10 window decoration ideas for kitchen in the style of Provence

  • 10 Ideas for Decorating Window with Curtains in Provence Style
  • General recommendations

Kitchen in the style of Provence can not be imagined without a beautiful design of windows. In this material, we presented the 10 best ideas for curtains in the style of Provence, formulated several tips for choosing fabrics, and also compiled a selection of inspirational photo-examples.

10 Ideas for Decorating Window with Curtains in Provence Style

Idea 1. Classic white curtains

Let's start, perhaps, with the most universal way of window design - white curtains made of cotton or bleached flax. Such curtains fit into any interior, and especially they are good in small and dark kitchens, since conceal natural light during the day, reflect artificial lighting in the evening and do not overload space. True, light fabrics should be washed more often and not hung near the stove and dining table.

  • To make simple white curtains not seem too boring, choose models with interesting details, for example, bow ties, lace inserts or ruffles.

Idea 2. Roman blinds, gathered with ribbons

Roman curtains are good in any form, but in the kitchen in the style of Provence, the most organic will look like them Country version, when the length of the web is not controlled by the lifting mechanism, but manually with the help of ribbons.

  • The largest selection of inexpensive Roman curtains in the style of Provence, we found on the website of the catalog bonprix. There you can choose a natural cotton or mixed fabric, the right size, density and design, for example, with contrasting ribbons as in the photo below.

Roman bonprix curtains in the style of Provence

Idea 3. Curtains in a white and blue cage

Cage tartan and Vichy - traditional prints for curtains in the style of Provence, and especially in white-blue or white-blue color. By the way, thanks to the cage, your kitchen curtains will get less dirty.

  • Blue and blue curtains are more suitable for well-lit kitchens, with windows facing south or southwest. For dark "northern" kitchens such cold colors are not the best solution.


Idea 4. Curtains "cafe"

Curtains "cafes" are short curtains, which used to be decorated with kitchen windows. Most often they are combined with lambrequin, but if desired they can be used solo, paired with curtains, soft Roman or roll blinds. Hanging "cafe" on a special telescopic curtain rod directly to the sash window.

  • Mild curtains in the style of "cafe" can be made in 5 minutes... from cute kitchen napkins. The eaves can be made with an ordinary fishing line, and with hooks - clothespins as shown in the following photos.

Idea 5. Linen curtains

Curtains made of flax - a win-win option for kitchen in the style of Provence, not only because of its natural beauty, but also practical. Flax well tolerates frequent washing and ironing, very durable and wear-resistant. Give preference to textiles not from 100% flax, but with the addition of synthetics. Mixed material will not only sit down less after washing and easier to iron, but it is better to drape.

  • A large selection of linen curtains in the style of Provence, we found in Ikea. Here you can find curtains of 100% or mixed with flax of different density, colored and unpainted, with or without patterns. Thick curtains are patterned Rockentraves, monochrome Ingert, striped Arnfrid and curtains in the flower of Malert. Light curtains can be found under the names of Arya, Aina and Mariatistel. More practical curtains from a mixture of flax and polyester are presented in just one model of Guldzinnia.



The idea 6. Soft Lambrequin

A soft lambrequin of a simple cut can give the village chic any curtains and at the same time cover the cornice and the top of the window opening if they have any drawbacks. However, it can also be used as an independent curtain, especially if the kitchen does not have enough natural lighting, but do not want to leave the window completely without decoration.

  • Since sewing lambrequin is not costly and easy, you can make several products in different colors at once, in order to update the interior in the mood.

Idea 7. Stained Glass Curtains

Stained-glass curtains "hourglass" are good for their compactness and elegant appearance, they are convenient to open and collect. If the stove is not far from the window, then with stained curtains you can not be afraid of winds, because the fabric is fixed both from above and from below.

  • Stained-glass curtains are "dressed" on a telescopic mini-cornice and fastened to the window sashes.

The idea 8. Soft roller blinds on podhvatah

Standard (cassette) roller blinds look too strict for the "village" kitchen, but soft "rolls" will fit into the interior with cheers. Since these curtains have a simple style, they can be sewn by hand.

  • Roller curtains can be made more interesting by sewing their back and front sides from different fabrics.

The idea 9. Knitted curtains

If you know how to crochet, then you can, at least, tie the lace inserts to decorate the curtains (example in the photo below), and as a maximum - full curtains.


The idea 10. Curtains with ruffles and frills

Curtains with ruffles and frills will add texture to simple curtains and create a romantic mood in your kitchen. Especially well they look in the neighborhood with rough massive or aged furniture.

  • Remember that the smaller the room, the smaller the scarf on the canvas. In order not to overload the interior, it is desirable that the fabric of such curtains be monophonic.

General recommendations

  • Do not forget, pay attention to the choice of cornice. It should be wooden or metal, for example, forged. Tips for the rod will fit traditional - in the form of balls, cones or arrows.

  • Flax and cotton are the ideal fabrics for curtains in the style of Provence. But for kitchen curtains are more suitable blends of cotton / linen with synthetic, for example, polyester. Curtains sewn from such fabrics, more durable, elastic, better hold shape, easier to wear out, iron, do not shrink and less fade from sunlight.
  • Curtains in the style of Provence should have a simple cut, but the pattern of canvases can be variegated. Suitable fabrics in flower, striped, with cockerels, pastoral "engravings" or marine motifs.

  • For small kitchens it is better to choose light short curtains: Roman, roll, stained glass, "cafe" or classic curtains with a moderate build. It is important that the pattern on the fabric is small or medium, large prints visually reduce the space.
  • Universal colors for curtains in the style of Provence: white, beige and gray. In general, in choosing the color of the material you need to focus on the textiles already available in the kitchen (upholstery of chairs, table cloth, pillows, towels, etc.), a shade of walls or furniture. Do not forget to take into account the orientation of the kitchen to the sides of the world. Curtains of cold shades are more suitable for "southern" kitchens, and for dark "northern" - warm ones.
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