Choose a depilator: a complete overview of the characteristics and accessories

Choose a depilator: a complete overview of the characteristics and accessories


Removing unwanted hair for a girl is not a whim, but a perfect necessity. Today we will tell you how to choose a depilator and what to do the main accent when buying this device. Smoothness of the skin in women in the modern world is an indicator of well-being and aesthetic education. Epilation can be called one of the popular ways to remove excess hair from the skin.

Using the same-name compact device, you can get rid of the vegetation on your body in minutes. Epilation has gained great popularity in that, unlike depilation (shaving), it provides long-lasting smoothness by removing the hair from the root and damaging the hair bulb. In the stores of household appliances, many models are sold, and it is very easy to get confused in the choice. With the help of our step-by-step tips, it will be easier for you to choose the optimal epilator for yourself in terms of quality and functionality.


  • 1Step one. Functionality
    • 1.11. Number of speeds
    • 1.22. Floating head
    • 1.33. Massager
    • 1.44. Shaving head
    • 1.55. Removable head
  • 2Step two. Anesthesia
    • 2.1Use with foam
    • 2.2Cooling glove
    • 2.3Exfoliation
    • 2.4Cooling function
  • 3Step three. Choice of epilator nutrition
  • 4Top 3 most useless functions of the epilator
    • 4.1Backlight
    • 4.2Trimmer Nozzle
    • 4.3Nozzle "for beginners"

Step one. Functionality

When choosing a depilator, you immediately notice how much the price fluctuates for this device. The cost of the device starts from ≈ 1000 rubles. and higher. How to choose the epilator correctly so that it does not become a disappointment in the first use? Remember: the principle of work for most epilators is the same, the only difference is a set of additional functions, for which manufacturers wind the final amount.

Epilators are essentially small devices that fit in the palm of your hand. The head part of the epilator is equipped with a rotating part with tweezers, which grab the hair and pull it out. The number of tweezers can vary from 20 to 50, the more tweezers - the more expensive the device.

Tweezers differ in the material of manufacture:

  • Metal tweezers. Epilators in the majority have tweezers from stainless steel. They are inexpensive, but they have disadvantages: breakage of the hair during pulling, hair loss. Over time, blunted.
  • Ceramic tweezers. Ceramic tweezers are expensive, but their price is justified. Pottery allows you to better capture each hair, extracting it entirely. Ceramic tweezers are safer for sensitive skin.

Consider the main functions that you should pay attention to when buying a depilator:

1. Number of speeds

This function allows you to adjust both the speed of the device and the speed of pulling the hairs. The more speeds - the better, removing hair from your feet speed can add and speed up the process. But in the delicate area of ​​the armpits, a small speed is needed to reduce pain. A low level of speed is set for hard hair, for thinner hair it is high. The maximum number of speeds in the epilators is 3.


2. Floating head


The head of the epilator, which moves from side to side, allows you to better remove hair, both under the knees and on the bends. It is very convenient to use a floating head on the bikini line.

3. Massager

The roller massager performs a "distracting" function for a more painless epilation session. Small massaging wheels move with the rotating working part of the device, preparing the skin for the upcoming hair removal.

4. Shaving head

In the event that you after the purchase can not overcome the pain, and decide to return to depilation - it will be right to choose the option with this attachment. Many manufacturers put a shaving nozzle in the kit, which turns the epilator into a female electric shaver.

5. Removable head

After the epilation the head of the device is hammered. A mini brush is supplied with the epilator to clean the head, but it is not able to fully clean the device. If you are thinking about which epilator to choose - better buy a model with a detachable head, so that you can rinse it thoroughly underwater. So you can easily tweezers, and increase the life of the rotating part.

Step two. Anesthesia

Every woman dreams of a depilator, which could remove hair without pain. But the process of pulling the hair out of the bulb by mechanical means is always accompanied by unpleasant sensations. If you use a good epilator for a long time, the pain receptors become blunted and the process is less painful, as in the first time. But how much to wait, and most importantly, why? If there are several excellent options that will reduce the pain almost to zero.

Use with foam


Use a depilator, taking a bath or a shower - it's really real! Under the streams of water, the pain is blunted and it is easier to endure it than with the "dry" device. You can use shaving foam, which will soften the skin better and the epilator will effortlessly pull out every hair.

Cooling glove

Comes with some Braun models. The gauntlet is pre-cooled in the refrigerator, then applied to the skin area on which hair will be removed after a moment. Cooling reduces the sensitivity of the skin.


The exfoliating nozzle helps to remove the upper layer of horny skin, lift the hair to the surface. Painful sensations are less, as compared to untreated skin. If such a nozzle is not included in the kit, you can treat the skin the day before the epilation with a scrub and a hard wool. Strictly you can not do this before the procedure of hair removal, and also during the day after it - on the skin may appear microtraumas.

Cooling function

The principle is the same as in the method with a mitten, only the cooling element is built into the epilator itself. Most often this is a function of blowing chilled air during epilation, which significantly reduces pain. Also, the cooling function can be carried by gel bags, which are previously removed and cooled, then installed directly to the device, but in Russia there are very few such models available - they do not use the inflated price demand.

Step three. Choice of epilator nutrition

There are 3 types of food for the epilator:

  • From the network. Power from the network makes the process dependent on the nearby location of the outlet. If the device is powered exclusively by electricity, it automatically excludes its use in the bathroom. But there is still a plus: you can carry out the procedure on time as much as you see fit, the epilator will not turn off from lack of energy at the crucial moment.
  • From the battery. It is very convenient to use epilators without wires if necessary on trips, on vacation, anywhere. It is the battery-powered devices that can use the epilator both with the use of foam and directly in the water. The charge lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. Often this time is just not enough for a full hair removal session.
  • 2 in 1: network / battery. The best option - you can use at least from the outlet, though without it, some advantages. But this device is worth more than the previous two. Therefore, models with a combined power supply choice are few, such devices are classified as "premium" products.

Top 3 most useless functions of the epilator


In conclusion, let's talk about functions that many consider completely useless, which means that there is no point in overpaying for them.


The role of the backlight is made by a small lamp built into the epilator. Often it is supplemented by a mirror. In daylight, the backlight is an absolutely extra upgrade, everything is perfectly visible without it. Probably, it is provided for deep epilation of a bikini, but at home such hair removal with the help of a mechanical epilator is not carried out - it is too painful. So do not overpay for the goods just because of the presence of this function, it is better to choose a simpler option.


Trimmer Nozzle

It is intended for both partial shaving and for aligning the hair growth line. Trimmer in the epilator is used to create intimate hairstyles. Needless to say, this nozzle remains in the box unclaimed for almost every woman.

Nozzle "for beginners"

This interesting nozzle is put over the working head and tweezers, covering part of them. Thus, the hair is captured less - respectively, and pain, too. The benefits of using the nozzle are almost none, the hair is removed partially, the necessary smoothness is not provided, and to normally remove the hair, the nozzle sooner or later will need to be removed. You want to practice - use tweezers. It will come out cheaper than buying a depilator with the above-described nozzle.

As you can see, there are a lot of subtleties, but in general the purchase of the epilator is an exciting activity, because armed with our advice, you will give odds to any adviser for the sale of this device. Good luck in choosing!

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