Which mixer for milkshakes to buy

Today milkshakes are prepared for children, adults. Doctors motivate: ice cream is harmful to health. It is possible to forgive, sugar is too much, the colon cools( dysbacteriosis).Another thing is to mix the ingredients with milk. It is clear that the drink was not invented in Russia, the peasants had no time for nonsense. The ad appeared in print - in 1885 - the milkshake was presented as a healthy alcoholic eggnog with eggs, whiskey, and some other ingredients. Milk, apparently, was supposed to reduce the damage done by the mash to health. It is clear - at the same time to drink, eat. What mixer for milkshakes to buy, whether to do. We want to talk today.

This is interesting! The stomach, duodenum bordered on the large intestine. Sharp cooling of the area has a negative effect on the digestive process. Dysbacteriosis develops.

Why do I need a mixer for milkshakes?

A mixer is very different from the usual. They called the device a blender, Bamix has a nozzle similar. Fully mixer for milkshakes dedicated to the drink. As Wikipedia enlightens, this includes the mash: kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka.

Mixer cocktail

From what has been said it becomes clear: there is nothing to grind. It becomes possible to reduce the power of the device, provides a nice cycle of work. If Russian blenders disguised as imports consume about 1 kW, carrying the load, remain operational for 30 seconds, the units in question dissipate heat more efficiently. The device is functional for at least a couple of minutes.

Cocktail will have time to mix. Not without reason led a detailed explanation. Power dissipation is limited, because the current consumption should not increase too. Mixers for milkshakes demonstrate the power range of 100 - 300 watts.

To summarize:

  1. In milkshakes, do not need to grind.
  2. It is possible to consume little energy at high speeds.
  3. The above steps ensure an acceptable mode of operation of the mixer.

In Bamix, the same can be said about power consumption. Successful technical solutions allowed to reduce to a minimum, providing excellent characteristics of the operating cycle.

Mixer for mixing several cocktails

The shape of the nozzle of the mixer of milkshakes

Humbled about high speed of rotation, some readers are indignant: they kept silent the figure. You are welcome! Typical values ​​fall within the range of 10–20 thousand revolutions per minute. If a cross-shaped knife of a typical blender is placed at a speed in a glass, the contents of the glass have a chance to be on the ceiling, walls of the room. The disk nozzle is applied. The edges are slightly wavy, creating vertical vibrations in the process. Mixing occurs, centrifugal force does not affect the overall process.

Readers will recommend to explore the site Bamix: nozzle for beating shown up close. Of course, have an interest. For greater efficiency, nozzles on the same axis are two or three. Are arranged in tiers above each other, made of steel.

Differences mixer for milkshakes

It's time to tell you what is different from standard mixers. Firstly, the device is not suitable for other work. Only mixes liquid ingredients. It looks like a real microscope, the lens of which is immersed in a glass made of stainless steel, glass, durable plastic. Capacity fastened by grippers, there is no need to track the process.

The body is made stable, some models have suction cups on their legs. It is clear that during mixing the mixer buzzes great. Inside there is a collector engine. The design explained, consider the features.

Characteristics of mixers for milkshakes

The main characteristic of professionals is the speed of rotation of the nozzle. It depends how much the cocktail is airy. The rollers compare the quality of work: they put the same amount of ingredients, where the cocktail is more voluminous, the device is better there.

Now readers know how to understand how good the mixer is. An important factor is the resistance to wear, smooth operation. Yutube posted a video of Food Service Company( Ukraine), describes the nuances. In parallel, the story provides statistical information about the operation. Those who believe the speaker will tell the following:

  1. Bartscher 135.105 Mixer has never been on warranty service for a five-year sales history. The seller artificially limited the time by imitating Russian electronics stores?
  2. The same is said about the Fimar FR-1G model.

With a power of 200 W the mixer daily prepares 50 - 100 cocktails. It takes more - you need to buy more impressive equipment. Concerns power consumption, adding the next seat. Some mixers prepare two glasses in parallel. Convenient in public places.

Stylish cocktail mixer

Attention to the material of the case. Good mixers have steel, silumin. Such a technical solution will allow to wash and clean the devices without damage to the equipment. It is advisable to buy a mixer for milkshakes with protection against empty inclusion. The glass is missing - the device will not work, even if you accidentally press a button. Great from the point of view of security, at such a speed, an item on the disc will suffer. The matter concerns hygiene, drops of milk will fly to the sides.

Before you buy a mixer for a milkshake, specify the speed range. Today we find three types of devices:

  1. Mixers with fixed speed are simple, but in terms of functionality are limited.
  2. More often there are devices with two or more fixed speeds, allows you to adjust the speed to the needs.
  3. In some models, revolutions change smoothly, with the help of a special regulator, within certain limits.

What is the quality criterion. We believe that as a result the cocktail will be volumetric, whipped, the ingredients will remain in the glass to the last drop. So choose the speed. The rest is faster and better. Who wants to wait.

The story is incomplete, do not mention the authors volume of the bowl. The reservoir is denied the right to be called enormous. Typical values ​​are stacked up to 950 grams, you can fill a glass by two thirds with a cocktail. Before you buy a mixer Zelmer, appreciate the spaciousness.


Where to buy a mixer for milkshakes

Many will say it was necessary to start a question. Yandex-market model alone was too lazy to highlight. Those who want to buy a Zelmer mixer for milkshakes will have a hard time. Be comforted, you can take a blender with the desired nozzle. We believe that the heroes of this review are required only by professionals. At home, mixers are inappropriate. However, a couple of advantages:

  1. Mixers for milkshakes, thanks to the high specialization are safe. Actual for families with children.
  2. Stationary blenders work according to the planetary principle; hand blenders are not very convenient and productive. The milkshake mixer wins, of course.

As for the Yandex Market, we tried in order to study the search conditions for Type - Stationary, Power - up to 200 W.There were 12 models that are completely useless to today's topics. Make sure efforts are useless. A special section is slow to create. Mixers for milkshakes by Yandex-Market are exhibited.

Our mistake is limited to Yandex’s request for “mixers for milkshakes Yandex-Market”.Remove the name of the electronic catalog, the search will give the right one. Options to select discard hope, moderators are not systematized product. Look at the prices, find visually appealing stores. Things are easy - download mixer instructions for milkshakes, watch a thematic video.

So buy a desktop mixer for milkshakes. Prices bite. Easier to take bamiks. At the same time, it should be firmly remembered: in automatic mode, nothing will be prepared. Do I need a mixer for milkshakes at home? Powerless to find offers below 5000 rubles. Expensive pleasure bars, cafes, hotels.

We recommend that you first find recipes for milkshakes, then buy mixers. Check the equipment. Next time we will discuss how to make a mixer for milkshakes with your own hands. After paying the specified amount, it is easy to take an electric drill, a grinder to boot. Screwdriver place a cocktail, enlisting the help of an inexpensive wire whisk( hardware store, visit).The impression is made, a healthy lifestyle is forbidden. There was a time, a liter of beer was cheaper than milk. Plumper.

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