We choose a musical center: let music always play!

We choose a musical center: let music always play!


Do you think how to choose a music center? So you are a fan of good, pure music. Of course, you can listen to your favorite tunes with a computer, tablet or even a phone, if you buy good speakers. However, the music center is still better: it can reproduce almost perfect sound, you just need to choose the right model.


  • 1Types of musical centers
  • 2Power is the basis of choice
  • 3Columns - choose a tree
  • 4Other Important Features
  • 5Comparison of models

Types of musical centers

Modern music centers are divided into three types:

  • micro-systems with a width of the front panel up to 180 mm;
  • Mini-systems consisting of one or more blocks, up to 280 mm in size;
  • Midi-systems, consisting of individual components.

Before choosing a music center, it is important to determine what goals you need. If you are going to listen to music in a small room (in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room), then micro-systems from one single unit are enough for you. Despite the compactness, such models are quite capable of coping with the most basic tasks.

Mini-systems are designed for a large house or apartment. Their capacity is sufficient even for small corporate parties and other, not too massive events. As a rule, they have a hard disk, tuner, amplifier and changer on 2-3 CD-ROM. They can read different formats, continuously play music, switching from one medium to another, and also write songs to USB-carrier.

Midi-systems can be attributed to professional equipment. Their capacity is sufficient even for the organization of major holidays. They cost not cheap and have all the necessary attributes of expensive audio systems: gold-plated inputs, high-quality wood columns, etc. Will be appreciated by the zealous fans of high-quality sound and avid music lovers.

Power is the basis of choice

Here the main thing is not to lose. If you choose a low-power model, which will have to use more than 70% of the power, then a good sound will have to be forgotten. Treading, the speakers will pop, which will damage the sound quality of the melody. On the other hand, overpay for professional equipment is also not worth it, if you just want to sometimes listen to music in a small bedroom.

Choose a music center based on its future purpose.


A power rating of 50-100 watts is considered good. This is quite enough even for demanding music lovers. Power in 150 W and above have audio systems designed for discotheques and clubs. But for a summer residence or trips outside the city, a compact music center with a capacity of up to 50 W is quite suitable.

Columns - choose a tree

If you ever listen to the sound of speakers made of wood or MDF, then you do not want to go back to the plastic. From these columns pouring pure music, not overshadowed by an artificial rattling. Most often they are covered with high quality plastic. In some music centers there are two main and several additional speakers, which you can arrange at your own discretion.


Some models have a Surround system that can scatter sound throughout the room due to the fact that its speakers have different directions.


Also pay attention to the number of bands of your future speaker system. The criterion is simple: the more of them, the better.


Other Important Features

Some buyers are able to choose a music center only because of its appearance. And in general: I want it to be not only high-quality, but also beautiful - so that it can be proudly shown to guests. Manufacturers have long understood this, and therefore give much importance to design. Most often on the shelves you can see stylish models of black or steel color.

When choosing, remember that your music center should read a variety of formats: DVD, MP3, WMA and others. It is desirable that it had space for several discs and the ability to listen to music from USB-media. Other functions will not be superfluous:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • internet radio;
  • Compatibility with PC or TV.

If you like to sing, choose a music center with karaoke. Fortunately, today is not a problem. Such trifles as a clock, a timer, a backlight, etc., will become a pleasant, but not at all optional, addition. As for the brand, then give preference to proven brands. Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony, Hyundai, Sony, AIWA, Yamaha and Panasonic have already won a name in the market of music centers.

Comparison of models

Finally, let's compare some popular models of musical centers:



Phillips MCM3150 / 12


Total output power, W





Yes, built-in


Yes, built-in












there is

FM tuner

there is

there is

there is


Line-In, Antenna Connector, USB, Bluetooth

Microphone input, headphone output, USB

Component input, composite output, headphone output, AUX


Music center, remote control, antenna

Music center, antenna, console, speakers

Music center, remote control, speakers, antenna

Size, cm

7, x3, x3,

Main unit: 1, x2, x21

Column: 23х1, х2,

Main unit: 2, x3, x2,


2, x3, x2,

Weight, kg




Of course, there are a lot of decent models, just everyone can not fit in one review. Compare, choose, buy and enjoy beautiful music at home!

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