The operating principle of the air conditioner

Professional master knows: in its original form invented by Dr. refrigerator to store food. The first copy could work conditioned by adjusting the conditions of the room climate. The two devices are similar. Refrigerator maintains a low temperature chamber, air conditioning - rooms. Possible reverse operation for heating. The principle steps conditioner (cooler) is based on two opposite isochoric process inside the coils.

Thermodynamics and freon air conditioning

Let slip an isochoric process, half the readers prepared to scroll down. Where are familiar terms. Throw. Talk in simple terms about the complex.

Schematic diagram of the air conditioner includes the following parts (the list can skip back with further readings):

  • housing;
  • an inner coil (evaporator);
  • outer coil (condenser);
  • compressor;
  • capillary tube;
  • the connecting line.

Schematic diagram of the air conditioner

We describe the work of the air conditioner. The substance in the nature of seeking to establish balance, changing one parameter of the medium immediately causes a reaction. Each pump has a bicycle (machine will be poor example) realizes cylinder heats. Why is there. When the piston moves forward air is located inside the heavily compressed, the pressure increases. It causes an increase in temperature. Cylinder loses heat to the environment. Nothing like? That's right, a similar quality endowed with air conditioning coil, located outside the window, gives off heat to the environment.

Unlike limited internal volume of the coil remains constant. Isochoric process is called thermodynamics. Running at a constant volume. The compressor pumps the freon into the external coil (condenser) pressure, increasing the temperature of the refrigerant reaches 65 degrees Celsius. The heat starts to leave the environment. An exception is the case: outside air temperature is 65 degrees Celsius. Thus, a sharp increase in pressure heats the refrigerant, a condenser (properly called a condenser assembly). Heat difference goes outside through the coil temperature the surrounding air.

Freon-cooled becomes liquid. Rushes (under pressure) to the inner coil (evaporator). However, the path comes across a capillary tube, the liquid oozing with difficulty.

Now look at the result. The evaporator is pumped Freon compressor, to get back through the capillary tube to the refrigerant difficult. On the inner coil formed by the reduced pressure. Isochoric process, accompanied by a sharp decrease in temperature to 2 degrees Celsius.

Cooled coil absorbs heat room air, gives freon excess energy. Last evaporates, becoming a gas sucked into the compressor. It described the principle of operation is limited to the air conditioner.

Why conditioner freon

Each heard factory freon dangerous for the environment necessitates recycling conditioner (refrigeration) in a special way. Can add the first refrigerators, air conditioners are life-threatening. Leak tetravalent sulfur oxide threatened inhabitants of the house. Although CFCs are dangerous air conditioners owe widespread in everyday life discovery of the 20s: a new class of materials. New is not as deadly, giving 100 points handicap applied refrigerators earlier. Class of substances called CFCs.

Freon for air conditioning

Today compound whose name begins with the letter R, ends in a three-digit number, contain data sheet proud term ozone friendly. Not harm non-permanent layer of the atmosphere, which, ignoring ridiculous thickness 2-3 millimeter, absorbs the lion's share of ultraviolet radiation, making possible the existence of life planet. Ozone layer depletion causes skin cancer and other diseases. Public international organizations fighting for the preservation of the environment, to find fault snapped manufacturers of air conditioners and refrigerators.

An ulterior motive. Rare Freon is safe, the new environment is of little harm. Some refrigerants in addition do not ignite. Conditioners feel safe enough. Why is considered important. The first window air conditioners were produced in a single package. Monoblocks exist today, are disappearing, giving way to a split-system. One feature of the newcomers with an unusual hearing the name provided in popularity. Conditioners are formed by two blocks:

  1. Outer.
  2. Interior.

Actually, the new air-conditioning units were called differentiation. Between block paved highway freon. Traditionally insulated, protected hose. Whatever the degree of sealing components of the air conditioner freon slowly leaking into the environment. Possible line break, the process will take place. Air conditioner fails, the city will receive the next dose of harmful freon.

