How to choose a mixer

mixer selection decision begins with the definition of food for cooking, the amount of food. In terms of a significant amount of the ingredients, do not think about the manual model. Only in advertising say they will mix with the help of a liter or two. Such a device is limited in scope: the little engine requires frequent rest. In the presence of dexterity, a hand mixer, two-liter stirred ingredients. In practice, the skills do not find each family. Note. Not just a matter of - purchase mixer.

power mixer

Go to Yandex Market section mixers, set in the search conditions, the power above 1 kW. Stationary models found. Physically means to dissipate heat generated during operation at high currents, the motor can be massive. This does not fit into a standard handle mixer. Mode will be surprisingly bad. Described in the portal model hand blender for 1 kW and above are able to operate for 30 seconds. Then a long rest is required. Have time for the allotted time to whip the whites meringue?

Mixer bright red

Mixer with a steel cup

If not - take a stationary mixer considerable power, with good work cycle. Without looking at the instructions, look for a massive: Power dissipation is better. The price of stationary mixers does not disappoint. Anticipated tens of thousands of rubles. Part of the equipment is suitable for handicrafts, small cafes. Take the trouble to evaluate the performance of the work cycle. The parameters Yandex-market information does not appear.

The cycle of operation of the mixer

The mixer comprises a commutator motor within a shaded pole induction. Quiet operation of the device can not be called. Turnovers need relatively low - Use a pressure regulator. At the same time will provide increasing torque. Briefly: knead a stiff dough.

mixer working cycle characterizes the duration of work without interruption device, the length of the pause. If you take one of the first mentioned Bork E800 models - robotic complex software operating time does not exceed 59 minutes and 59 seconds. It associated with the operating cycle. Based on indirect evidence, leisure giant required a quarter of an hour.

Blender Bork E800 contains a built-in motor protection, display the error code system. this type of equipment rarely includes such delights, take note of the information stands. We do not dwell on the error codes. The operating instructions are usually listed, make it clear what happened, what to do. Typical quality appliances. The mixers are rare.

stationary mixer

stationary mixer

Automation mixers

In stationary mixers it becomes possible to use robotic control. It helps to cook the dough. Process unhurried. Shalt bring the correct numbers - the procedure will be done at the appointed hour. If the home breadmaker - the owner seems excessive similar opportunity in the mixer. Other chefs device will be loyal assistant.

In Bork E800 four modes:

  1. Whipping.
  2. Stirring.
  3. Mixing.
  4. Foaming.

It makes no sense to consider modes of mixer: each manufacturer's know-how. You will not find two similar. The instructions indicated on specific recipes, how to use styles, nozzles. The mixer will take its rightful place in combat arsenal mistress will not gather dust on a shelf.

Method rotation mixer nozzle

If you buy a mixer bar - it is impossible to overlook the fact: not just paddle rotates while moving in a circle (orbit) - in honor of the similarity with the trajectory of the movements of the planets of the solar system. The technical solution applied in each stationary mixer. The bowl rests, the amount necessary to cover big. In blender container Bork E800 close in size to 5 liters.

Indicator minimizes the efforts of chefs: enables full automation of the process.

a stationary mixer bowl Material

Often as a bowl of material to meet:

  1. Steel.
  2. Aluminum (Silumin).
  3. Porcelain (ceramic).

The main requirement is a small, fixed gap during orbit paddle with the cup. To check in put a little coin: the paddle must not touch a penny. Most, on the contrary, would chase without interruption. That do not - hurt equipment (protective coating). On the stationary mixers special arrangements for adjusting the shape of the orbit. It is possible to adjust the parameters of a deal-breaker.

Mixer with a steel cup

Mixer with a steel cup

Emphasize: include a mixer with a coin in the bowl is not recommended. To debug paddle moves manually. For setting - See the instructions cautiously take model mixer with unintended operations.

Like porcelain, a little less for the steel bowls. For aluminum, do not forget to buy a silicone spatula to stir, if there is no complete.

