Balancing drum washing machine: instructions

Noticed that the washing machine began to buzz heavily and jump while spinning? Perhaps the reason for the unbalance of the drum. If you have such a problem, you need to solve it, because excessive noise and vibration not only interfere with you, but also leads to wear of parts of the washing machine.

In earlier models, imbalance leads to strong vibrations during the spin cycle. And modern models can stop if the system fails to resume balance.

Content of the material:

  • 1 Why an unbalance of the drum occurs
  • 2 How to balance the drum with your own hands
  • 3 How to avoid imbalance of the

Why an unbalance of the drum occurs

Unbalance of the drum occurs during spinning. The linen gets lost in one lump, because of which an imbalance occurs, and the car shakes violently. Below are the main reasons why the imbalance occurs:

  • When washing bed linen, smaller things could be huddled in a duvet cover. The result was a large lump of linen.
  • There is too much or too little laundry in the drum.
  • Washing at a temperature of more than 60 degrees is accompanied by additional water intake during rinsing. This can lead to a slight imbalance. Pay attention to this when choosing the water temperature.
  • Mechanical problems can also cause. Bearing wear or a rusty, bent shaft lead to increased vibration, and the spin may not occur at all.

Some models of washing machines give an error code on the display, which means unbalance.

How to balance the drum with your own hands

The balancing of the drum of the washing machine is automatically built into the modern models of Samsung, LG, Bosch, Ardo. This optional feature is called “Imbalance Control”.In this case, the system will not allow the washer to go to the spin cycle until the problem is resolved. To do this, the drum rotates in different directions, then slowing down, then accelerating.

If you set the spin at maximum speed, but the imbalance is not corrected, then the machine will significantly reduce the spin speed in order not to harm its parts. Either the spin will be completely stopped. In any case, from the drum you get almost wet clothes.

How to balance yourself? Act sequentially:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine from the network.
  2. If the car stopped full of water, you need to drain it.
  3. At the bottom of the front of the case you will see a small hatch.
  4. Using a flat screwdriver, unclip the latches and open the door.
  5. Substitute capacity, unscrew the filter from the case.
  6. To drain the water, open the hatch door.
  7. Distribute the laundry evenly by hand or remove half of the clothes from the tank.
  8. Then resume the wash.

In top-loading washers, it is easier to center the laundry, since you do not need to drain the water to open the door. If, after distributing things, the washer shakes again during the spin cycle, check the balancing stones. They are located behind the front and rear panel of the SMA and are attached to the drum. Sometimes their attachments are weakened, which leads to an imbalance.

How to avoid an imbalance

Make sure that you load the drum in accordance with the norm for this washing machine. If the washing machine is designed for three kilograms of linen, this does not mean that you need to hammer the drum to capacity. It must be filled to 2/3 volume. Also:

  • Do not fill the machine with too bulky items. When wet, they become heavy and can cause overload and imbalance.
  • Try to load large and small things together for the right balance of AGR.

If you are only going to buy a washing machine, choose the amount of load in accordance with the number of everyday things to wash. If, choosing a drum volume of 7-8 kg, you will not be able to gain enough for daily loading, it will not always be convenient to carry out washing once a week.

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