Filling the air conditioner freon

Split comes from the English divide. In cooling mode, the outdoor unit comprises a condenser, internal - evaporator. There are other modes? Sure! A typical air conditioner (split system) works on heating. Is achieved by the presence chetyrehklapannyh switch node through a condenser, an evaporator are interchanged. Freon begins to flow in the reverse direction.

Probably wondering why mess with freon, if the material is so dangerous. Why not build air conditioners on the basis of. Freon has one indispensable feature - easy to change the state of aggregation. It is converted from liquid to gas, taking enormous amounts of heat. The reverse process is accompanied by absorption sizeable volume. Moreover, successful occurs at temperatures: 2 ° C at the evaporator, the condenser 65 degrees. The combination of phenomenal, or CFCs would not be used for the production of air conditioners.

variety of air conditioners

Monoblocks are past. Today, air conditioners segment is gaining a split system. The new name is given to different from those used previously. What's wrong with a candy bar? We had to finalize the window, at least the wall. To put it mildly is not convenient. Winter necessary to clean the device to avoid heat leakage. In the southern areas of the US, which invented a novelty, it is not true. In another way, the question stands in Russia.

Separation of the two air conditioning units (internal, external) helped pave the highway connecting once and for all, to warm the pipe as follows. The condenser has become possible to place in the shade. conditioner work becomes postabilnee.

controlled air-conditioning

It is appropriate to mention the feature of the device. Household appliances dry the air, producing positive ions, conditioners are no exception. On the contrary, make an extremely fine (adversely affects the health of the owners). The evaporator condensate forms outputted outward. In order to eliminate excess accumulated liquid needed another system, provided with air conditioning each. Drainage system. Physically, the liquid discharge tube is in one line with Freon. Guess the cold passage may freeze. There are two workarounds:

  1. Advance flow conditioner equipped with heating cable.
  2. Turn the air conditioner to cool the room. Ice plugs melt, having a higher temperature refrigerant.

There is a crucial method - wait spring, air conditioning melted.

Repair air conditioner with your own hands: whether to take

Avoid messing with Freon. It is difficult to buy, can not refill at home. It is necessary to withstand the pressure of the system, avoiding the trigger device dysfunction. Tell a clever display of breakdowns. Most formed alarm LEDs glowing or blinking in a fixed sequence. Each type of air conditioner failure is accompanied by a specific code.

Find split-systems, the information will appear on the LCD display, remote control. There is a self-function, triggered by holding the power button (optional). It turns breaking the code, as happens with washing machines. Each manufacturer provides its own mechanism for identifying the fault. More read in the manual or on the website instructions. There's also state the type of breakage conditioner. Of course, there are cases for which the manufacturer prudently silent. It is recommended to read the forums dedicated to the air conditioner.

The main elements of a typical air conditioner

Before modern air conditioners are divided into one-piece, split-systems. And crashed into the model window unpopular today. Most monoblock provided with two hoses (coax path) through which air is taken from the inlets, back to the same. It allows the heat pump out of the room, throwing energy out. The operating principle of the air conditioner of any one type. Circulating Freon absorbs heat evaporator, condenser gives. conditioner device includes elements, whatever the external appearance of the device.

Apparatus conditioner external unit

The operation run by an electronic board. Whatever the number of air conditioning units sensor measures the temperature of the incoming room air purge evaporator. There condenses moisture, normal dry air conditioner (dealers prudently silent) is provided with a drain path draining excess moisture. It is useful to know, NoFrost refrigerators operate on the principle of the air conditioner. The temperature is much lower. It is necessary to control the humidity and, if necessary, to evaporate moisture ago.

