Curtains-arch for the kitchen - a master class on sewing and tips on choosing a design

  • Pros and cons
  • Choosing a beautiful and practical material
  • Rules for choosing color and design
  • How to sew a curtain arch with your own hands
  • These can be cafe-curtains, curtains with lambrequins or beautiful curtains-arches.

    Pros and cons

    Curtains-arches, as their name implies, have an arched arch-like shape, that is, they are a single fabric canvas with ends hanging down to the window sill and a shortened central part.

    Due to their length and shape, such curtains are not only beautiful, but also very convenient, especially for a small kitchen: they do not prevent the passage of natural light from the window and the heat from the battery, and also allow the use of the window sill as an additional working( or decorative) surface. In addition, unlike the long traditional curtains, they visually “do not reduce” the space, but, on the contrary, make it easier.

    The following characteristics can be distinguished from the minuses of this type of curtains:

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    • Arched curtains do not hide batteries and pipes;
    • Because of their short length, they cannot be hung near the stove;
    • Without a combination with roller blinds or blinds, curtains, arches, and especially tulle arch, will not be able to obscure the room;
    • This style of curtains is not suitable for modern styles: modern, minimalism, hi-tech, loft.

    The design of the kitchen with a curtain-arch is an excellent solution for classical and rustic styles: Provence, Chebbi chic, rustic, Russian and Scandinavian country music.

    Arched curtains can be even or gathered by folds. Also possible with the use of decorative cords. Ruffles, laces, fringe, located in the lower part of the product are used as decorations.

    For dark kitchens or narrow, small windows, not curtains, but arched pelmets, such as in the photo below, are suitable.

    Choosing a beautiful and practical material

    Arched curtains can be bought off the shelf, ordered from an atelier or sewn with your own hands, in any case it is important to choose the right fabric and its design.

    In terms of practicality, blended fabrics with synthetic fibers or fully synthetic, for example, from viscose, are more suitable for the kitchen. They hold their shape better, burn less and are easier to wash.

    Most often for the manufacture of arched curtains use:

    • Flax - durable, beautiful, easy to maintain, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic material, but the folds will be quite voluminous due to its density and severity;

    • Tulle is a classic and popular solution, especially recommended for kitchens located on the north side;

    • Grid - can have patterns, be decorated with fringe or lace, the density of weaving is very different, and therefore the folds of such curtains can be both thick and soft, and lush;

    • Organza - skips and beautifully softens the lighting, drapes well, but requires careful maintenance. In addition, remember that this material has a slight luster, and therefore the design and color of the fabric should not be intrusive and restrained.

    A for fabrication of ruffles and pickups should be selected fabric that is identical or as close as possible in composition and density with the base material - this will make the finished product more harmonious.

    Rules for the choice of color and design

    Before you sew arches curtains with your own hands, you need to choose the tone of materials - the main and the additional. As it was already noted earlier, it is absolutely necessary to take into account that the arch should be an easy curtain, it should be removed from soft, well draped fabrics. But how to choose a color and design suitable for an interior?

    To decorate the kitchen according to all the rules of harmony and style, you need to keep in mind some of the rules of window decoration.

    • If your kitchen has low ceilings, then choose curtains with a vertical pattern or stripes;
    • The color of window textiles can repeat the color of kitchen textiles, for example, tablecloths, towels, upholstery;

    • Also, when choosing a color, you can focus on the color of the finish or furniture, as shown in the following photo;

    • Warm shades - yellow, orange, beige, cream - are suitable for a dark kitchen located on the north side;

    • The design of the kitchen in a rustic style requires vegetative ornaments, flower motifs, traditional cages, peas and pastoral drawings on the curtain fabric;

    Tip. Do not know which color to choose? Choose a universal and win-win option - white or beige.

    You can read more about the color combination in the kitchen here

    How to sew an arc curtain with your own hands

    To sew an arch for your kitchen with your own hands, you will need a length of suitable material about 100 cm wide( of course, here you need to take into account the dimensions of the window opening).

    We prefer loose soft fabric with additives in the form of synthetic fibers.

    After the fabric is selected, a pattern is made. We offer you an excellent instruction and a drawing from the second issue of the Soviet journal “Peasant Woman” of the distant 1983.This pattern and master class are still relevant, because really everything new is just forgotten old.

    1. The cut is folded in half.
    2. The window width is measured and the value obtained is divided by three.
    3. A semicircle is drawn from the highest point on the fold, so that its radius corresponds to the third part of the width of the window.
    4. Semicircle is cut.
    5. The notch line is aligned to the straight line.
    6. The edge is processed, and the curtain tape or velcro is stitched - thus finishing the design of the upper edge of the curtain.
    7. Need to determine the length of the curtain. To do this, the window height is multiplied by 2, after which two radii are added to it( measured previously).The resulting value - the length of the product from the window sill and to the eaves, it must necessarily take into account your pattern.

    Warning! If the uniformity of the ends of the product is important, then the canvas folds back. Where the edges are joined, 250 mm is marked up - and the detected point is connected to the lower edge of the bend. The result is a diagonal that connects the ends of the product folded in half, and the edge is cut along it.

    1. The finished product is unfolded, after which a fringe, braid or other suitable decor is sewn to it with your own hands.

    And here is the old source of instructions and patterns for sewing arched curtains with your own hands.

    How to fix the curtain-arch

    You can sew an arch-type curtain for any type of cornice. The cornice can be selected even the thinnest, and to fix it either above the window opening, or on the ceiling. And the only restriction to fasteners is eyelets.

    If you decide to sew a curtain with hinged hinges, you will need a cornice pipe, and for a curtain with a braid you will need a rail construction with hooks. A good option would be and mount in the window opening - in this case, the eaves are attached to the sash, and the curtain is hung with Velcro.

    Tips :

    • Curtain with Velcro will be very useful in case you plan to wash kitchen textiles often.
    • In the "low" kitchen, the cornice is better to be installed as high as possible and closer to the ceiling.
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