How to wash a ski suit in a washing machine

Like any other clothing, equipment for skiing requires care, and sometimes washing. If you do not know how to erase a ski suit, in this article you will find useful recommendations.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to take care of a suit
  • 2How and what to wear properly a ski suit
    • 2.1Ecowoo
    • 2.2Cotico
    • 2.3Burti Sport
    • 2.4SODASAN Active Sport
  • 3General recommendations for manual washing
  • 4Tips for machine washing
    • 4.1Caring for things on down or fleece
    • 4.2Care of tissues with membrane

How to take care of a suit

From the rules of care follow the rules of washing the suit, so it will not hurt to learn how to care for special clothes. The average frequency of washing for the ski suit - no more than 2 times per season. If you are not yet too active skier, simply clean the suit dry and remove until the next season.

Important! Proper care, cleaning, drying and storage will extend the life of your suit.

Can I wash ski equipment in the washing machine? No problem! Only carefully select the mode, avoiding intensive rotation of the drum and rapid spin. When washing in the CMA, the squeezing of the suit is not recommended, but it will not suffer from 300-500 rpm of the drum per minute. In manual processing, it is better not to twist clothes - water drains by itself, and drying takes place under natural conditions. What else can not be done? Give up:

  • Drying near fan heaters, radiators.
  • Drying in the open sunlight - even in winter.
  • Bleaches and gels for washing with chlorine content.
  • Powders. This is taboo.

And also treatment of a fabric by special structures will not prevent.

How and what to wear properly a ski suit

You just came into the sport and still do not know what to do with ski clothing and how to do it right? Specialists and experienced skiers say that hand washing is more suitable. But if you have a new SMA at home with support for cautious modes and a bunch of options, why not simplify the maintenance of equipment? Typically, the type of washing is selected based on the fabric and filler. First, let's figure out the professional means for washing.


A remedy in liquid form with good reviews, coping with washing clothes for skiing and other sports. Used for neoprene and lycra products. Gently cleanses the tissues with the membrane, without damaging them. Can be used for suits with down filling. For thermal underwear, sleeping bags and sneakers, it also fits: if you are an active sportsman-traveler, this is the tool for you! A pleasant bonus will be an environmentally friendly structure and a pleasant price - no more than 200 rubles.


Another gel, designed to care for sportswear and designed for high-tech fabric. Can be used both in manual and in automatic mode. In addition to ski clothing, you will wash them with a tent, sleeping bag and even a velor air mattress. Of the advantages: safety for tissues with membranes. A liter bottle of this gel costs 300-350 rubles.

Burti Sport

This shampoo is suitable for membrane and fleece fabrics. Excellent washing clothes with natural filler - a feather or down. Eliminates old stains and sweat marks. Among the components there are no conditioning agents. It is worth about 300 rubles (for packing in, 5 liters).

SODASAN Active Sport

Liquid means for caring for high-quality sporting goods. German manufacturers have developed this gel for ski suits made of microfiber, membrane type tissues (gortex and the like). It does not weaken the properties of fabrics due to its safe composition. For all types of washing, you can also wash your shoes. It is within 800-1000 rubles.

Shampoo made in Germany. Used for fabrics with special technological impregnations, does not destroy them. In addition to the costume, you can wash the down jacket, overalls. It is harmless for membrane clothing. Has hypoallergenic properties. It costs about 500 rubles. All of the above means - with reduced foaming, so it is ideal for automatic machines. You already know how to wash a suit, then we will tell you about the stages of manual and machine washing.

General recommendations for manual washing

To wash the equipment yourself, follow this sequence:

  • Examine the requirements on the tag (for water temperature and others).

  • Fill the large basin with water - the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Put the bowl in the tub.
  • Dissolve in the water the amount of detergent indicated on the label of the vial.
  • Turn the product out and soak it in the pelvis for 15 minutes.
  • Move the suit from the pelvis into the bath, take a foam loofah and gently rub the spot with spots.
  • Pour cold water into the tub to rinse the suit.
  • Rinse 2-3 times.
  • Lower the water and leave the clothes for another 5-10 minutes, so that it also has water glass.
  • Lay out the suit on the dryer or ironing board, from below and from above put fluffy towels or blankets.

  • Smooth the folds until the thing is dried.

Important! For drying, choose a shaded and ventilated place - away from sunlight and heat.

Tips for machine washing

Act this way if you are going to wash the equipment in the stilalki:

  • Do not soak, put clothes in the drum.
  • Pour the required amount of gel into the powder.
  • Set the mode of delicate or manual washing; if there is an option "Down Jacket choose it.
  • Correct the temperature, select 40 degrees.
  • Turn spin speeds to 500 or turn off.
  • Click the "Extra Rinse" button. Better spend it twice.
  • Drying follows the same rules as after hand washing.

Caring for things on down or fleece

Fleece clothes can be cleaned of dirt by both methods, without using aggressive "chemistry". Drying exclusively in natural conditions. Duvets provide the most accurate treatment without spinning. Choose products that are easily washed out of tissues. Dry as described above, but in addition during drying, shake things to avoid knocking down.

Care of tissues with membrane

Delicate mode without spin - ideal washing conditions for demanding fabrics, such as membrane. Choose only suitable means. Increase the number of rinses up to 3-4 times.

Important! Do not iron such a suit, but if it is strongly wrung, then use the steamer, but very carefully.

Now you know if you can wash clothes for skiing. The main thing is to comply with all the rules and advice in order to preserve the attractive appearance and functionality of the equipment.

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