Several ways to clean the sole of the iron from the deposit

Several ways to clean the sole of the iron from the deposit

. What and how to clean the iron from the carbon in the home with the help of household chemicals and folk remedies.

The one who often uses an iron, is familiar with the appearance of sludge on the sole. It's a shame, when you stroke a clean white blouse or T-shirt, you notice terrible tracks on it.

It is necessary not only to rewash the thing, but also to think about how to clean the iron from the deposit, in order not to get into a slack. But not everything is so terrible, because you can deal with carbon in several ways.


  • 1The use of chemical formulations
  • 2Grandmother's secrets
    • 2.1Candle
    • 2.2Salt
    • 2.3Soda
    • 2.4Vinegar
    • 2.5Laundry soap
    • 2.6Video: we clean the sole of the iron with the help of vinegar and salt

The use of chemical formulations

Manufacturers of household chemicals produce a special pencil, the composition of which was designed specifically for the described purposes. It is sold in any hardware store. Therefore, it is not superfluous to think about the problem in advance and buy a few pieces in reserve, even if this tool is waiting for its hour with other household chemicals.

Externally, the pencil is like a stearin candle. It is not difficult to use it. Here is a simple instruction that can be used.

  1. Heat the iron to 140 degrees or simply put it into ironing mode.
  2. Take the pencil in your hands so that your fingers are at the lower end.
  3. Take the hot iron in your hands, place it in front of you and push it as far away as possible from you, unfolding the sole in the opposite side from yourself.
  4. Place a rag under the iron, which it will not be a pity to throw out. Place another rag beside you under your right arm.
  5. Start rubbing the pencil with a pencil. Blackness under the action of the composition will turn into a dirty hot liquid. It must be wiped off immediately with a rag that is near at hand.
  6. When in contact with a hot surface, the pencil begins to produce an unpleasant odor. Try not to inhale vapors. Using a pencil, you can clean the soleplate of the iron from the carbon in just a few minutes.
  7. If the deposit enters the holes, turn on the steam function during the operation and send a pencil to the contaminated area. All the dirt evaporates, as if by magic.
  8. After all this, the iron must be disconnected when it cools down, the sole must be cleaned of the remaining traces.

How else can I clean the iron from the deposit using special chemicals? The usual ammonia alcohol helps. It is richly moistened with cotton wool, it needs to wipe the cold sole, and then turn on the iron, heat it to 130 degrees and pat them the surface of soft wool. All blackness will remain on her.

Note! In this way, only minor impurities can be removed.


If the cloth completely melts on the iron when ironing, you will have to use a different chemical composition. To make it, you need to take a teaspoon of gel for dishes, add to it two teaspoons of ammonia, juice of half a lemon and a tablet of hydrogen peroxide. The whole mixture is thoroughly mixed together with half a glass of water. Rubber gloves are worn on their hands, a cotton swab is taken, it is abundantly wetted in the resulting composition. A wet swab treats the surface, the fumes easily soften under the action of such a mixture and move away from the iron.

Well cope with the described problem and wipers, as well as a means for removing nail polish.

But it is worth remembering that during the events described, these compounds start to release dangerous toxins into the air.


Therefore, you can clean after a good ventilation is organized.

Grandmother's secrets

What to do when at the right time at hand there is no special cleaning products, so many are interested in the question of how to clean the iron from the carbon at home, using improvised materials. There are plenty of ways, everyone can be used and applied in case of need.


You can try to clean the sole using a paraffin candle. In order not to burn your hands, it must be wrapped in a soft cotton cloth. And then we also act like when working with a chemical pencil, and the effect is almost the same. After performing the procedure, experts recommend thoroughly to get rid of the residues of paraffin.



Any carbon deposit will very quickly come down if you use a different method. It is good to clean the soles of a large salt, scattered with a thick layer between several layers of gauze.


Baking soda also helps to fight with carbon deposits. A small amount of it dissolves in water. It is richly moistened with a cotton swab, then it is processed by the dirty surface of the cold sole of the iron. Baking soda contributes to the softening of the deposit, after moist treatment it is well removed with a normal cloth.


Try to clean the iron from black sludge at home using vinegar. If you just wipe their soles, the adhered tissue will not go away. Action will have to be different. It is necessary to cool the sole with vinegar and soak the cotton cloth and put an iron on it for the night. In the morning, the plaque on the device described is well softened, it will simply be removed with a dry cloth.


Laundry soap

If the stains from the deposit formed immediately, before your eyes, take a piece of laundry soap in your hands and try to rub them, not including the iron, black stains. They should easily move away.

Video: we clean the sole of the iron with the help of vinegar and salt

Now you know how to clean the iron from the carbon, using chemical means and folk grandmother's methods. It is important to understand immediately that you can never use rough abrasives, sandpaper or a knife to clean the soles. This can severely damage the work surface and lead to the formation of more serious problems.

Correctly does one who tries to prevent the described situation, before ironing carefully examines the composition of the fabric and chooses the most optimal mode of heating the iron. Experts are sure that if each time after using a sole of any iron to rub with a clean soft cloth, it will not "snap" the fabric at the next ironing. Prevention is always better than treatment.

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