Malfunctions of washing machines Bomann (Bomann)

Despite the fact that Bomann washing machines have proven to be innovative and advanced, these achievements in the field of electronics are not the best way affected the reliability of washing machines.

Repair of washing machines Bomann is required quite often, and we will consider the most common malfunctions and their self-repair.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical Breakdowns SM Beaumann
  • 2Less common breakage of the experimental bohmann
  • 3Error codes for washing machines Beaumann
  • 4Self-repair of light breakdowns Beaumann
    • 4.1The water does not drain - we clean the drain pump and the filter in the Bomann

Typical Breakdowns SM Beaumann

  1. Do not drain the water from the tank. Slow drainage of water, its complete absence and program malfunction can be caused by a number of reasons:
  • The obstruction of the connecting branch pipe.
  • Damage to the drain pump or jamming in the pump.
  • Hose clogged for draining water.
  • Damage to the controller.
  • In some cases, it is possible that a sewage system or a siphon could be blocked if not a machine.
  1. No spinning occurs. Often, spinning is impossible due to the fact that the water in the drum stagnates does not drain the water - this means that the pump has broken down or there was a blockage in the drainage system. If there is no squeezing in the washing machines, this can also indicate the failure of the tachodnik (it is responsible for the number of turns of the tank when washing).
  2. Do not pour water into the drum. In some cases, it is just necessary to check the water supply from the water pipe - perhaps too weak a head or there is no water at all. But more often in this blame UBL (device lock the hatch). If the UBL is defective, the emergency protection against leakage is activated and no water enters the drum.
  3. Water remains cold in any wash mode. The most likely cause is the failure of the thermoelectric heater. TEN - the weak point of any washing machines, including the brand Beaumann.

Less common breakage of the experimental bohmann

Less common, but also quite likely failures include such failures:

  • The machine "jumps" when spinning. The reason may be a loosened counterweight - this is a special weighted unit, whose task is to extinguish SM fluctuations. Simply put, it is a shock absorber. You need to tighten the mount or buy a new part.
  • The machine is leaking. In this, most likely, the rubber cuff - the hatch seal is to blame. Also, leakage can be in other places - if hoses and nozzles are damaged (both in the fence system and in the drainage system).
  • Do not spin the drum. If it's not rubbish, a button, a coin, or something else that could fall out of the pockets of clothing, then most likely the failure is caused by a malfunction in the electronic controller. It must be reprogrammed (patched) or replaced with a new one.

All these breakdowns are typical for almost the whole range of SMA Beaumann. But the owners of such models most often apply to the workshops: WA 9112, WA 5610, WA 9110, WA 9114, WA 9310, etc.

Error codes for washing machines Beaumann

Almost all the failures that occur in the system, the user is notified by the codes appearing on the screen. For the Beaumann effusors, the following error codes are typical: E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 and E7. What they mean, you will learn from the table:

Code Explanation Possible problem
E1 Do not pour water into the drum. Check:
Is the water supply valve open and is there any pressure in the water supply?

Is the hose connected?

Is the water level sensor correct?

In rare cases, the error indicates the failure of the electronic board.

E2 The hatch is not closed. Check:

Is the door closed?

Did not the linen lock the door?

Is the lock damaged?

If everything is OK, and the error does not disappear, it is also possible that the controller (card) is broken.

E3 The water does not drain. Check:

Water drainage filter.

Drain hose (bend, bend possible) *.


Is the plug is correct, socket, mains.

Water level sensor.

Management board.

E4 Overflow of water. Maybe:

● The inlet valve is defective.

● The hoses are not connected correctly.

● The water level sensor is broken.

● The control board is broken.

E5 The engine does not work. Probably, the integrity of the wiring is broken. Also, the engine could overheat, burn out and break. Or the control board has failed, and the problem is only in it.
E6 Broken TEN. The heater's contacts may be broken, the electric heater may have burned out or the electronic module has failed.
E7 Thermal sensor failure. The sensor contacts burned, the temperature sensor is broken, or the problem inside the module.

* Correct position of the drain hose:

Self-repair of light breakdowns Beaumann

Repair of the washing machine Bomann with your own hands is quite possible, if we talk about breakages of light and medium severity. Complex failures, such as repair or replacement of the electronic module (controller), we do not recommend to eliminate manually. By negligence, having spoiled the most expensive part in SM, you risk significantly increase the cost of repairs.

Therefore, if you decide to carry out repairs yourself, handle only the feasible work.

The water does not drain - we clean the drain pump and the filter in the Bomann

If the E3 code informs you that the water from the machine does not drain, you must clean the drain filter and drain pump (pump). A sensor or control board may also be involved in the breakdown, but it is better to entrust them to the master.

To clean yourself, proceed as follows:

  1. Finding the hatch behind which the drain filter hides, turn off the power and first drain the water by placing a container or bedding rag.

Carefully! The water to be drained can be hot!

  1. Turn the filter and remove it from the hole.
  2. Remove the filter, clean it from the blockage and send it under running water.
  3. Reinstall the filter, tighten it well and close the hatch cover securely.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use a washing machine without a filter.

The drain pump is cleaned in the same way. The only thing that you will need to do in addition is to check the winding of the pump for resistance, armed with a tester. The pump may be defective and must be replaced. If the impeller is broken in it, it is also unsuitable for use, and it will be necessary to put a new part.

This video shows not only how to clean the filter, but also how to check the drain pump:

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