Heating possibility stationary mixer

Another mixer device is ready for cooking food. The bowl provides a display standard (with TAN) or induction (steel alloys). It allows to fry, boil soup. Here we need recipes book: food list is difficult, requiring such bells and whistles. Devices used in the professional environment.

nozzle rotation speed mixer

Different dishes require a different approach. Affected mode (implementation is possible in the stationary robotic mixer), the nozzle speed. Creator mixer emphasized: wire blade moves slowly to the air time to penetrate the thickness of the protein. High speed is not necessary.

Adjust the mixer speed

Adjust the mixer speed

Well, if the bundle includes a recipe book to read on the example of the use of the available speeds. Difficult it will be, buying a mixer "Moulinex": instructions can not be downloaded. Bread on the example shown the solution. Have problems - refer to the appropriate section of the portal "VashTehnik". At the same time learn how to bake bread.

For hand-held mixers, choose to find instructions on the official website of the manufacturer:

  1. Category - Food processors.
  2. Sub - Hand mixer.

mixer motor protection against overheating

Household blenders tend to overheat. Before you buy find out the type of security designed to protect the device. Call technical support service firms - will gain a chance to get a positive result. Show persistence.

Correctly fill card manufacturer, even if the store tries to impose a guarantee. Will remain a choice, whether to repair the instrument through a dealer or work with service centers directly. not too lazy to read the location of the workshops in the manual before buying. The point of the corner will cause the purchase or rejection of the new acquisition.

We advise to know in advance where to buy nozzles for a mixer. Details - a separate issue, work with them, it depends on the price. On the "Saturn" sin order expensive parts. Bork E800 logical repair through an authorized representative.

What is meant by the power of the mixer

Many reviews of the mixer of choice clips. Surprising complete lack of guidance on the quantitative characteristics. Assume carried television channel control purchase several mixers tested devices. Cook announces the result. Often, the difference between fixed and manual models is leveled.

Unknowingly merchandisers say more power to the mixer - good. In fact not the case. TV presenters can not explain the difference. It is not clear how to define the capacity of whipping test.

Hand mixer

Hand mixer

According to the definition of the physical capacity it is called the speed of execution of work. From the large consumption of the mixer is not vzobet faster without the dough. Speed ​​limit exists, above can not jump. Capacity will keep the speed with increasing load (thick dough). Current consumption increases, heat on the engine becomes larger. Now, a specific example for housewives.

Take the hybrid mixers "Zelmer" series 481 (in a set of bowl). Detachable operating unit being disassembled, is transformed into a hand mixer. The bowl is designed so: is rotated by the gearbox on the frame. It uses the same engine. Power:

  1. Assume running at maximum speed in manual mode mixer. Whipped protein for 2.5 min.
  2. Hoisting the knob on the machine frame to withstand the same speed, the device will need more power. Still have to rotate the bowl to perform pendular oscillations on a horizontal plane for uniform coverage area. Considerable work per unit of time - power. Treatment time is constant. A low power blender would depend on the midway, the limited characteristics of the working cycle.

In practice, this results in an entry in the instruction manual:

  • the maximum continuous operation in manual mode - 10 min;
  • the maximum continuous work on the frame - 3 min.
Stationary mixer bowl

Stationary mixer bowl

The difference stems from the consumption power. In manual mode, according to the authors of the invention, the maximum consumption of the mixer does not show. Heat is less than the engine: the device can operate for longer. It should erect a handle on the machine frame, the situation is changing. Consumption increases, heat is released (according to instructions) 3 times more.

If you look closely, you will see: at the 481-th series of mixers on the housing slots for ventilation. Engine Cooling forced (the impeller to the shaft) - the device can operate for a long time without overheating. Motor large dimensions: the specific power flow across the surface is less. Increases the useful time in the cycle.

Due to the size, make a break as much as 20 minutes. 3 min to 20, with the work on the machine frame. To break the rules - the chances of failure. When selecting the mixer look cycle characteristics. If the parameters are satisfied (3 minutes work - 20 holidays) - we take.

