Fairy Tablet for dishwasher overview

More and more users prefer automatic washing of dishes in PMM, and many use capsules and tablets "Fairy". We offer an overview of the tools: pros and cons, current prices and testimonials of experienced users.

Fairy products for the dishwasher in our stores are mainly of domestic production. But if you want, you can find the means for dishes made in Poland, Finland or Belgium. The composition of the uniform standards, so the ingredients are practically the same. Let's consider in detail four kinds of tablets (capsules) from "Fairies".

Content of the material:

  • 1Fairy Powerdrops
  • 2Fairy Powerdrops All in One
  • 3Fairy All in 1
  • 4Fairy Platinum All in 1
  • 5Tablets FAIRY: user reviews
  • 6Fairy: about the brand

Fairy Powerdrops

More similar not to ordinary dishwasher tablets, but to cushions. According to the manufacturers, they have a universal purpose, quality composition and excellent properties - careful washing without divorce. Each tablet has a protective coating, which dissolves in the dishwasher. In addition to the standard detergent powder, there are emollients among the components. The composition protects the dishwasher from the plaque and scale.

These are Finnish tablets, so it will be difficult to find them in ordinary retail outlets. But users who prefer Fairy Powerdrops order the product on the Internet. In addition to the classic, there are packs of lemon.

Packing - from 30 to 90 pieces in one package, the cost - from 400 to 1100 rubles.

Fairy Powerdrops All in One

Another version of Fairy, made in the form of capsules. The composition is aimed at:

  • water softening;
  • washing dishes without divorce;
  • prevention of corrosion and darkening of the steel surfaces of the PMM;
  • preventing tarnishing of glassware;
  • quick action thanks to a soluble coating.

Supplied in a package of 50 pieces, weight - 828 g. The price is 725 rubles. The production is also Finnish.

Fairy All in 1

Capsules consist of three substances: a powder and two compartments with a gel of blue and green (sometimes yellow) color.

What the manufacturer promises when using universal capsules:

  • higher quality of washing;
  • fat-washing;
  • removal of old contaminants;
  • giving shine to dishes;
  • effect in water of any temperature, even in cold;
  • quick action due to self-dissolving packaging of each individual capsule;
  • care for silver and glassware;
  • the effect of antiscale;
  • regenerating salt and rinse aid in the composition.

Instruction for use states that the tablets should be loaded into a specially designed cell on the hopper door of the PMM. If the compartment is too small for the capsule, you can put the All in One tablet in the basket with cutlery, without installing the pre-wash function.

Important! Tablets are suitable for use in regions with a water hardness of less than 21 dH. To check the stiffness, use special test strips. About,how to know the hardness of water, we wrote in one of the publications.

The instructions say that when the rinse aid and salt indicator lights, you can not panic - The components found in each capsule will ideally cope with water softening and rinsing dishes. Do not use capsules for washing porcelain or crystal dishes. Loading silver into the dishwasher, it's worthwhile to make sure that the silverware does not touch the metal parts.

Important! Keep the tablets for dishwashers not under direct sunlight, in a dry place, at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees.

Packing All in 1 - soft waterproof bags with ZIP-fastener to 26, 39, 52 or 65 pieces. The cost varies from 500 to 1500 rubles.

Fairy Platinum All in 1

"Fairy Platinum" - capsule tablets, which contain both powder and gel, and components that prevent the formation of scale and plaque on the dishes. The second task of the Platinum tablets is to protect the PMM details.

Protection of glass, steel, corrosion control - all this is indicated on the packaging. What can be found in the composition? First of all, these are the ingredients:

  • phosphates up to 30%;
  • Surfactants up to 15%;
  • bleach;
  • phosphonates;
  • Enzymes (cleavage organic compounds: proteins, carbohydrates, fats);
  • perfume, limonene and linalool.

The shell is soluble.

You can find packages from 20 to 70 pieces in one. Choose the version of "Lemon" or odorless.

Important! The latest versions of the product are released without phosphates in the composition!

Tablets FAIRY: user reviews

What is the opinion of experienced users about the "Fairy" tablets?

Olga, Anapa

All in 1 bought, noticing that they are sold for shares - in, times cheaper than usual. I did not count on anything, but the result was nothing. The shell dissolves - the main thing to lay the capsule powder up. The composition is similar to "Finish Quantum but the cost is lower, and the dishes are the same - clean, shiny and without divorce.

Svetlana, Moscow

My Fairy Platinum tablets were bought in Finland. It was more than a year ago, the pack cost $ 20. Then I bought a domestic analogue and was disappointed with the quality. In appearance everything is the same, but the dishes are 7 points out of 10. I like the plates to creak and the glass shine. Neither the Russian, nor the Finnish compositions could not cope with pans and pans - both plaque and divorce, all this was. All the same, if we consider the Finnish "Fairy he is the best that is in stores.

Alexander, Ufa

I am engaged in ECO-preparations (cosmetics), therefore I know - that, as well as that harms. Capsules with 30% phosphate... MDA, if you do not regret yourself, then think about at least about ecology. From surfactants and perfumes in the composition, I also do not like it. Washes - yes, but how ecological is it, that's the question?

As you can see, on the whole about the means of "Fairy" a positive opinion develops, but there is no point in arguing with the obvious - today they are not the most environmentally safe. Therefore, those who carefully choose household chemicals, taking care of their health and the environment, Fairy will not do.

Fairy: about the brand

Trademark Fairy has successfully established itself not only in European markets, but also in Russia. Perhaps, in every family know the famous slogans from this company:

  • "Fat is time to wash off
  • "Save with a smile!
  • "Fae. The most economical means for washing dishes!
  • "Fairy. Easy victory over the most difficult fat. "

Moreover, many remember the well-known TV advertising about the opposition of the villagers of Villaribo and Villabaggio, released in 2000:

Trademark FAIRY belongs to the world famous corporation from the United States - Procter & Gamble. On the domestic market, "Fairy" came out in the early 90's. In Moscow, the company's head office is opened, 3 offices and factories are located in different parts of the country.

Now you know everything about the composition, advantages and disadvantages of "Fairy" tablets. They constitute worthy competition to such popular means asFinishandSomat. What brand to choose for a dishwasher, it's up to you.

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