Choosing a men's electric shaver: six important parameters

Choosing a men's electric shaver: six important parameters


Today, when the times of barbers and dangerous razors have gone down in history, high technologies got to shaving - the daily routine of millions of men. How to choose an electric shaver if there are so many variations on the home appliances market from different manufacturers? We will try to answer this question in this article.

About 100 years have passed since the appearance of the first prototype electric shaver. But, according to polls, up to now 85% of men prefer shaving with the help of conventional machines, smoothly sliding over the skin thanks to foam or gel. However, most of the respondents complain of constant skin irritation after such a procedure. To eliminate it, even special after-shave lotions were invented, saving the skin on the face, weakened by the rough action of the blade.

But why "give" yourself additional problems, if you can eliminate the very source of their appearance? This will help the electric shaver, because it uses a dry shaving method, in which there is no direct contact of sharp blades with the skin. Due to this, a higher level of safety is achieved. For men who do not want to "say goodbye" to the wet way of shaving, such models have been developed.

Trying to understand how to choose the right electric shaver, it is recommended to rely on a number of objective factors. They consist in various technical characteristics of the device, its purpose and your personal preferences.

So, pay attention to:

  • Type of razor (rotary or mesh);
  • The number of shaving heads (2-5) and their mobility;
  • Possibility of wet shaving;
  • Presence of a trimmer;
  • Type of power supply;
  • Availability of additional functions and their number.

Let us examine each aspect in more detail.


  • 1The choice between rotary and wire razors
  • 2Number of shaving heads, their mobility
  • 3Is it suitable for wet shaving?
  • 4Presence of trimmer
  • 5Source of power
  • 6Additional functions

The choice between rotary and wire razors

This stage is not in vain put on the first place. In fact, the main difference between all the modifications of razors is what shaving technology they use: rotary or grid.

Using a wire shaver, you can get a gentle cutting of the bristle due to the blades vibrating at high speed and covered with a metal mesh to ensure 100% safety. The grid helps to securely capture all hairs (even the shortest ones) and direct them to the blade, which will easily cut them. The most successful manufacturers of this type of razor are the manufacturers of Braun Panasonic, as all of their razors are mesh.


Now we turn to another type - to rotary razors. Here the main working elements are the rotors - small round, rotating at high speed, legs. They are located on each shaving head and provide an ideal shaving of even uneven bristles, with which the wire shaver can only cope with more careful use. The leader in the production of such devices today is the company Phillips, whose lineup is steadily increasing every year.

Continuation of the topic read in the article Which razor is better: rotary or mesh

Number of shaving heads, their mobility

Here the following regularity operates: the more razor has razor heads, the better. Most often you can find an electric shaver with at least three heads in rotary and two or three grids. It's not hard to guess that the larger the surface is covered by the device at a time, the faster and better the shaving itself. Following the convenience and speed of rotation of the heads, as for the command, the cost of the razor will also be tightened.


Having decided on the number, decide whether you need floating heads, or enough immobile ones. The first allow you to follow the contours of the face, ensuring the shaving of coarse bristles in the most difficult places. To achieve the same effect with a fixed head system, you will have to spend more time and effort.

The bottom line: more heads mean better shaving quality. If they are also mobile - great!

Is it suitable for wet shaving?

Initially, an electric razor was designed for dry shaving. This allowed to avoid two problems at the same time: irritation after shaving and the need for water.

Having studied the data of sociological surveys, the developers found out that many men are closer to the wet type of shaving, to which they have long been accustomed. In connection with this, experimental models were produced, which make it possible to use wet shaving using a gel or foam.

The experiment was a success, and such razors became very popular. Some premium models have a special tank, from which, at the touch of a button, a gel is allocated to ensure a better glide over the skin.

Buying an electric shaver for wet shaving, you can expect to use it for dry.


Presence of trimmer


This accessory will be indispensable in case you think how to choose an electric razor for a mustache or beard. With a trimmer, the razor turns into a kind of clipper that can adjust the length of the shaved bristles. Set, for example, one and a half centimeters, and you can confidently shave your beard, without fear of removing excess.

Source of power

The shaver can be either "tied" to an outlet, or have a battery. It will allow you to use the device for a long time even where there is no electricity at all. It is worth paying special attention to the charging speed and the maximum capacity of the battery before making the final decision and choosing the device. Of course, the price of electric shavers directly depends on these indicators.

Additional functions

Above we have analyzed only the main characteristics, considering which, you can confidently say whether the razor will suit you or not. However, in modern models, more and more often there are additional and very useful functions that will also help to better choose a device. For them, of course, will have to pay, but they will not only provide you with a more comfortable shave, but also act as a guarantor that the razor will last longer.

Among them:

  • Automatic termination of charging in order to avoid recharging;
  • Battery capacity indicator;
  • Self cleaning system; the presence of a signal reminding of the need for cleaning;
  • A system through which the shaver can adjust to the voltage in your network (automatically or manually).

When choosing a shaver, specify the cost of parts, the required periodic replacement (knives, mesh, heads, batteries), and the length of time after which they have to be replaced.

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