Overload protection

Protection against overloads mixer is of two kinds:

mass beating

mass beating

  1. Thermal overload told above. Omit cycle parameters - engine burn mixer. But not always. Expensive model (the "Zelmer" means increasing numbers series) are equipped with means of control and protection. In the simplest case - thermal fuse. Exceeds the threshold temperature (135 degrees Celsius), the warning is triggered. Fuse blows, wait until replaced. The hostess puzzled turned the mixer. The advertisement did not say anything about the cycles of operation, the power only. We see other options - put relay. Wait until the mixer to cool.
  2. It is not as critical as with a meat grinder. But wind the rope on the oars, the engine will stall. Get a chance to: increase power consumption, heat dissipation will be rapid. Protection work will not have time. Burn engine fuse. This happens in television sets. To avoid the gearbox is made of plastic gear. In case of abnormality tines break saving mixer from a fatal failure.

We look at the methods to protect the mixer from failure - it is written in the instructions. The consultant is unlikely to help. The "Zelmer" problem in feeding instructions in electronic form in Polish. Positive point: the producers spread information on the official website. Learn the necessary possible, without leaving home.

A handy kitchen aid

A handy kitchen aid

Let us return to the cycles of operation. What if the mixer worked for 5 minutes, not 10? Take a break? Engine cooling is not in a straight line, taking the schedule. Heating - yes, but not cooling. Mixer worked half cycle working part - not rest 10 min (20 divided by 2). Time must be multiplied by half. Vague numbers, especially since the cooling depends on the design. To experiment do not want to, there is a risk to break the device. Unless obzavedetes temperature sensor.

Set the mixer nozzle

In the century before the mixer had a paddle, resembling a typical frame of complex shape. Today, sophisticated, expensive devices equipped with appliances, with his appointment. It is attached to a book with the description of specific examples, the use of iron.

Look at the use of a set of nozzles Bork E800. Instruction is available on the official website of the manufacturer. Advanced firms go for more. The "Kenwood" put on display buyers nozzle in the form of a capital "K" - represents the company's logo. Thoughtful publicity stunt.

Visitors to the portal "VashTehnik" never heard of "Bamiks". A good hybrid blender and mixer: successful technical solutions applied. Complete absence corolla, low power - the best characteristics of operation cycle. With a stationary mixer thing not compete. Do not forget that the device is able to much. That's what was asked of 10,000 rubles. Switzerland at the expense of the scientific potential of earning good money out of the blue. Mixer less slimmer cheap models from other manufacturers.

Will have to master the appointment of heads. If you take the "Bamiks" find instructional video on the manufacturer's official website: become clear described moments. Do not forget: "Bamiks" primarily a blender, not the mixer. Although interfere, whisking possible.

Special mixers options

Feedback from forums stationary mixer with rotating bowl - not too good. Due to the movement disorders may be spoiled strict geometry. The plot can stain. Cook not excited by the rotating bowl. Collapsible design not to everyone's liking. The nature of combat, explosive - a mixer to break easily.

When you select a stationary mixer planetary note: the position of the cup has to be adjusted. Tightened the screws on. The situation in the bottom of the bowl in any place a small coin does not move while stirring. Be careful: if a penny "zazhuot" on the wall - the equipment fails. Called planetary mixer blades which move in orbit, revolve around its own axis.

I would like to recommend to read more cookbooks. Dear mixers - the price of 100 thousand. rubles - are supplied with detailed instructions. Either the video is recorded on a DVD, the disc is attached. Without this very hard to understand the use. Not every woman outright master mixer with built-in heated bowls. This is not a built-in scale mixer "Zelmer" from line 481, runs on batteries - remind kitchen.

Consider whether it will be convenient to use a mixer. Not every professional grade instrument together in close kitchenette. More talk about energy consumption. Household appliance more than 2 kW for an ordinary apartment suitable bad. We do not take into account the elite houses.

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