What kind of salt for a dishwasher to choose

What kind of salt for a dishwasher to chooseFacilities

One purchase of the dishwasher is not enough to successfully wash the dishes. In addition, we need detergents that help to remove contaminants, and also take care of the equipment. One of them is s...

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Nano-dish for a dishwasher - overview

Nano-dish for a dishwasher - overviewFacilities

Nano-dish for the dishwasher is positioned by the advertisers as a revolutionary novelty, facilitating the operation of the equipment. Experts do not particularly believe in attractive advertising ...

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Review of tablets Eared nanny for dishwasher

Review of tablets Eared nanny for dishwasherFacilities

The company "Ushasty Nyan" develops detergents for children's dishes. Among them are especially popular tablets "Ushasty Nyan also in the line of preparations there is a washing powder. We suggest ...

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Powder Finish (Finish) for dishwasher

Powder Finish (Finish) for dishwasherFacilities

What is the only means for the dishwasher on the shelves! Capsules from "3-in-1" to "all-in-1 liquid gels and tablets - among them it is so difficult to choose the best. We offer an overview of the...

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How to prepare dishwasher detergents by yourself

How to prepare dishwasher detergents by yourselfFacilities

More and more consumers are thinking about the composition of household chemicals and prefer to use eco-friendly powders and gels, without the presence of phosphates and chlorine. Such funds are mu...

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How to replace salt for dishwasher

How to replace salt for dishwasherFacilities

Shocked by the high cost of regenerating salt, which manufacturers recommend to apply without fail? Nobody is against saving, so PMM owners are often interested in picking up salt for a dishwasher ...

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Why do I need salt for a dishwasher?

Why do I need salt for a dishwasher?Facilities

When buying a dishwasher, you need to think about what tools to take to make it work properly. In this article we will tell you why you need salt for a dishwasher. We offer to solve independently, ...

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What you need to buy for a dishwasher - starter kit

What you need to buy for a dishwasher - starter kitFacilities

In stores it is recommended to buy a "starter set" of the user together with a dishwasher. It includes all the necessary tools that are necessary for the test wash and further operation of the PMM....

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Overview of Dishwasher Capsules

Overview of Dishwasher CapsulesFacilities

In addition to gels, powders and tablets, there are capsules for the dishwasher. In what their feature, we will disassemble in the article.Shops and supermarkets offer a large selection of faciliti...

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Fairy Tablet for dishwasher overview

Fairy Tablet for dishwasher overviewFacilities

More and more users prefer automatic washing of dishes in PMM, and many use capsules and tablets "Fairy". We offer an overview of the tools: pros and cons, current prices and testimonials of experi...

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