler as a fan

    CPU cooler

  2. Struck one: the cooler (CPU fan) is rotated unidirectionally. In a conventional induction motor is slightly tilted wire squirrel cage in the right direction, pump washing machine there is no difference where to turn. We thought, found these coils, together with the axis of the bar held a certain shape. Form outlines vortex. Location, thickness, shape holders calculated to make it difficult to rotate in a different direction. It remains to understand how the movement. Reminder: the magnetic field is constant, it is obvious from the experience by replacing the coil neodymium picture got old. Surprise, there is no difference north, the south pole to place the magnets. Fan briskly rotates, sensing the correct alignment.
    cooler Jobs

    cooler Jobs

  3. We believe that the matter of inertia. The blades of wind due to the wide surface begin to move, budge random air turbulences (recall magnetron originating from the first oscillation chaotic motion of electrons). Next the shaft is interested in the right direction, moving, drawn by typing speed, skipping portions adverse using positive. In the field of washing machine pump varies coil asynchronous motor - the picture is similar. It turns the eternal fan, everyone is able to raise their hands, Zaim four pieces of neodymium magnets.

Agree, it is convenient, rather than muddy the USB ports to constantly spend batteries. Powered eternal fan of arbitrary position, stripped wires. We believe that the decisive role played by the power of magnets. Stops working simple rule: the more - the better. Slips the golden mean. When the blades are twisted by random air flow, overcoming field neodymium pieces. Weak magnets certainly powerless to keep a steady rotation. The strength of the field must be exactly as created by the coils under a voltage +5 or +12 volts.

Correctly create a perpetual fan

We discussed how to make a fan, measure the direction, strength of the magnetic field coils. Use special instruments. Magnetometer, teslametr, inverter formed of magnetic induction measurement module. When interacting fields is obtained resulting pattern is called a clutch. The transducer generates electromotive force. The size determines the measured strength of the magnetic field. As two fingers! Worth 10,000 rubles.

Magnets are placed at a considerable distance from the axis. The coils are much closer. You need to know the change in the pattern with the distance. According to Coulomb's law, the force decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance is valid for arbitrary single charge sign. Magnetic poles of the individual in nature have not been found (it is not possible to create) a cubic law entered distance. Assume before removal from the coil axis is 1 cm, diagonal perimeter 10 is obtained. Hence, neodymium should be stronger than a 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 times, small coil.

Nobody obliges dispose neodymium magnets perimeter of the fan on the diagonals. The poles lie crosswise. Adjust the force of impact over a wide range. With neodymium magnets in the middle of the fan frame, significantly increasing field strength. We carry out the calculation. Let's say the hypotenuse of a triangle with a 10 cm diagonal is. Distance from the center of the square is equal to 10 / √2 = 7 cm. See, ratio 1000 decreases, reaching a 7 x 7 x 7 = 343. Weight, desperate to find a strong neodymium magnets to create a perpetual fan.

We measure the force! Good compass (custom designs are available, collected his own hands, for example, Should be connected to power one coil. Then locate the position, swipe arrow deflected by about 45 degrees (do not like it - take any other azimuth). After starting the experiment with neodymium. Place the piece at different distances, achieving matching with arrows deviation is obtained by using the processor fan coil. Surely the distance is not equal to the diagonal, half hand, have neodymium break, cut.

Propilivaya one edge along the length neatly break portion of the nail to give the desired field strength to create perpetual fan. We believe that induction apportioned volume. Today spoke lucidly how to make a fan with his own hands!

Source of power

Who wants to make a fan with his hands, sees three challenges: to get the engine, the power to make the propeller. Details should mutually be joined. The three problems are solved, starting with their own hands to do the fan. Today the house an abundance of pulsed power supplies. Think about it, began in the 90s. Game consoles, mobile phones, other equipment. Equipment breaks down, switching power supplies remain. Voltage is sometimes unusual, most little motor running, eating any voltage. Just speed will vary according to the voltage of. House overlooked a broken household appliances - to immediately make the fan automatically.

Fan unit

Blocks of homemade fan power

Constantly people are trying to do with their hands is special fan. One question often beyond the scope of discussion: the power supply. Fan The device itself is so obviously missing more sense to stop. So, of course, an incredible amount of batteries today. Will work for a long time. The answer is - no. In an extreme case, take the "crown", in Soviet times was considered a reliable source of energy. The power supply is bad, the power will fall slowly, speed decrease, the person annoying. Concerned about security with no additional effort. No small 12 volt battery - ready: start looking for how to make a homemade fan energy source.

The first thing comes to mind: kurochit computer. It is known miniature devices powered USB port. Gadgets are recharged. The USB port is a source of inexhaustible energy. Low voltage, low voltage required DC motor. We believe you can find a house to buy in a hardware store. How much will power port: under the old standards of 2-3 watts. Another thing is to find a host device with an updated version of the interface (2014 acknowledged rarity). The developers have promised to give 50 watts (even more hard to believe). True wires become more rated voltages increase. We remind, according to tradition, power is supplied to the red (+) black (-) wire. White, green - signaling.

Clearly, a great power is difficult to expect - even if the port supports, motor does not pull. It is recommended to look more voltage. The engine must be fed bόlshim voltage. For example, it is recommended to use the CPU cooler. Supply voltage is less than laid 12 volts, a rotation speed decreases. Exceed beware - may burn the motor.

