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The clock in the kitchen is the main clock in the house, because they are needed during cooking, and during the gathering of all household members for their own affairs. And they can decorate the interior and demonstrate the taste of the hostess, so they should be chosen consciously. Today we will tell you how to choose a clock in the kitchen with 6 tips and 40 photo-examples. But for those who like to work with handicrafts, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the master class on making wall clocks for the kitchen with your own hands, which you will find at the end of the article.

6 tips for choosing a watch

  1. A small kitchen - a small clock, a large - large

Large hours in a small kitchen will clutter up space, but in a spacious kitchen, kitchen-living room or dining room will show themselves in all its glory and will be visible from either end of the room.

The medium and small clock in the large kitchen will "get lost" and will not look so spectacular. But in a small room they will be both convenient and compact.

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  • Large in the interior of a spacious kitchen-living room
  • Small in the interior of a small kitchen
  • The universal size of the dial is 33-36 cm in diameter as in the photo below.

  1. "Duty" watches should be quartz

The mechanical watch is an eternal classic, they are durable and are more valuable than quartz watches due to the more complicated mechanism and manual adjustment during assembly. Nevertheless, they have significant disadvantages - high cost, a small choice of designs, inaccurate progress and the need for timely winding. Agree that regularly monitor the work of "on duty" kitchen clock and start them, it will not be very convenient, especially if they are wall-mounted.


Quartz watches on batteries and at a price are more affordable, and "walk" more accurately, and the winding does not require, and noiseless. And the design range in this category is much larger today. You can choose instances from classical models, for example, with a pendulum-to the most modern ones, including electronic ones.

  • However, if you choose a clock in the dining room or in priority place not the convenience of use, but beauty, durability and chic, then choose the mechanical models. Most often they have very high-quality cases, excellent finish and classic "functions" of combat, pendulum or cuckoo.
  1. Pay attention to the watch with additional features

Choosing a clock in the kitchen, think about what additional functions you might need:

  • If you need them first of all for cooking, then get a small electronic or ordinary clock with a timer like the photo below.
  • Pay attention to the weather station clock if you grow indoor plants or have, say, wooden floors and a kitchen set. A hygrometer and a thermometer will help you control the humidity and temperature of the air.
  • Displaying the date and day of the week is a simple but useful function in everyday life.
  1. The best watches for classical cuisine are wooden, with a round dial and Roman numerals
  • For classical interiors of kitchens (in the style of Provence, Baroque, Empire style, Shebi chic, etc.) it is better to choose a wooden clock with a round dial, but not necessarily with a round case. After all, for example, watch cases with a traditional pendulum have the shape of a rectangle or ellipse.
  • As for the figures, the most traditional are the Roman, but the beautiful Arabs will not spoil the classical design.
  • The case and dial of watches in the classical style is preferable from natural wood, and not from the widespread MDF or plastic under the tree. In this case, for elegant and strict classics, for example, in the palace style, the tree should be polished, and for the styles of Provence and Shebic chic - aged. The other details (dial, arrows, etc.) can be metallic in the color of antique bronze or gold.
  • For a dining room in a classic style or for a very spacious kitchen, you can choose not a wall clock, but a floor clock with a pendulum, weights, a fight or with a buffet and a bar.
  1. The best watches for the kitchen in the modern style are laconic, but original

In modern interiors (in the Scandinavian style, in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, etc.), clocks can be laconic or, conversely, complex, but in any case, the original design due to the texture, color, shape of the dial and case, as well as unusual divisions and shooter. Modern watches can be made of both plastic and wood and metal.

  • We do not recommend buying watches in the kitchen without divisions - they are interesting to look at, but to mark the cooking time by them or to orientate how many minutes are left before leaving the house is inconvenient.

In the slider you can see a photo of the clock in modern kitchen interiors.


  1. Place the watch in such a place that you can see them both during cooking and during the meal

Where to put or hang a kitchen clock is most convenient? The most common places are:

  • Above the dining table or over the bar counter;
  • Above the door, arch or entrance opening;
  • Over the hood (if it has a visor or allows you to hang the device high);
  • On the shelf is a headset (but farther / up from the stove and sink).

Try to choose a place so that in the daytime the device does not get direct sunlight. In the next selection of photos are some examples of the placement of watches in the kitchen.


Master Class

Finally, we present a master class on how to make a wall clock for the kitchen with our own hands.


Step 1.Prepare any basis for the manufacture of the dial. It can be anything: wood, plate, vinyl plate, cardboard, polyurethane foam or even an old colander. The main thing is that the workpiece should fit the size of the hands of the clockwork mechanism and you can drill a hole for fixing it in it.

Step 2.Mark the center of the dial and make a hole in it with a drill-screwdriver (at low speeds, so as not to damage the workpiece) or sewed. The diameter of the drill must correspond to the diameter of the screw in the clock mechanism.

Step 3.If the material requires processing and decoration, then this must be done before installing the mechanism. As soon as the background of the dial is ready and dried, you will need to draw on it lines or numbers (preferably using a stencil to get it neat). However, if you want, you can do without them. At the end of the drawing, the entire dial should be covered with a matte acrylic lacquer on a water basis in 2 layers. Then all the decor will become more durable and tolerant to wet cleaning.


Step 4.Now it's time to install the clock mechanism (it can be bought separately or removed from old / cheap watches). For this, the mechanism is separated from the second, minute and hour hand and insert it into the prepared hole from the wrong side of the dial. Then, on the front side of the clock, put on the nut screw, hour, minute and, lastly, second hand (if it is).

Step 5.Hooray! The kitchen clock is ready, you just need to turn the arrows to make sure that nothing hinders their rotation, insert the battery and hang the product on the wall.

But such photo-ideas of design and decor of self-made kitchen clock can be taken as a note.



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