In monoblock, standing on the floor of the room, it is appropriate drainage tank placed on the condenser to the moisture went back into the room. Return of the heat smaller than the withdrawn water. Of course, one could set a quartz ultrasonic generator. Otherwise will have to periodically empty the tank of monoblock hand, looks unreal to connect the mobile device to the sewer. With regard to the split-systems - posted outside unit with the condenser, where the steam comes hose with Freon. There primatyvayut drainage tube, poured moisture passersby. At best, it evaporates on the condenser, (such rudeness is not surprised in the country) in the worst falls on the head. It is appropriate to recall, at the split-system installation requires permission from the homeowner associations (HOA), the appearance of the building deteriorates.

Air conditioner comprises a fan, ventilated condenser, evaporator. The monoblock are driven by a single motor, in a split-system, of course, impossible. The device is equipped with a compressor, pumping Freon poosteregsya detract from the dignity of air conditioning solutions.

The piston unit is able to inject 25 atm. Enough to swing cars tires. In a split system, the compressor is standing outside, the motor operates a separate heat source. Inside, there is:

  • evaporator coil;
  • fan;
  • electronic control board.

If the air conditioner operates on the heat, change the evaporator, condenser roles. Used construction of the four way valve that changes the direction of movement of freon. The compressor, of course, the coolant pump in the other direction by simply changing the flow can not. Utopian version is much easier and better than the real, with the valve. At the same time to reduce the number of moving parts. The engine is rarely controlled by an inverter, it is not necessary. Inertial processes of the room are long-term, the outdoor unit is located outside the window, it disturbs the neighbors, which is accepted in the country not to pay attention. The frame can be closed tightly, enjoy the freshness.

Apparatus indoor unit

air conditioner power consumed unevenly. The device operates until the room air reaches the desired temperature. The compressor motor is stopped. We believe that prices in big inverter control is not necessary. The scheme would be incredibly complicated. But is there another advantage, suggests the idea: a good conditioner is provided with inverter control. The duration of the service. Samsung gives a guarantee to the inverter motor of the refrigerator 10 years. We believe in the current situation on the market it is an undeniable plus! Clearly, with the air conditioning will operate similar laws. Inverter control is useful (see. Mitsubishi).

Commutator motor voltage frequency indifferent logical conditioners to supply asynchronous. However, to adjust the speed is always available. Inverter - buzzword today exalt to the sky, changing the current cut-off angle 220 in the case of collector engines, we obtain a similar result. Motor type louder, endowed with some other unpleasant features inconsistent with the frost. Brush in the first place, friction parts, contacts. In terms of maintenance AC motors seem simpler with a single stator winding. The shaft holds the bearing, does not require frequent attention.

Split system

Refilling is carried out on the side of the outdoor unit. A pair of valves, high and low pressure paths. Of course, you can use the old principles, copying refrigerator using a single move. The process is accelerated, time outs refrigerant from the capillary tube is reduced. If the inside air is trapped, it is necessary to pump, vacuum hold. Pre-purging is performed with nitrogen. Use a mixture of air and refrigerant. Since the first inside the second master inwardly pumped. If the air conditioner for a long time drove through the air circuit in an oil solution procedure, therefore, when evacuation nice to include air conditioning at low speeds, the system of protection method to prevent conceived.

Modern device is equipped with a self-check function, outputs on the control panel display, the indoor unit error codes. As a result, air conditioning is no longer included. Tips are looking at the screen. Specifications include air conditioning cooling capacity of production that are not directly related to the power consumption. It must be greater than the consumed power outlet. Feature devices, pumping heat from one place to another, is used for saving technique.

The air conditioner panel

air-conditioning work

The operating principle of the air conditioner operates cycles Freon transition from one phase state to another. When the refrigerant is condensed giving energy procedure at the transition to the gaseous state is a reverse process. Allow to obtain a very high temperature condenser, the evaporator is reduced to incredible size. Outdoor hot condenser temperatures above 60 ° C gives off heat easily. Evaporator temperature just above freezing (excluding formation of frost forming a fundamental difference from the refrigerator where purposefully operate at low temperatures). Transport drivers familiar unpleasant effect of an automotive air is saturated with the stench. Inside, on the evaporator is accumulated moisture, air conditioning does not work continuously. Idle moments generated moist, warm environment able to breeding bacteria feel. Take note: air conditioning (room) bullies in this way, it is time to carry out sanitation device.

