How to protect the washing machine from leaks

If your washing machine is leaking, you need to install protection against leaks. Let's consider all the options, and also talk about what "Aquastop" is in the washing machine and what programs are already installed to prevent leakage.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the stylalka is leaking
    • 1.1Reason 1. Hose
    • 1.2Reason 2. Powder collector
    • 1.3Reason 3. Branch pipes
    • 1.4Reason 4. Rubber cuff
    • 1.5Reason 5. Drum
  • 2Options for protecting the stylalki from leaks
    • 2.1Partial protection from leaks
    • 2.2Complete protection from leaks - guarantee of reliability and stable operation
    • 2.3Conclusion: how to protect the machine from leakage

Why the stylalka is leaking

Faced with such unpleasantness, it is necessary to act promptly. If the leakage is not eliminated in time, you risk not only the breakdown of equipment, but also the repair of the premises - your own or neighbors from the bottom.

There are many reasons that lead to leakage:

  • use of poor-quality detergents;
  • non-observance of the user instructions;
  • manufacturing defects;
  • damage to seals and nipples and so on.

The first thing to do when flowing is to stop the water and drain it from the tank. Only by closing the water supply valve and turning off the washing machine from the network, you can proceed to inspection - to determine the location of the leak.

Reason 1. Hose

You need to carefully inspect the water supply hose. As a tester, use normal toilet paper: with its help you can find all the damages and leaks.

If the reason is the hose, the fault can be eliminated quickly and practically without any expense:

  1. If a break is found at the point where the filling hose is connected to the machine body, replace the gasket. At the same time you can check the filter grid at the time of clogging.
  2. For mechanical damage, seal the puncture with a patch, using a waterproof adhesive. In this case, does not prevent the tape.

Important! The surest way to eliminate failure is not the repair of the hose, but its replacement.

Reason 2. Powder collector

When the machine starts to leak water immediately after the intake, the cause may be a dispenser - a compartment for washing powder. For example, it may get stuck in the not dissolved grains of powder or form a residue from dirty water.

In such a situation, act according to this scheme:

  1. Pull out the dispenser and carefully clean all the corners with an old toothbrush.
  2. Place the dispenser in place.
  3. Launch the machine for testing.

The water should not come under high pressure, so if necessary, screw the water supply valve.

Reason 3. Branch pipes

Perhaps, in your stylalka the inlet valve sockets are damaged. In this situation, you have to remove the top of the machine and replace the parts. If the problem is in the nozzles for recruiting water, it is not necessary to change the part, it is enough to seal it well.

Important! The reason for the exit of the nozzles is a severe economy of producers. Substandard products quickly lead to equipment failure.

Reason 4. Rubber cuff

Having found out water leakage from the door, you can be sure: the rubber cuff, designed to seal the door, was damaged.

Here everything is very simple: dismantle the door and remove the seal, seal it with a patch. When the gap is large, it is recommended to replace the seal with a new cuff.

Reason 5. Drum

With frequent washing of shoes, clothes with metal products, the drum may be damaged. When this is found, contact a specialist who will replace the drum.

If you want to save money and try to replace the drum yourself, read our instructions.

Options for protecting the stylalki from leaks

In many budget-friendly washing machines and medium-price machines, there is no protection against water leakage. What can happen with a machine that does not have protection?

In such models, the flow of water comes from the water pipe through a flexible hose for the washing machine. Often they do not have a bottom, or it is covered with a plastic panel. When the water inlet ruptures, water is collected and then flows to the floor.

In order not to arrange a deluge, experts advise closing the valve after turning off the styralka. You can also install one more protective system on your own using the filling hoses with valves.

But the more expensive cars attract many buyers with the protection installed from the factory. You can safely purchase the latest models of machines such brands as Asco, Ariston, Bosch, Zanussi, Siemens, Electrolux, AEG, Miele.

Partial protection from leaks

Let's look at how partial protection works.

Models providing such protection have a special tray inside which is installed a float with an electric switch. When leaking water collects in the pan, when it reaches a certain limit, the float rises, affecting the switch.

Plus, the leakage automatically stops when the leakage occurs, the drainage pump drains the water.

Important! You will learn about the leakage by the error code on the display. For example,in El'zhi stilalki there will be code Е1, ain the Samsung brand model - E9.

If there is water in the washing machine pan, it is necessary to drain it, then carefully inspect the equipment, after finding the cause of the malfunction.

A partially defended thermostat is a model in which only operation is provided when water flows into the machinery. In the case of rupture of the hose in any place, a flood is guaranteed. In this situation, it is best for you to purchase filling hoses with valves.

Varieties of hoses:

  1. The hose, complete with a block with a peephole, is connected to a water pipe. Inside the unit there is a plunger, which is held by a spring.
    When the hose ruptures, water enters, the spring weakens, and the plunger prevents water leakage. The eye turns red, alerting you of danger.
    Spring protection of the hose guarantees quick operation, so you will be able to prevent the flood and breakage of the washing machine.

Important! Such a hose has one significant drawback - after it is activated and notify of a leak, it will have to be dismantled.

  1. This hose, according to the principle of operation, is identical to the first kind, the only difference is that several magnets turned to each other are installed inside the unit. Due to this, the plunger is retained before the water flows into the protective block.
    This hose, like the previous one, must be replaced immediately after activation.
  2. Hose with electromagnetic safety valve. While the power cord is not connected to the mains, the plunger closes the water supply. When the machine is turned on, the valve opens.

Protection Menalux - is the installation of a special hose, which guarantees reliability and prevention of leakage.

Complete protection from leaks - guarantee of reliability and stable operation

In models equipped with full protection, the "Aquastop" system is provided with the following elements:

  • the pallet;
  • a float;
  • hose with solenoid valve.

The principle of the system is to operate when:

  • tank leakage;
  • rupture of branch pipes;
  • high level of foam formation, its outlet outside.

In addition, an emergency operation occurs if the main and safety valves fail. Disable "Aquastop can be" by installing a valve that automatically stops the water supply.

Conclusion: how to protect the machine from leakage

If you are worried about the problem of water flow, it is recommended to purchase more expensive models of washers, which provide partial or complete protection from overflow.

Only high-quality cars with positive reviews will cope with washing clothes and will serve you for many years without serious breakages and leaks.

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