Antivibration stands for a washing machine: choose and compare

After buying a long-awaited washing machine, many users start complaining about excessive noise and vibration during operation. For this reason, antivibration stands are used for the washing machine. How much it is justified and how to choose such gaskets correctly, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why there is vibration during washing
  • 2What are the stands and mats
    • 2.1How to choose the right coasters
    • 2.2Is it worth it to install substrates

Why there is vibration during washing

Before buying the gaskets under the legs, you need to make sure that the installation of the washer has been performed correctly. Unplug the machine and shake it by hand. If the body staggers, then not all the legs are evenly touching the surface.

To install the legs at one height, twist the nut in different directions.

For an accurate check, apply the level. Even with a slight inclination, the machine can make noise and shift during spinning.

Causes of severe vibration:

  • After transportationdid not remove the transport bolts
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    . Then you need to get them out. They are located on the rear panel and help to fix the internal parts of the AGR during transport.
  • Uneven or wooden floor. The wooden floor sags with time, causing the machine to bounce while working. You need to align the floor or install a hard pedestal.
  • With long-term operation possiblewear of bearings. Then the styralka not only vibrates, but also produces a "terrible" rumble and gnashing.

Vibrant machines vibrate most often. Their body is less stable, which leads to vibrations during spinning. In this case, the use of anti-vibration mounts is justified.

What are the stands and mats

When you are convinced that the machine "Electrolux LG, Indesit or any other is installed correctly, you can start to choose footboards from vibration or rubber mats.

If we consider the stands for a washing machine, they differ in color, shape and material of manufacture. Basically it is black or white props. The form is not particularly noteworthy - round or square, sometimes curly.

The legs against vibration for the machine are made:

  • Made of rubber or polyurethane. It is durable and strong supports. Their diameter usually does not exceed 50 cm. The upper part of the rubber pads is embossed, so the stylus legs are stable on them. The bottom of the product has stiffeners, which allows better vibration suppression and prevents slipping.

  • Of silicone. Silicone stands are transparent, soft and elastic. The material does not differ much from rubber in quality, but it costs more. Can be of different shapes. Even antivibration pads are produced.

For the same purpose, an anti-vibration mat is used. It can also be made of silicone or rubber, in the corners of the product there are cushioning corners for the legs.

Select a mat to the size of the base of the stylalk is easier than the legs for stylalki. However, because of the size of the substrate in the form of a rug is more expensive.

How to choose the right coasters

Having studied user feedback, you can distinguish the following advantages of the supports:

  1. The support material fits snugly against the SMA legs and the floor. Therefore, keep the machine from vibrations and jumps during spinning.
  2. Stability of the washing machine is the guarantee of preserving the floor covering. When the legs slide constantly, the floor is scratched.

Of the disadvantages, users have identified the relatively expensive cost of small stands.

The most popular brands:

  • Topperr andTopperr 3200. These are poles of polymer material. Due to the conical shape and the integral structure of the substrate, the machine is kept from moving.
    Where can I buy? On the Internet, at a price of 400 rubles.
  • Anti-vibration mountsHelferfor household appliances. Made of PVC, square shape. Cost inexpensive, in the online store the price is from 300 rubles.

Also, positive feedback from users earned the company's supportAliza.

Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of products, you can decide which is better to buy a stand.

Is it worth it to install substrates

Do you need a stand for a washing machine - it's up to you. You can install them yourself.

Pre-adjust the legs so that they stand on one level. Then place the supports under each foot. Remember that the machine must initially stand on a level surface.

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