How to connect the engine from an old washing machine

A working motor from an old washing machine is always useful in the household. If it is properly connected, it can be used as a driving force for the grinder, lawn mower, juicer. So do not rush to throw out the old equipment, it will still serve you.

You will find out what types of motors there are and how to properly connect them to the instruments.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of engines AGR
  • 2Disassembly of the induction motor
  • 3Correct connection by yourself
  • 4Why the motor gets warm when it is switched on

Types of engines AGR

According to the type of construction, the engines of washing machines are divided into three types:

  • Asynchronous.It consists of a stator and a rotor, operates due to the magnetic field, which is formed during rotation. Advantages of this type is the simplicity of design, which makes it easy to replace worn parts, as well as quiet operation. The shortcomings include low efficiency and large sizes.

  • Collector.Refers to a more modern type. In the design there are electrobrushes, which are in contact with the rotor of the motor, transmit electric energy to it. The small size and high power are the main advantages of the collector motor. However, due to constant friction, the brushes and the collector wear out quickly.

  • Inverter.The non-drive motor is attached directly to the drum of the washing machine. It also consists of a stator and a rotor, but is more compact. The powerful motor runs noiselessly. The only drawback is the high cost of machines that are equipped with an inverter engine.

Within the framework of the article, we will talk about connecting the engine from old styaroks, which were equipped with asynchronous electric motors. You can also connect the motor to a new washing machine if it is out of order.

Disassembly of the induction motor

To remove the motor, remove the back of the stylus by unscrewing the screws around the perimeter. Leaving the panel aside, locate the motor at the bottom under the tank. Disconnect the wiring and unscrew the bolts on which the device is attached. Pulling the engine out of the body of the machine, you can proceed to its connection.

Correct connection by yourself

To connect the motor of the old type is somewhat more complicated. Since in the collector type you can orientate by the color of the wires, and in the asynchronous one you will have to ring every output.

Armed with a multimeter, alternately dial each wire to search for the starting winding. You need to find pairs of wires that show the same resistance. Record all the indicators, in the future they will need to be compared.

After calling both windings and recording the indicators, compare them. At the working winding (OB), the resistance will be less than that of the starting (PO). It is not recommended to connect this motor through a capacitor, since it can disable the motor.

  • Secure the starter wire to the working wire.
  • Connect them to an AC source as shown in the diagram.

  • One starting wire must be hooked to the start button, the contact of which is not fixed. In the diagram it is denoted by the letters SB.

If you start the engine, you find that it rotates in the wrong direction, swap the wires from the starting winding, then it will rotate in the opposite direction.

Why the motor gets warm when it is switched on

It is recommended, before connecting the motor and giving it a second life, check all its details. So, if the bearing has become unusable or clogged with dirt, this leads to friction between the rotor and the stator.

If you decide to connect the motor through a capacitor, it's likely that its capacity is too high. Therefore, it is better to perform a connection without a capacitor, as this can lead to the combustion of the motor.

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