Welcher Ofen ist zu wählen: Gas oder Elektro?

Which oven to choose: gas or electric?


The long-awaited renovation of the kitchen necessarily involves the replacement of household appliances. Many housewives puzzle over the important question: which oven is better - gas or electric? Let's try to compare both types of ovens by several parameters


Dishes cooked on gas equipment, to taste closer to cooked on an open fire (which is very delicious), but her electric sister has dozens of useful and pleasant functions. Gas is cheaper, but electricity is safer. How many people - so many versions. There are many factors that will help you choose the right one for you. Which one to choose? Let's think about it.


  • 1Uniform heating
  • 2Efficiency in use
  • 3Functionality
  • 4Security
  • 5Cost
  • 6The best manufacturers of ovens

Uniform heating

Gas is sure to need fresh air. Because it's an open fire, and it takes air to burn (we remember it from school). Because of this, the gas oven has its own characteristics. Gas pipes are located in the lower part, from there goes a constant directed flow of hot air. Because of this inside the oven there is a significant temperature drop, sometimes up to 25-40 degrees. Cooking on two baking trays is not very convenient, and sometimes impossible.

From the conscientiousness of the manufacturer, it also depends on how uniform the air flow will be on the entire perimeter of the gas pipes. Many of us still remember the masterpieces of Soviet "slab-building" in which the far side of the pie was inevitably burned, but the near edge could remain damp. A good gas stove is free from this drawback.

The electric oven is better and more evenly warmed up by design features. Heating elements can be located not only from below, but also from above (even from the side). Even the simplest plate has an almost uniform heat distribution. And if you consider that the landlady herself decides which combination of heating tees to use right now (only from above, only from below, from above and from below), the scope for creativity becomes unlimited. Several dishes cooked simultaneously? Easily!

Efficiency in use

It is very easy to choose a slab in terms of economy. Gas is much cheaper than electricity, especially if you have an apartment building that was built with the expectation of gasification. Many apartments still cost without gas meters, which is even more advantageous if few people are registered.


The average bill for electricity is significantly higher than for gas. Even without using an electric oven. And if in time there is a limit for electricity consumption, the issue of paying the bill will become even more acute.

The electric stove will add to your figures another 100-150 kW (depending on how you bake), so this is not "another iron as they say.


The time of operation of gas burners is several times greater than that of electric fans. If from the economic point of view choose which plate is better - gas or electric, the championship is only for gas.


And here an electric stove will give a hundred points gas odds. A gas oven is often equipped with a minimum of functions:

  • Temperature regulator
  • Timer
  • In some models - a grill (all the housewives claim to use it once a year)
  • Convection mode, built into modern models, has a number of limitations: it requires a constant supply of air, which is provided by opening the door. Oven while this becomes so dangerous that the children in the kitchen passage is closed

But a small set of functions does not make the gas oven a worthless acquisition. Many housewives are so fond of their kitchen helpers that they do not agree to exchange it for any clever rival.

If you love all the most modern, better than an electric oven can not think of. Here is a set of features that you will find in new models:

  • Variations of heat supply: only from below or from above, simultaneous heating from two sides
  • Timer
  • Natural convection
  • Turbogrill
  • The defrost function (on it the yeast dough rises perfectly)
  • Special styli with thermostats measure the temperature inside the dish, completely controlling the process and adjusting the temperature automatically
  • Programs for cooking certain dishes - in this case it is enough to choose the program, so that the oven has set the right time and temperature
  • Self-cleaning after work

Some manufacturers have gone even further, having developed an oven with a vaulted ceiling, repeating the contours of a village oven. Such a design, together with the competent placement of the tans, turns even ordinary dishes into delicious delicacies.



It is difficult to determine which plate will be better. Manufacturers have taken care of the safety of any type of equipment.

Gas stove is considered less safe only because there is an open fire. The remark makes sense, therefore modern models hide it under the glass, protecting consumers from a flame. Gas leakage is another alarming moment, it is controlled by gas flow sensors that automatically shut off the channel if there is no fire.

This is especially important when lighting the fire in the oven, because the smell of gas can not be immediately caught.

Modern models are equipped with protection from children whose playful pens are in one hundred places at the same time, and triple glasses will not burn. Therefore, it is better to choose the model that can protect home from surprises.

If you decide to choose an electric oven, first think about the reliability of your wiring. Old houses with rotten wires, as well as places where power outages happen often, definitely fall into the category of kitchens, where such plates do not belong. A short circuit is the minimum that can happen.


Even if your wiring is in order, the wizard will probably propose to extend a separate grounded wire to the plate.

Such reinsurance will not be superfluous. Glass in several layers and protection from children is also present in most models.



The fork of prices is actually very large. You can buy an electric oven for 10, 00 rubles, and a gas stove costs 1, 00 rubles. But if you look at the line of one manufacturer within the same functions, the electric oven will still cost more. Despite the fact that it is less economical in operation.

This is due to the large number of functions, the complexity of the design, electronic control, the presence of pre-installed programs. But a good gas stove can be bought for relatively little money.

The best manufacturers of ovens

Leading manufacturers are developing both equipment for both energy sources. Rating of the most popular brands:

  • In general, Bosch is confidently leading. Mistresses choose this technique for its reliability, unique style, multifunctionality and increased attention to the safety of its products.
  • Electrolux is a more budget choice, but the quality level remains very high. There are plenty to choose from here - lots of models, a wide price bracket
  • Hotpoint-Ariston is at about the same level of popularity as Electrolux. In this case, better and more original design solutions
  • Gorenie specializes in kitchen appliances, so here it was able to reach great heights. For the original technical solutions and a large set of functions, the company has won the sympathy of many users
  • Samsung in the field of home appliances is not as popular as in the mobile phone market. But the silver lines of Samsung find their admirers
  • Siemems, Hansa, Zanussi and other companies are suitable for more budgetary kitchens
Elite Technology average price Budget models
  • Mielle
  • Bosch
  • Gaggenau
  • Kuppersbusch
  • ILVE
  • Restart
  • Electrolux
  • AEG
  • Neff
  • Ariston
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Whirpool
  • ARDO

There is no definite answer to the question of which oven is better. Everything depends on the mistress's habits, on her way of life, on the prosperity of her family and on the characteristics of the house (and sometimes the city) in which she lives.

Now you have enough information about how the plate of your dreams can look like. A gas oven will be electric or electric, it depends on you. Remember the main thing: if you cook with love, the masterpiece will turn out even at the stake.

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