Baby monitor: how to choose the best helper for mom?

Children need constant attention, but even the most caring mothers are sometimes forced to leave them. The baby-monitors help them to calmly do household chores — devices that let you hear everything that happens in the baby’s bedroom.

Baby monitors who have appeared on the children's goods market relatively recently are constantly improving. In any electronics store you can find different models - and the most simple, and equipped with a mass of additional functions. Before buying, you need to decide whether the device will perform any tasks other than the main one, which is to control the sleeping child. From this decision, and you need to make a start when choosing a particular model.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Baby Monitor: Digital or Analog?
  • 2 Field of action of baby monitors
  • 3 Differences in the ways of notification
  • 4 Digital baby monitors - the most "smart"

Baby monitor: digital or analog?

According to the principle of operation, baby monitors are digital and analog. The first clearly transmit sound and can have advanced functionality, but they are quite expensive. The main plus second - a small price. They have much more minuses.

The operation of an analog baby monitor may be disturbed by interference. If the neighbors use the same device, it is likely to hear the crying not of their own, but of someone else’s child. In addition, with the help of a similar device, an outsider can listen to the conversations of the parents next to the child. Digital baby monkeys have no such disadvantages.

In terms of sound quality analog devices are much inferior to digital ones. Therefore, if there is a desire to buy a device with two-way communication, it is better to stay on the digital model. In this case, the voice of the mother or father will sound naturally, without distortion and wheezing, which can frighten the awakened baby.

The field of action of the baby monitor

An important characteristic that always interests the parents is the range of the device. The larger the area he covers, the farther the parents can move away from the child’s bedroom. There are models with a radius of 300 m - they are suitable for families who live in a cottage or often go to the cottage. With such a “helper”, the mother can safely deal not only with cleaning and cooking, but also work on the backyard.

For a small apartment enough radius of several tens of meters. But keep in mind that manufacturers usually indicate the reception distance in open areas. In a residential area, it is somewhat shorter. The more barriers between the child’s bed and the parent, the smaller the working area of ​​the device. Many manufacturers specify both values ​​- in the apartment, and on the street.

Differences in

alert methods Inexpensive analog-type baby monitors alert parents by directly transferring all sounds that sound in the bedroom. You can hear the crying child waking up, as well as the noise made by the person or animal that entered. This method of notification may be inconvenient if there are several children in a family. And the signal can not be heard due to any extraneous noise - for example, from a loud TV or the included vacuum cleaner.

More advanced devices are equipped with a comprehensive alert. Depending on the situation, you can choose the best way: the device will sound, either glow, or give a vibrating signal. If you want to keep silence in the house, then the light indication will help( in this case, the device will have to be kept in sight constantly).Vibrating signals are equipped with those models of baby monitors that can be worn on a belt or on a hand.

Digital baby monitors - the most "smart"

There are devices that allow you to control the bed or playpen visually. These devices are called baby monitors. They make life easier for parents of active kids. How many months does the baby begin to crawl and roll over? Many babies already at four months are able to move quickly enough, and from now on they should be monitored with particular attention.

In addition to its main function, a digital baby monitor can perform many additional:

  • notify parents of changes in temperature and humidity of the environment around the child( convenient if the baby is sleeping on the balcony or on the street);
  • play children's songs and read fairy tales;
  • project images onto walls or ceiling;
  • "work" night light, alarm clock, timer.

In order to increase the comfort of use, “advanced” models are equipped with indicators notifying of battery charge, leaving the coverage area, and interrupting communication between the receiver and transmitter units. Choosing a specific model, you need to understand which of the functions may actually be needed and which is not. After all, all these amenities increase the price of the baby monitor.


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