What kind of irrigator for oral hygiene is best to choose

What kind of irrigator for oral hygiene is best to choose


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of taking care of your dental health. And if more recently it was believed that the toothbrush is enough, now more often used irrigation for more thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Which of them are the best in its kind and whether it is possible to choose really universal means for care of an oral cavity?


  • 1What is the irrigator and what is it for?
  • 2Differences from an electric toothbrush
    • 2.1Table: Comparison of Irrigator and Electric Toothbrush
  • 3Types of irrigators
    • 3.1Video about the purpose of the device
  • 4How to choose the best device for cleaning the oral cavity
    • 4.1Method of water supply
    • 4.2Number of modes
    • 4.3Power
    • 4.4Variety of baits
    • 4.5Manufacturers
      • 4.5.1Video: help in choosing the model of the irrigator
    • 4.6Price range for models
      • 4.6.1Table: price differences for different models of irrigators
  • 5Which of the devices are considered the best
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    • 5.1B.Well WI-911
    • 5.2AQUAJET LD-A7
    • 5.3Panasonic EW1211A
    • 5.4WaterPik WP-100 Ultra
    • 5.5Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet + 3000
  • 6Customer Reviews

What is the irrigator and what is it for?

This device is for additional cleaning of the mouth with water under pressure. You could get acquainted with similar in the dental office, but irrigators are designed for regular home use. Now, when their use is widespread in the West, there are many varieties.


Instead of water, the device can also be filled with a remedy, which will make its use more effective.


Differences from an electric toothbrush

If we compare the efficiency of these funds, it is worth considering a number of factors:

  • degree of cleaning - the irrigator clears much deeper, allowing you to extract pieces of food between the teeth and also in cracks or chips. On the effectiveness of purification, it can be compared only with the use of an electric brush and dental floss together;
    Irrigator cleans the space between the teeth better than any toothbrush
  • careful care - an electric toothbrush can not be used for certain types of braces or dental plates. Irrigator will be able to clean any such structures in your mouth without damaging them;
    Irrigator - your only solution for cleaning teeth with braces installed
  • freshness - of course, an electric toothbrush has a refreshing effect when used appropriate toothpaste, but when using an irrigation agent, a similar freshness effect is achieved with simple water;
  • whitening effect - then the brush is more preferable in combination with whitening paste. But, on the other hand, you will not need to whiten your teeth with regular use of the irrigator.
    Your teeth will be healthy and white when using the irrigator

Table: Comparison of Irrigator and Electric Toothbrush

Parameter Irrigator Electric Toothbrush
Deep cleaning ×
Careful care of the oral cavity ×
Fresh breath
Whitening effect ×

If, when comparing, you decided that it is still better to buy a brush, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material https://tehznatok.com/kak-vyibrat/elektricheskuyu-zubnuyu-shhetku.html, where you will find useful tips on its advantageous choice.


Types of irrigators

When choosing a device for home use, it is worth to distinguish varieties. They can be divided into two types according to the principle of use:

  • stationary - usually such devices are more powerful. They require constant connection to the network and stored in the bathroom of the consumer. Their use is quite convenient, but only at home;
    Stationary irrigator suitable for use by the whole family
  • portable - Irrigators of this type have a battery, which are charged from the network for autonomous operation in the future. Such a device is convenient in that it can be used without an electrical connection, and to take with you for use outside the apartment, so it is also called a road or mini-versions.
    Portable irrigator can be used on the road or in the country

In addition, it is possible to separate devices according to the principle of operation:

  • Monobrial - the washing out of food particles is carried out by a continuous and stable water flow. They are very effective, although they can cause unpleasant feelings in young children;
    Monocurge irrigators wash away food residues with one directed flow of water
  • impulse - water is supplied by short impulses, which is almost insensible to man. At the same time, their power is high and, as a consequence, purification is no less effective;
    A pulsed irrigator cleans teeth, releasing water with frequent impulses
  • Microbubble - oxygenated liquid will effectively save you from any contamination between the teeth. A similar type appeared recently, but has already become very popular due to the high quality of the work.
    Microscopic water bubbles explode in a collision and wash away food residues between the teeth

Video about the purpose of the device

How to choose the best device for cleaning the oral cavity

Now that we have designated varieties, it's time to move on to choosing a device. It is necessary to take into account a number of factors for choosing a suitable device.

Method of water supply


There are irrigators, which are connected directly to the tap of water supply. Such devices, of course, can only be stationary and used in your bathroom. As an alternative, there are devices with a built-in tank. When choosing it is necessary to rely on whether you take the device for personal use or for the whole family.And, of course, when you connect the device to a water system, you should also take care of cleaning the used liquid. For this purpose there are special nozzles with protection from bacteria.

There are irrigators, which are connected directly to the faucet with water

Number of modes

Modern irrigation systems have not one, but several of the described water supply regimes described above. Most often, the presence of multiple modes is overestimated, and devices that support only one or two will do their job no worse. However, it is necessary to consider individual needs. So, in patients with gingiva, the presence of a massage regimen will be superfluous, and if the family has small children, a more inconspicuous method of operation is used.

In many models, you can switch the mode of operation right at the time of use


The power of the device is also a very important parameter. And although most of the devices are equipped with a power regulator, the maximum force of the fluid supply should be known in advance. The power of devices that run on batteries is much lower than stationary ones. Therefore, if you want to purchase a really powerful device, then you should choose from those that work from a network or built-in battery.

Most models have power controllers

Variety of baits


Always when buying an irrigator you get a number of baits. In portable models, this will be several attachments for one person, and for stationary models - and several identical sets. To choose here it is absolutely simple: if you take the device for the whole family, you will need an individual set of attachments for each.Use someone else's nozzles is not recommended, just like you should not use someone else's toothbrush.

