Sewing machine for home: advice on choosing

Sewing machine for home: advice on choosing


If you sew long and know technique, you have your own ideas about how to choose a sewing machine for home use. Councils are intended primarily for beginners - those who are going to buy a car for home for the first time and doubt whether it will be able to choose it correctly. For hundreds of beginning needlewomen, they, the old reliable machines become the first assistants.

But one day it's time, when you want to buy yourself a new, modern sewing machine for your home, and that's right. But only after working with vintage units to choose the best of modern models can be difficult.

You come to the store, and you just run your eyes. So many models, one is better than another! And the consultant starts asking questions that you can not answer. Simply because you do not know how to choose the future assistant correctly, by what parameters to pick it up, which manufacturers are better than others, and so on.

In order not to get lost at the store shelves, it is better to deal with all the tricks in advance.


  • 110 questions about the sewing machine
    • 1.1How much do you want to pay?
    • 1.2How many functions should it be?
    • 1.3Do you need a buttonhole operation?
    • 1.4How to choose a shuttle?
    • 1.5Electromechanical or computer?
    • 1.6Universal or specialized?
    • 1.7European or Asian?
    • 1.8How many additional accessories - needles, paws?
    • 1.9What are the convenient additional functions?
    • 1.10Is an ordinary typewriter suitable for sewing knitted fabrics?

10 questions about the sewing machine

They will help you figure out which machine is the best for your purposes.

How much do you want to pay?


Even if you expect only to bend the edge on the curtain, and occasionally sew up trousers, the cheapest models are far from the best. These devices are very durable things, and it is not known that you will have to sew at home one day.

The cheapest models differ not only in a small number of functions. The quality of assembly of the mechanism can be limp, and this will necessarily affect the longevity of the machine. But there is also absolutely no need to overpay.


Therefore, for ordinary household use, both for beginner tailors, and for more experienced, sewing machines from the middle price segment are best suited.

How many functions should it be?

As a rule, 5-7 lines are actively used. The rest are needed much less often or can never be used. Therefore, you should not choose a sewing machine for the house by the number of lines to be executed: it is not better than the one that does not have many operations.

Do you need a buttonhole operation?

As a rule, all modern machines know how to hitch loops. But some of them work in this manual mode, others - in a semi-automatic, and still others - perform the entire process in an automatic mode.

For ordinary household applications, it is best to choose the model of the sewing machine, in which the making of loops is made in semi-automatic mode.

How to choose a shuttle?

In older machines, a vertical swinging shuttle was usually installed. This type of shuttle is also used in modern models. The mechanism requires periodic lubrication. The lower thread may get tangled periodically. The sewing speed is limited, as is the maximum stitch width.

Most modern machines are equipped with a horizontal rotary shuttle mechanism. It works quietly, does not require lubrication, is easy to operate. Better and more practical the vertical shuttle "double-fitting but it is rarely used in household sewing machines.

Usually such a system is equipped with industrial machines. For non-professional sewing, it is quite convenient and practical to use a horizontal shuttle.

Electromechanical or computer?

Sewing machines with computer control are more complicated, more expensive and have more functions. It is possible that you do not need so much. For sewing simple things, it is more important not the number of available functions, but the quality of performing simple operations.

The machines with computer control have their own merits. For example, in simple machines, the puncture force of a tissue depends on the sewing speed: the higher the speed, the less the puncture force. Therefore, thick fabrics have to be scribbled slowly, otherwise the machine will skip stitches or completely stop, "zabuksuet."

In computer machines, the puncture force does not depend on speed. In the car there is a special regulator providing the maximum force of a puncture at any speed and thickness of a fabric. But in maintenance and repair, electromechanical machines are cheaper and easier.


When selecting, pay attention to the rated motor power: this can make a difference when stitching thick fabrics.

Universal or specialized?

It's about the ability of the unit to cope with different tissues. For use in everyday life, they often purchase universal devices capable of stitching and denim fabric in 4 stockings, and thin chiffon. But, of course, specialized machines give results of higher quality

Machines for working with thin fabrics have less power, but the lines turn out to be even, neat. To work with heavy and thick fabrics, you need a large engine power and a large foot lift.

European or Asian?

There is no choice, actually. Even if the machine you like is a European brand, it is still collected in China, Taiwan or Korea. In Europe, sewing machines are not manufactured. Therefore, it is not important where your car is assembled, and how easy it will be to provide it with service and repair, if necessary.

From two similar options choose the one that is better provided by the service centers in your city.

How many additional accessories - needles, paws?

Little. The more items are attached to the sewing machine in the kit, so it will be more expensive. And whether you will apply everything that you get in the kit is a big question. It is much more practical to additionally purchase those paws that you really need. Usually they are sold in the same store.


When buying a machine, you can immediately buy a set of bobbins and spare needles. And the rest - then, when you know exactly what you need.


What are the convenient additional functions?

If you are going to sew thin lightweight fabrics, pay attention to the models of sewing machines on which you can install the upper conveyor of the fabric. For thick fabrics, it matters how high you can raise the foot.

On some machines, the height of the presser foot can be increased. An exceptionally convenient device is the needle threader. Especially if your eyesight is not too sharp.

Is an ordinary typewriter suitable for sewing knitted fabrics?

Suitable, but if you are going to often sew things from jersey, it is better to consider buying a stitching machine or overlock.


How to choose a typewriter in the store

You have already figured out how to choose a sewing machine for the house, ready to make a purchase and came to the store.


Be sure to ask that you have it turned on and showed different modes of operation. The engine should work evenly, gently, without knocking and malfunctioning. Note the uniformity of the stitch length.

Ask to show how to handle the machine, how to regulate its functions. If possible, give preference to a folding table, and not to a removable table, it is more convenient. When buying, be sure to find out where the service centers are located, whether it is possible to buy spare parts if necessary.

If you choose a computer, check everything that concerns the software. Check if there is a USB jack on the machine body.

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