It is ideal for bacterial growth temperature 38 degrees Celsius, used by physicians to cultivate the culture in nutrient media. 63 for half an hour using pasteurization. Designers lack intelligence and ensure performance at cruising speed without activating the system for heating / cooling. Microflora throw multiply so with impunity.

Suit old tools used by service centers along the highway, the device may be disassembled, cleaned. Surely the warranty will be lost, decide which method is better.

Optionally, look for the "tea" used car service. Suitable ultrasonic humidifier. Of course, taking the disinfectant solution, creating a pair of directional movement. Parameters auto air conditioners, indoor do not differ too much, touch the evaporator case.

To afford the desired balance of temperature, the compressor sucks the air of the evaporator, creating a vacuum, pumping the condenser, raising the temperature, due to the pressure by facilitating transition to the liquid freon state. The circuit is closed, the refrigerant will speed back to the evaporator, compressor leveling efforts. By blocking the effect described, the capillary tube used (in cars - expansion valve). The cross section of the liquid passage little phase powerless to develop great speed. The difference in pressure is maintained. In fact, as a working air conditioner, refrigerator prompted many. Unlike in the forced ventilation of the condenser, the volume of the room is relatively large. fan is built to improve heat transfer. That is the way air conditioning! Most products complement control, rarely want to climb up, trying to establish a regime.

... Car air conditioners or refrigerators?

Get your air conditioner in the summer, hot interior out, the heater drivers include the summer heat, carrying out forced cooling of the motor car. The incoming flow carries excess energy horsepower piston forces. Many have to undress.

Humanity passes internalize the need for re-use of resources. Powerless to create a spacecraft, where the regeneration of the system will take a leading role. Imagine what a wonderful ship (eternal) would be the planet Earth.

Why car Freon

The radiator cools the engine, a small fraction of the models contains a condenser, causing the need to dissipate heat. 150 gram of excess refrigerant pressure is increased to 10 atmospheres, a pipe bursting excess when the machine stands. refrigerant charge by a special master with diagnostic equipment, a person bought an extra set of diagnostician for air-conditioning systems.

Classical conditioning

Typical refrigerator works, creating four state Freon. The reason for the choice of material! Perkins made ice machine, driving ester ethyl alcohol. Later used ammonia, other poisonous muck, then there freon. Relatively safe (to man), some varieties explode under certain conditions. Hitherto actual household refrigerators, substance concentration is so low in tablespoon instant release 100% of impotent emergency call.

Freon difference: the refrigerant easily changes aggregate state of the liquid-gas. Absorbed / released huge amounts of heat, making possible the principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner.

Automotive Air Conditioning: principle of operation, service activities

The car is different. Fill with the work of four aggregate states Freon:

  1. Compression.
  2. Condensation.
  3. Expansion.
  4. Evaporation.

Automotive Air conditioning

Inside the car there are four devices that allow freon work cycle:

  1. Compressor.
  2. A condenser (capacitor).
  3. Receiver-dryer.
  4. Evaporator.

The operating principle of the air conditioner compressor former, excluding requirements for operation. The condenser, the evaporator coils are. Last bears fan. Know that in the auto apply NoFrost option, do not fear loss of frost in the cabin, the moisture settles on the evaporator. Master using ultrasonic generators easily removed from the coil settled bacteria, microbes. Differing from NoFrost refrigerator working principle of the automobile air conditioner involves periods of idleness, microscopic organisms ugly time to propagate.

In operation, the temperature is maintained at -5 ° C, a living waiting favorable circumstances. Only in the cabin smell of rot (smells like fungus), it's time to freshen up the atmosphere of the salon.

