Repair the fan with his hands

Repair the fan with his handsAppliances

Most ventilators is composed of switching circuits, startup, the motor windings. As for the elements of the list of repair. Often in domestic models used trivial coil wound copper wire with insulat...

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How to choose a fan

How to choose a fanAppliances

You want to purchase a fan, but have difficulty in choosing. Visit Yandex-market, helping to define the parameters and specifications of the proposed purchase.Fan Selection OptionsSelf-respecting m...

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What to buy spare parts for the fan

What to buy spare parts for the fanAppliances

Not all parts are available at dealer networks. Try to get the fan to fan Bork. The official website of the manufacturer in their catalog is not found. See a list of service centers. The list must ...

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Types of knitting machines

Types of knitting machinesAppliances

Price knitting machine starts with 30 thousand. rubles. Computer knitting machine will decorate the house, not an assistant hostess if the break is already in the early stages. Because starting wit...

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What to buy a steam cleaner

What to buy a steam cleanerAppliances

When choosing a steam cleaner, people are often faced with a complete mess. Many instruments performs its function by boiling water, and in the market with this mess. We will help you buy the right...

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How to make a fan with his hands

How to make a fan with his handsAppliances

The question is trivial. First, we recommend to determine the place homemade fan installation. dominated by two types of motors in the art: the collector (historically first), Asynchronous (invente...

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Repair of the music center with their own hands

Repair of the music center with their own handsAppliances

Hi-fi system is designed to read media, listen to the radio broadcast. Receiver module easily detected after disassembly by the presence of thin metal (foil) screen. Inside a steel box: high-freque...

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Repair of speakers with their own hands

Repair of speakers with their own handsAppliances

Acoustic systems are divided into active, passive, the difference is limited by the presence within the signal processing chips fed an electric current. Amplifiers, filters, flash media reader inte...

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Night vision for hunting

Night vision for huntingAppliances

night vision for hunting come in handy if planned baiting. It is said that the bears see worse than men, even in the dark. A remarkable result will ambush. Walk through the forest with a device emi...

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Toaster repair their own hands

Toaster repair their own handsAppliances

The first looked like toasters irons. Heating of the reaction was monitored by bimetallic strip attached to the compartment. Sunbeam models were produced in 1952, will give a hundred points a fresh...

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