Overview of Samsung refrigerators: specifications, models, reviews

Refrigerator "Samsung" - a frequent choice of buyers, when it comes to functional, quality and durable technology. Considering that the producing country is Korea, the technology really justifies the promises made by the manufacturer and the recognition of buyers. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung refrigerators. Also you will get a rating of popular household models with characteristics, prices and user reviews.

Logo of the world-famous Samsung company for the production of refrigerators and other household appliances

Content of the material:

  • 1Features
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Advantages of RB series
    • 3.1Functionality and ease of use
    • 3.2Humidity under control
    • 3.3Zone of freshness
    • 3.4Convenient freezer
    • 3.5Full No Frost
    • 3.6LED backlight
    • 3.7Inverter motors
  • 4The lineup
    • 4.1RSA1SHVB1
      • 4.1.1User Reviews
    • 4.2RB-33 J3400WW
      • 4.2.1User Reviews
    • 4.3RB-37 J5240EF
      • 4.3.1User Reviews


The technique of the Korean assembly is trusted by millions, including experts and craftsmen. All specialists who at least once analyzed this technique, speak of the high quality of all components. Specificity of production has determined a number of features of the two-chamber Samsung refrigerators. They are as follows:

  • High-quality electronic modules, favorably different from any analogues of competitors. Button and touch controls are equally literate. The settings made by the user are implemented within a couple of seconds. A "weak" place is only a display that can lose the accuracy of its indication. After 7-8 years of use, the module responsible for the indication burns out. As a result, instead of 6 degrees of heat you can see on the dial 1 or 0. On operation this does not affect, but management complicates.

Samsung only uses high-quality electronic modules for refrigerators

  • Each model has a high-quality motor-compressor, which uses isobutane as a refrigerant. Such motors are not failing for at least 10 years. In addition, Korean engineers managed to create a truly noiseless "No Frost". In the complex you get a quiet and durable device.

Each model of Samsung refrigerators has a high-quality motor-compressor

  • Efficiency of use is one of the principles that developers are guided by when creating aggregates. Therefore, all the latest lines are produced with a class of energy efficiency A and higher.

Samsung sticker with technical characteristics and energy efficiency class

Advantages and disadvantages

Do you doubt whether it is worth taking a dual-chamber model with No Frost? To determine in advance the advantages of such an investment, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Positive moments:

  • The volume of the two-chamber unit will be sufficient for the needs of any family, and thanks to its compact dimensions and pleasant design, it is possible to place the equipment in any room.
  • Smart ergonomics inside the compartments.
  • Full automatic defrost.
  • Quiet operation of the device. The decibels indicated on the information sticker are not understated, but are real indicators.

There are also disadvantages:

  • "Soft" coating of the case, on which there may be scratches or fingerprints.
  • Often the price is much higher than other brands ask for the same functionality.

Advantages of RB series

Every third customer deliberately chooses a technique from the last lines - it's no wonder, because in the latest developments all the best that was invented and embodied earlier is connected. Therefore, we suggest to consider the advantages of the new line from Samsung - RB.

Functionality and ease of use

The difference of the new "Samsung" in their large capacity with modest dimensions. The doors provide for the adjustment of compartments for the arrangement of tanks of any height. Also there is a shelf-transformer, which folds, rises and falls or is completely removed. There are separate models, which will accommodate a whole wine bar on a special "bottle" shelf.

Shelves for products in the models of Samsung refrigerators have the ability to extend a few centimeters

The compactness of the hull is due to the finest thermal insulation materials involved in the design. At the same time insulation perfectly copes with keeping the cold inside the equipment and does not allow the penetration of heat from outside. This technology is called Space Max Technology and is aimed at increasing the useful volume of compartments without increasing the size, with minimal energy costs.

Humidity under control

The new line has got Twin Cooling Plus technology, thanks to which the chambers have separate cooling. Each compartment has its own evaporator and fan, so the temperature and humidity in the compartment is set at the most optimal level. This allows longer to keep the freshness and flavor of the products and prevents odor mixing.

The humidity control system in Samsung double-chamber refrigerators according to the latest technologies

Zone of freshness

"Freshness chambers" are designed to preserve the external and taste qualities of particularly delicate products. In branches under the name Fresh Zone or Chef Zone store fresh meat and fish (they do not best tolerate freezing) and other products. A detailed description on the page: "What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator".

In the refrigerators of the Samsung company the freshness chambers in the refrigerating part of the model

Uniform distribution of cold air flows with All-around Cooling technology. This is facilitated by the presence of ventilation around each shelf. Now the whole chamber maintains a constant temperature set by the user for perfect safety of the products.

In the freezers, a cold air supply system was developed by the Samsung refrigerator

Convenient freezer

Full extension of the freezer shelves is one of its main advantages. So the user gets access to the entire depth of the box for easy loading and unloading of frosts.

The freezing chamber of modern models of Samsung refrigerators is being put to the full depth

Full No Frost

If in refrigerators of other brands, such as "Ariston" or "Indesit Know Frost can only be found in the freezer, then Samsung is the full Know Frost. There is no frost and frost in either the first or the second compartment. Also, this function speeds up the cooling of products to increase the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Comparison of the two types of frost in refrigerators with and without a frost system

LED backlight

A bright, powerful and economical LED lamp perfectly illuminates all zones and shelves. The main advantage is a long service life. Forget about replacing incandescent lamps, take a step towards saving and high-quality lighting.

Modern LED lighting in modern models of Samsung refrigerators

Inverter motors

In the RB line, digital inverter-type compressors are widely used. This allowed to reduce the noise level up to 37 decibels.