Now, the air conditioner evaporator becomes a peddler of infection, adversely affecting health. Mold can feed on anything, growing, allocates a bunch of harmful substances, blew a comfortable driver's seat. By hovering over the dispute can not be eliminated completely in the service station ask to be disinfected.

Mentioned above, an ultrasonic generator, a volatile preservative liquid at room temperature. Thick vapor reaches tract off the air conditioner, inside killing living flora, emit an unpleasant odor.

There are four aggregate states freon. The compressor compresses the Freon gas, forcing the condenser: the refrigerant gives off heat flew by air. The coil is located in front of the hood, the free stream creates a forced cooling device. Nearby is often worth the receiver-dryer. Element frees the system from the moisture produces expanding refrigerant, an evaporator pressure decreases sharply. It makes it possible to power the process of selecting the interior. The fan blows the evaporator, the temperature is lowered near to the driver.

Why removed from the car air conditioner water

Receiver drier domestic refrigerator frees passing by freon from water. Stop doing, an ice plug be formed in the output member, it will disable strained roaring compressor. Air conditioning is no longer perform the functions Freon ceases to circulate along the path. Dehumidifier presented thick tube inside poured absorbent. Balls stick together over time, ceasing to serve, the time comes to send the car air conditioner repair.

The device is an automotive air

Repair automobile air conditioners

Mentioned set diagnostician to assess and repair of automobile air conditioners. The kit contains a charging cylinder, the pump evacuating the air from the system. Science in domestic refrigerators refrigerant charge is accompanied by replacement of the filter. Saving Wizard, a freebie, moisture will know.

Anticipating download the new refrigerant, it searches the system leaks. Otherwise, fresh refrigerant order to live long. If the integrity of the copper tubes in order from the system is removed the old Freon special vacuum pump. Tangled tubes cleared from air of water vapor. Is made possible by events detected Guericke and Boyle (XVII century):

  • The water is evaporated under vacuum at low temperatures.

Behind shop warm. After receiving the vacuum system is pristine, ready to accept a new refrigerant. Fear of being wrong with the mass, the charging cylinder is mounted on special scales, counting the desired number. refrigerant replenishment occurs through a special service valve. Petrol sees the desired weight of Freon filled up, the process can be finished. Being tested. Repeated manipulation of the leak detector will evaluate the presence of holes in the updated system. No, the repair process is considered ended.

auto display

Know in the fridge a lot of copper, steel tubes, the air conditioner works in principle split system allows to manage flexible hoses. Hoses are vulnerable to rupture. However advanced workshops equipped with special hydraulic Crimper crimp connecting nodes. Force that is not inferior to the quality factor of the jack. Established compound satisfies the requirements of the system.

Jobs automobile air conditioner for heating

Are used to take the heat of the engine, smell like burning rubber. Today's solutions include a reverse mode of functioning of onboard equipment. The operating principle of the air conditioner for heating is to change the current direction opposite freon. We do not think that car system very different from the household, the trick is implemented four-way valve, switching input, the output of the compressor stations. Induction motor is easy to change the direction of rotation, the fact is not sufficient to achieve the desired mode.

The developers decided: it is easier to apply the four-way valve. It remains to wait to fit into the cabin device that implements the principle of the precision air conditioner, helping to maintain the recommended temperatures are 18 doctors - 22 ° C up to tenths. Resets humidity, avoiding drying of products (see. refrigerators NoFrost)! While precision air conditioners meet in the center of large companies processing data, there are powerful servers, day-night to perform the functions.

Inverter control circuit is high time to introduce. Welders are technical gifts, praise for suturing aluminum argon. Nonferrous metals takes only alternating voltage. The principle of operation of the inverter air conditioner is the engine speed is controlled feed pulse frequency. It allows the equipment to operate in lightweight mode, prolong service life.

Consider the principle of the air conditioner without the air then, today we say goodbye. Hopefully, the information about car equipment like, useful conducting regular maintenance.

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