What is different about PS4 from PS4 Pro

What is different about PS4 from PS4 Pro


Choosing a game console, many gamers are interested in what is different about PS4 from PS4 Pro? Let's try to figure out in which aspects these models are similar, and where they differ.

In fact, there were three versions of PS4: standard, Slim and Pro. The first console was released in 2013, and the second three years later. They differed only in size and energy consumption. Dimensions of PS4 is greater than that of Slim, and power consumption is 28% higher. But the filling is identical, whereas between PS4 and PS4 Pro, released in 2016, there are significant differences.


  • 1Design
  • 2Processor and memory
  • 3Video card
  • 4Hard
  • 5Connectors


The Pro version looks like the older brother of the classic PS4

PS4 Pro is similar to a monster, on which an additional top layer was applied. This is the largest console in the entire line. Its height is greater by about 4 cm. Also, it is wider than the standard version, but it's a bit short in length. Instead of touch control on the Pro version, the usual buttons appeared. The manufacturer removed the backlight from the sensor of the inclusion to the end of the case, but used a glossy plastic.

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Processor and memory

Processor and PS4 Pro memory have not changed with respect to conventional PS4

Both versions use the same eight-core AMD Jaguar processors, which guarantee high response and maximum performance of the device. Memory also has not changed - in both versions it is 8 GB.

Video card

But this part of the console has been substantially modernized. Both versions use AMD RJ, but here's the acceleration from the standard console of all, GHz, which is not in any comparison with the GHz of the Pro. Consequently, the power of the device is higher approximately in, times. But the main difference - the ability to run on 4K-TVs or monitors with a resolution of 4K. The standard version and Slim on such TVs are used only in FullHD, that is, simply by stretching the image. And Pro pleases with a full 4K-resolution.


Important! By independent tests, the image of the Pro version even on ordinary TVs is much better. The graphics of the new model are much more beautiful and brighter. For example, a player can see the lighting of a landscape, a detailed drawing of small elements, and so on.



PS4 Pro has a whole terabyte for games

The volume of the hard drive is increased from 500 GB to 1 TB, which will allow gamers to enjoy a large number of games.


Pro, unlike the classic PS4, does not have two, but three USB ports, with version 3.1 versus 3.0 on the standard console.

The manufacturer eliminated some bugs of the first version, significantly increased power and improved graphics. The price has grown slightly, and the Pro console has become more in line with the requirements of the modern game console market.

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