We are looking for energy, the issue easier to solve than 3 volts:

  1. 12 volts will find a personal computer, powered cooler used voltage. Pay attention to the direction of the wires. On each standard 12 volt socket identified. Deadline yellow wire (ever see opposite diagram), two black middle - ground. Check the tester, the layout is typical.
  2. 12 Volt DC charging adapters provide walkie-talkie. Common devices that consume 9 volts. Amiss CPU cooler. Today the popularity of Peltier elements, are provided with a large heatsink, fan often becomes useless. Geniuses have driven processor to minus 10 degrees Celsius - enough to ensure reliable operation. Cooler fit under a homemade fan. Any good presence of 4 holes. Rarely secure to the CPU socket, but you can thread the wire frame, projecting stand. 4 holes at the four corners - to figure out how best to make a stand.Variations PSUs
  3. Anyone wishing to make their own power supply... right now loans system unit kurochit wait. Chips, radioactive elements are widely sold shops, markets.

Power supply 12 volts for a home-made fan with his hands

Offer not collect switching power supply, to make the hands normal. Recall, the first characterized by small size transformers. Consequently, the power supply will be relatively large size. It will consist of the following components:

  • A step-down transformer. Beforehand not mean the number of turns, the voltage is unknown, which straighten the diodes, we obtain 12 volts. Of course, you can experiment as Youtube video about the self-made radios, capturing the reader, look for a turnkey solution.
  • Fullwave bridge, adding one diode, three, raise efficiency. Radio does not differ a great value.
  • The backbone of the power supply unit is ready to serve a homemade fan for a long time, straighten network pulsation. After the bridge will include lowpass filter circuitry pererisuem from the Internet.

Low-pass filter

At the output of the DC voltage amplitude of 12 volts. Try not to confuse the terminals. Where the "plus", which leaves the "minus" can be understood by examining the circuit. Below is a drawing of the bridge, look, read the explanations. The direction of current is indicated Electronics opposite of the truth. Charges flowing, according to popular belief, in the direction from plus to minus (toward electrons). Reading scheme, see: from the diode, transistor emitter labeled arrow looks wrong. The direction of movement of positive charges. Everyone has the mark, indicated by the diagram tremendous arrow-triangle. Therefore, always tell the "plus", guided by graphic symbols, the drawings.

The figure shows: plus right is transferred under direction of the diode to the lower output terminal. Minus goes up. When AC voltage (roughly speaking) plus, minus will alternate between left-to-right, will become clear name rectifier - full-wave. It works on the positive side and negative voltage. Diodes take power, low frequency. Respectable size, power dissipation is relatively large. Calculate possible, using uncomplicated formula taken from the school physics course. -Resistance p-n-transition (leaf through the book) is multiplied by the current consumed by the engine, take stock of at least 2 times. The housing comprises a motor of an inscription indicating the power can be divided into 12 volts, simply multiply by 2 - 3, take an equivalent diode power dissipation (see. directory).

Trans50 for calculating transformer

Now let's calculate the transformer... We went here, Trans50 chosen program will develop. Note that among the software is available that allows you to calculate the filter parameters. Do you regret that come with their own hands to make a fan? Offered to choose one of the 5 windings. Everywhere involved steel. Can do, the loss will be great. Steel forms a magnetic circuit, the energy goes to the secondary winding. It is better to find a rusty old transformer. Time poor, the hungry in 90 landfills dotted plates scrapped coils. Problems with wound transformers, do not arise.

It's time to figure out how much voltage will require the correct operation of the circuit. It helps a term borrowed from the electronics, operating AC voltage. Voltage, active resistance to creating a thermal effect is a constant voltage the current amplitude. To obtain the required value of the voltage on the secondary winding 12 must be divided into 0,707 volts (one divided by the square root of 2). Authors receive 17 volts. Engineering calculation error of sin 30%, take a small margin (amplitude part to 1 volts will be lost in the diodes).

As for the secondary current (requires calculation), type in a search engine something like "cooler power." We have done together with the readers. Clever writing articles: cooler current consumption is indicated on the package. Will the desired setting substitute in the calculator. Secondary voltage author took 19 volts. Voltage drop across the p-n-junctions power silicon diodes is 0.5 - 0.7 volts. Therefore, we need the respective stock. Smart head searched, concluded cooler processor does not consume more than 5 W, therefore the current is 5 divided by 12 = 0.417 A. Substitute numbers downloaded calculator to get the tape core transformer design parameters:

  1. The cross sections of the magnetic circuit under winding 25 x 32 mm.
  2. The window in the yoke 25 x 40 mm.
  3. The yoke frame gets off under winding wire 1 mm in thickness and cross-section 27 x 34 mm.
  4. The wire is wound along the larger side windows, 1 mm from the edges of the remaining reserves for a total of 38 mm.

Primary winding 1032 is formed coils with a diameter of 0.43 mm. Indicative of the wire length is 142 meters, the total resistance of 17.15 Ohm. The secondary winding comprises 105 turns of copper conductors insulated with varnish diameter of 0.6 mm (length 16.5 m, a resistivity of 1 Ohm). Now readers will understand that the question of what do fans begin to solve the core ...

How effective the proposed solutions? Vane known ancient Egypt. It indicates a clip of Michael Jackson, recommending to "remember the time» (Remember the time). The plot is hardly produced without consulting archaeologists, scholars and historians. We would like to report, in Mexico, most of the ladies enjoyed their fans. Spaniards know how to deal with the heat, the country lies on the equator. Think about it ...

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