On such a motor, the load is uniformly applied, which is controlled by a digital inverter compressor, operates in one of 7 power modes. All this prolongs the duration of the motor and gives another big plus to the profitability of the electrical appliance as a whole. In addition, such compressors are characterized by smooth operation and maintenance of stable temperature values, which increases energy efficiency.

The company Samsung gives an official guarantee for engines at least 10 years.

The lineup

All refrigerators of the trade mark "Samsung" can be divided into four categories, depending on the location and type of freezer:

  • with top and bottom freezer;
  • with an inverter-type compressor;
  • with the type of body Side-by-Side;
  • with French Door.

On sale you can find not only traditional models for 2 cameras, but also small single-chamber, two-winged Side-by-Side, with three cameras. According to statistics, the most popular model for today is a two-door model with No Frost function.

We suggest comparing these and other proposals from Samsung.


Wide cabinet Side-by-Side, made in a metal-plastic case in beige color. Energy efficiency at class A level. The management is electronic, because there is a display. The compressor operates on isobutane. Dimensions are 9, x7, x17, cm in width, depth and height, respectively.

High-tech two-door refrigerator Samsung with a high freezer and main compartment

On a note! A small summary from YandexMarket: the rating of this model is, a score of, possible, and the cost is 69 989 rubles.

In the main and freezer compartment No Frost is provided. If the door is open for a long time, a signal is given. There are functions of super-cooling and super-freezing. The total volume is 550 liters, of which 357 are in the main compartment, the remaining 193 - in the freezer.

Open left door of the two-door refrigerator Siemens for a large roomy kitchen


  • protection from children is installed;
  • is equipped with ice maker;
  • cold water supply system;
  • shelves are made of glass;
  • noise level - 41 dB;
  • climatic classes - SN, T;
  • weight without packaging is 110 kg.

User Reviews

Anatoly, Permian

Very good no noisy device, it works perfectly, the products cool down quickly. Found only one drawback - too thin walls, dents can easily appear, while they load and install, 2 hooked, good, they are not visible. It is necessary to work very carefully with the display, especially in a small kitchen: if you do not notice and accidentally touch the sensor, you can knock down all modes and even turn off the refrigerator. About the freezer only positive emotions - works perfectly, inside holds the promised -18 degrees.

Semen, Moscow

A huge, simply immense beautiful refrigerator! It works very quietly. He has no minuses - well, I, at least, did not find. Unless the price - a little taken aback when I found out how much it cost (we were given by the parents for the wedding). Before switching on read for some reason, the reviews and was very nervous that the Koreans would let me down and slip me a defective thing. And in the end: does not make noise, freezes and looks presentable.

RB-33 J3400WW

This option is from the RB series, which we discussed above. The freezer is located below, the body is made in white color. Manufacturers have provided electronic control with a display. The temperature mode is displayed on the screen. A high class of energy efficiency - A +.

Technical information: 2 cameras. 2 doors, 1 motor-compressor. The refrigerant is isobutane (Freon brand - R600a). Dimensions: 5, x6, x185 cm (WxDxH).

Modern stylish two-compartment refrigerator RB-33 J3400WW from Siemens with an electronic display

The device has a full "Know Frost" in both offices. There is the possibility of autonomous preservation of the cold up to 20 hours. A sufficiently high capacity of freezing - up to 12 kg of products per day. The total volume of the entire cabinet is 328 liters. Low noise operation - up to 37 dB. The user can override the doors to the other side if desired.

The price is from 32 000 rubles. Rating .

User Reviews


I took it because I needed a full No Frost. It turned out that he was roaring like an animal. Before that, there was "Ariston and so was not indignant. Heard from the next room, prevents sleep. Disgusting.


In use it does not make noise. I like that you do not need to unfreeze. Very stylish looks, especially the display on the door. There have not been any problems yet, and the price is good.

Arina, Moscow

I like my refrigerator - a big freezer, it works quietly, if there is no light, it keeps the temperature, dry frost and other functions. Immediately grieve those who are used to putting large 3-liter cans on the shelves - will not work. You can remove one shelf, but there will be less space. Worked already, for a year, everything is stable without breakdowns and failures. I am glad that I did not take to the cheap Aristons, from two acquaintances (took almost simultaneously) everything broke for a long time.

RB-37 J5240EF

Refrigerator with bottom freezer on electronic control, with energy efficiency class A +. One compressor works on the brand of Freon R600a - isobutane. This is a relatively narrow refrigerator, as the dimensions of the body: 5, x67x201 cm. This model comes with a fresh zone, No Frost in both compartments and the "Holidays" mode.

Open model of the Siemens refrigerator RB-37 J5240EF with a bottom freezer and a canopy for bottles

Freezing capacity (capacity) is up to 12 kg of products per day. The autonomous storage of temperature up to 18 hours is provided. The instructions indicate the presence of options such as super-freeze. Like many large refrigerators, this cabinet has a total capacity of 367 liters (98 and 269 liters). Noisiness - up to 37 decibels.

The cost is from 40 000 rubles.

Overview of two trays of the freshness zone of the Siemens refrigerator model RB-37 J5240EF with the bottom freezer

User Reviews


First I wanted to buy a mirror cooler with Cool-n-Cool, but then decided to choose this one. It has a pleasant enough appearance, good spaciousness, every shelf where it should be - everything is thought out to the last detail. On how to adjust the temperature, it is quite possible to write in the instructions. It works quietly, it is not necessary to defrost - a fairy tale!

Important! I would also like to note the built-in refrigerators. Samsung has only a few models: built-in RL-27 TDFSW or RL-27 TEFSW, which, unfortunately, in Russia is almost not on sale.

Conclusion. Refrigerators Samsung - modern, functional and stylish instruments, so deserve and the recognition of experts and the gratitude of buyers. You only need to choose a model with the appropriate parameters - a good choice!

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