The refrigerator knocks out plugs

When you turn on the refrigerator knocks out plugs? As soon as the engine started working, you suddenly noticed that the display and the lights on the refrigerator went out, and the room became unusually quiet?

The machine does not knock out just like that, there is a malfunction that needs to be eliminated. This could happen immediately after switching on the equipment in the network or after a certain time. What was the cause of the problem, consider in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why when you turn on the refrigerator knocks out traffic jams
  • 2What malfunctions lead to a power outage
    • 2.1Malfunction of the motor-compressor
    • 2.2Breakage of the starting relay
    • 2.3Fault in the operation of the evaporator heater
  • 3Differential protection for the refrigerator

Why when you turn on the refrigerator knocks out traffic jams

The RCD fuse is installed specifically to save equipment that consumes a lot of electricity. Expensive household appliances should be properly installed, and their electronics - to receive protection from power surges in the network. Therefore, if at the start of the refrigerator the RCD machine is knocked out, there is a malfunction.

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The reason is not necessary in the failure of the refrigerator units. Look, maybe you had a similar situation:

  1. You have connected a new refrigeration equipment. To all the fault network congestion: the old wiring, unprepared electrical switchboards of Soviet production are not ready to withstand the stress of modern appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the wiring or install new network protection systems.
  2. Several devices are connected to the network. Remember what power machine you installed? Exceeding the installed power in the network leads to the disabling of the protection. Therefore, turn off one of the devices.

    You should be alerted to the situation when the traffic jams knocked out when the motor-compressor was turned on, although this did not happen before.

  3. Broken plugs or power cord are serious. Closed contacts may cause a fire, therefore it is recommended to contact an electrician. Also check the outlet for service.

Protection against voltage drop for the refrigerator - protection of equipment from breakage. However, if it is turned off, replacing the machine does not help. It is necessary to search for the reason of such behavior.

What malfunctions lead to a power outage

If you checked the wiring and the power cord, but did not find a breakdown, the cause may be in a serious malfunction of the refrigerator units "Nord "Atlant" or other brand.

Malfunction of the motor-compressor

From the voltage drop in the network, the motor winding can close. Determine that the cause of the compressor failure, you can, if immediately after the engine starts knocking out the plugs. Check the winding with a multimeter to check the problem. For this purpose, the multimeter probes are applied to the contacts and winding of the compressor. Resistance may vary depending on the manufacturer's brand.

If the resistance of the windings is 0, then the motor must be replaced. This is a fairly serious repair, so it is better to call the master.

Breakage of the starting relay

A start-up relay serves to apply voltage to the windings of the refrigerator motor. When the equipment is connected to the power supply, the machine will immediately knock out, and you will hear a characteristic click. Unfortunately, repair of the relay is impossible, therefore a new part is installed.

Fault in the operation of the evaporator heater

The defrost system No Frost is equipped with a heater that could fail. As soon as the heater is turned on, the overvoltage protection is immediately switched off. After the electricity is supplied, the refrigerator will work, but once the heater is switched on, the electricity will turn off again. You will need to replace the element.

What other breakdowns lead to a power outage:

  • Burned key contacts on the panel. As a result of the combustion or closing of the contacts, the RCD is knocked out. You may notice that the keys on the panel began to melt.
  • The same happens if the electronic board fails.

Differential protection for the refrigerator

Protection against surges in the network for household appliances is used in the form of an RCD or grounding sockets.

You have to be careful when choosing, because the machine can be substandard. If you got a fake, which is collected from third-rate plastic, save on the details, then it will not work for a long time. After two trips, the machine spoils, so even when the low-power device is turned on, it turns off. Then you need to install a new machine.

If you notice that when the refrigeration equipment is connected, the shield is knocked out or the light is blinking in the room, do not try to reconnect the equipment. This can be dangerous, because it threatens not only a current blow, but also a fire. Therefore, noticing the problem, call a repairman or an electrician.

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