Some nozzles for the irrigator are designed to replace your toothbrush


When buying, you should also pay attention to the company-manufacturer. Here everything is quite simple - the assembly of devices usually takes place in China, and they can be produced directly by well-known companies all over the world. It is worth to get acquainted with the reviews in advance and not to buy irrigators of unfamiliar models.


Also you can consult in the matter of choosing a model with your dentist.


Video: help in choosing the model of the irrigator

Price range for models

The price range on the model is very large. Depending on the model chosen, the number of nozzles and other factors, the price can vary from 2000 to 18000 rubles. In this case, you will also have to buy nozzles from time to time, replacing the old ones. As a result, it turns out that keeping the irrigator is not so cheap, but trying to save on health in the future will only lead to high costs. In addition, inexpensive models can often meet your needs, most importantly, choose a reliable manufacturer.

Table: price differences for different models of irrigators

Model Method of water supply A type Number of nozzles Price ₽
Aquajet LD-A7 pulsed stationary 4 2880
Oral-B OxyJet MD20 microbubble technology stationary 4 4000
Waterpik WP-450 pulsed portable 4 4400
Philips AirFloss microbubble technology portable 1 6000
Jetpik JP200 Ultra dental center with pulsed irrigator stationary 5 17500

Which of the devices are considered the best

Consider the popular models along with their characteristics.

B.Well WI-911

  • price - from 1900 ₽,
  • pulse irrigator,
  • the ripple frequency is 1600 pulses / min.,
  • the pressure of the jet is 275-620 kPa,
  • modes and adjustments: 3,
  • number of baits: 2.
Portable irrigator with impulse mode of operation for a budget price


  • price - from 2550 ₽,
  • pulse irrigator,
  • powered from the network,
  • the pulsation frequency is 1200 pulses / min.,
  • the pressure of the jet is 290-810 kPa,
  • modes and adjustments: 4.
Stationary irrigator with mains power supply

Panasonic EW1211A

  • price - from 3200 ₽,
  • Irrigator with microbubble technology,
  • the ripple frequency is 1400 pulses / min.,
  • pressure of the jet up to 590 kPa,
  • modes and adjustments: 3,
  • baits: 2.
Portable irrigator Panasonic EW1211A with microbubble technology of water supply

WaterPik WP-100 Ultra

  • price - from 5450 ₽,
  • irrigator,
  • powered from the network,
  • the pressure of the jet is 35-620 kPa,
  • modes and adjustments: 10,
  • baits: 7.
Irrigator WaterPik WP-100 Ultra with mains power and a large number of nozzles

Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet + 3000

  • price - from 6500 ₽,
  • dental center with microbubble technology,
  • powered from the network,
  • modes and adjustments: 5,
  • baits: 10,
  • operating time 15 min.
Center for dental care, where in addition to the irrigator is a toothbrush

Customer Reviews


Feedback on the model B.Well WI-911.

I am very pleased with the apparatus, the jet of water is quite powerful (which was even scary when applied for the first time), washes out all the remains of food perfectly, so that no toothpicks / dental floss are needed. At first I was somewhat shocked by the fact that after cleaning my teeth with a toothbrush, the irrigator can clean out a considerable amount of food left from the interdental spaces. That's where the caries come from... The first few days to use the irrigator was not very pleasant and even in places it hurt. I included it only for soft mode or ripple mode. But after 3 days, I got used to, got used to it and the procedure started to please me. Now I turn on the device on the "normal" mode and do not experience any unpleasant sensations. But the feeling of cleanliness after such cleaning is not comparable with the sensation of a toothbrush.




Feedback on AQUAJET LD-A7.

I really like the feeling of cleanliness after using the irrigator. As I do not try to thoroughly brush my teeth with a toothbrush, the irrigator still flushes the remains of food. Recently was on a trip. Irrigator with her did not take. How I regretted it. The gums immediately became inflamed. I had to treat them. For myself, I realized that I can not do without him.

Frosty morning



Review about Panasonic EW1211A.

... this irrigator, of course, will help you keep the oral cavity in hygiene much better than all the brushes, breath fresheners, rinsers and dental flosses combined. The effect will be tangible and fast. The compact dimensions of this model allow you to take it with you, and it will not take up half of the suitcase, no matter how small it is. Among the shortcomings of this model can be called, perhaps, the price and the lack of the ability to recognize the level of charge at a particular moment. But everything is known by experience, and in time this moment will not be a serious problem for you.




Feedback on WaterPik WP-100 Ultra.

Irrigator is an excellent addition to the toothbrush. This device cleans the remains of food from the dental spaces and the far corners of the oral cavity, where the toothbrush does not reach. But the irrigator can not completely replace the toothbrush and the paste. But this device can be an excellent replacement for dental floss.




Feedback on Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet + 3000.

For the year of use, I have lost the dark spots from the tea on the enamel. If you look at the teeth with a mirror on the side of the mouth, many will have a brown filament, this brush will disappear! Improved the condition of the gums and the need to visit the dentist for professional cleaning has disappeared! The teeth are polished, a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness in your mouth! After using the whitening nozzle, her husband's teeth became much whiter and the stains from the coffee were gone. This miracle works from the network. Replacement nozzles every three months. The charge of the battery on the brush lasts for 3 days, if the two are used, it is about one day. I can recommend this center those then prefer perfect dental care and will not be lazy enjoy this achievement of science Smile It is convenient for all members to use seven, each with its own nozzle.

Serious Owl



Careful oral care is not only a question of hygiene, but also of your health. Therefore it is important to choose a quality irrigator. Depending on whether you choose a fixed device for the whole family or portable for personal use - it is worth paying attention to different factors. And now you can easily make the best choice for caring for your teeth and gums.

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