Air conditioning with his own hands

Use freon for homemade conditioner traditionally unwise - decision by virtue of a professional, has many difficulties. Today, we look at how out of the ice bucket to make the air cooler, mention the practical aspects of the application of CPU coolers. Air Conditioning own promise not to do. But a good cooling fan in the teeth each.

Where to take a cold for homemade conditioner

Refrigerator works on the principle of heat pump is similar to the air conditioner. It takes heat from the freezer, giving a warm kitchen. The principle of the air conditioner based on the action. It is possible, thanks to pumping freon from one place to another. If the power of the heating device is equivalent to the energy spent in the case of air conditioning costs may exceed several times (up to 300% efficiency). Mark the cold air conditioner in a makeshift possible with ice. In Russia did pit: Store winter summer products. Similarly we proceed with a homemade conditioner.

homemade conditioner

You need to put the ice in the container, blow the air flow. For homemade conditioner fit any fan. It is logical to take the floor induction motor. Safely? Motor windings are made of a conductor with a varnish insulation - covered dope, contacts. If a homemade conditioner overturn - will be short-circuited. Or fly cork in puddle baby comes.

for homemade conditioner output is found. Price derating (flat makeshift design is not cool) make the device safe. Recall instrument classification from the point of view of electrical safety:

  1. 0-howl class, there is no ground or in the terminal housing (simplified classification, in standard cases are divided into two subclasses).
  2. First class grounding in the form of output on the plug - petal into the socket (must be properly equipped). Petal is connected to the earthing system.
  3. Second class is made with high internal insulation - no external grounding. This includes instantaneous water heaters are installed in place of the mixer. Electrical safety is important
  4. Safety devices - razors, epilators, cell phones - due to voltage up to 40 V.

For the safety of homemade conditioner is sufficient to power the non-hazardous voltage. Each house has a personal computer or similar gadget. Most system units are used coolers - it is logical to use a makeshift air conditioner. Computer fans feed voltage 12 V, said wire yellow cambric on the plug within housing. The complexity to find the source: the voltage is inherent in professional radio stations, other devices (from the field of protection of objects). Mota transformer, rectifying current?

Enthusiasts have found a way out. At the other end of the computer connector red wire - 5 VDC. If powered cooler through said space - the number of revolutions decreases. Such an alignment is acceptable, there is a big plus in terms of accessibility. Take a cell phone charger, a closer look at the labeling:

  • The first line is the input voltage, often 220-240 50-60 Hz.
  • The second line shows the output voltage. The constant is the amplitude of 5 V.

Old mobile phones

In most families, there are old cell, out of order, but power supplies are integers. Enough to cut off the connector, measure the voltage tester, find the wires connect properly - get a workable cooler for homemade conditioner. Will be found the source of 12 V supply - will be great. The blades will start working at full steam. Remember: the noise level is also increased. Buzz is haunted - it is necessary to lubricate the fan shaft. Part of the difficulty lies in the miss - there is no help. Normal cooler runs silently.

The cheapest extracts are asynchronous motors of low weight, small size (in the road - a split-pole). Apply with an eye on electrical safety. The aspects discussed above. Note: the combination of voltage VAC 220 and water is extremely dangerous.

What to do with air conditioning with his own hands

Sensible design homemade conditioner offered inventor from abroad. He proposed to use the ice bucket (popular overseas). It is not intended tin bucket on the screens in the movies. But the principle of the self-made air conditioner similar. plastic double capacity, the inside does not touch the outside. air layer acts as a heat insulator in a makeshift air conditioner - not new construction. The idea used in thermoses always. Multivarki included in this class of devices. Magical pots does not insulated, but keep dishes hot - conserve energy.

Double plastic bucket for ice

These buckets have proliferated in America. To create homemade conditioner are both closer to the cover leaky special drill (knife). 8 cm diameter holes. Missing three holes. In each inserted guide - nozzle (can not). fan is built into the lid. In America, our smaller voltage (increase frequency), but the path is dangerous. Dangerously tilting bucket. Locate the DC motor of high power.

Blowing downward fan propels air flows through the ice, leaving the nozzle holes draft-air cools impulse. Sometimes it is necessary to replenish stocks of the cold in the bucket. Can be replaced by cooler electric motor - the idea is relatively safe. Suitable mobile phone adapter, other household appliances (radio, laptops, iPad) to power - is often sold on the market. In an extreme case, remove the power module with wires from the old system block - more logical to use 12, closer to the nominal momentum.

Abroad recommend the use of chest freezer. Worth 5000 rubles for the electronic markets - will toad spoil a good thing for the sake of cooling. You find second-hand for a couple of hundred - it is possible to adapt the chest. The same principle, only the walls had often made of metal, but the shape of an oblong. The exit orifice is drilled in the lid, opposite the inlet. Reminder: the fan runs at blowing. Relatively domestic kulibinyh: purchase expensive design is simulated.

For homemade conditioner suitable pair of buckets mayonnaise, certainly different sizes. External supplied in a large area of ​​the bottom openings by three like, as shown above. The inner hole is in the area of ​​the lid. Buckets to each other is not concerned, under the bottom of the lower section of a broad set of plastic pipe. The spacers on the sides of the container will not allow to swing within (you can not). Inside the ice is placed, a fan blowing top blowing cold air supply flow. As a result, the room temperature falls, the atmosphere is humidified.

Dignity structure: winter easily converted to the humidifier without cooling and saturating microclimate humidity. If the relative humidity falls below 40% - will lead to decreased immunity of people living. conditioner apparatus involves airflow through the wet container improver atmosphere. Remember: the relative humidity does not exceed 70%, otherwise the possible growth of fungi. Excessive moisture is harmful to health.

In shops selling design of concentric circular saws. Placing or removing the outer blade, the master changes the diameter of the hole executed nozzle. It is suitable for cutting wood.

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