The dishwasher collects and drains the water, what to do

You decided to wash the dishes, loaded the appliances, but instead of starting the cycle, does the dishwasher dial and drain the water? What is the reason? Such a malfunction may indicate a leak in the system. Additionally, an error code may be displayed on the display.

Do not rush to call a master and pay for repairs. In the article you will learn what is the reason and how to eliminate the breakdown by yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the drain always works
    • 1.1Failure protection problem
    • 1.2Problems with the inlet valve and the pressure switch
    • 1.3Incorrect operation of the electronic board
    • 1.4Depreciation of the oil seal of the pump

Why the drain always works

Water enters the dishwasher bunker through the inlet valve. Sprinklers evenly water the dishes with water, rinsing off food and debris. The waste water flows into the sump, where it is filtered and enters the sink. But what if the water does not have enough time to accumulate, immediately merges? First, pay attention to the signs of breakage:

  • A fault code appears on the display;
  • the control panel does not react to your actions (the indicators are not lit, pressing the keys does not result in the result);

  • After the system restart, the problem did not disappear;
  • the machine constantly pours and immediately drains the water;
  • Noise and hum are heard during pump operation.

What could have caused the breakdown:

  1. Malfunction of the leakage protection system.
  2. Defect of the intake valve.
  3. The hole in the body, the depressurization of the connections of hoses and nipples.
  4. Depreciation of the drain pads.

Also worth checking out:

  1. Correct connection. See how tightly the hoses are connected, if there is any leakage.
  2. The density of the closing of the hopper door. To avoid an accident, the water will constantly merge, if there is even a small gap. Press the door tight.

Such a malfunction is not uncommon for dishwashers of the brands Bosch, Electrolux, Ikea. Therefore, it is important to know how to eliminate it yourself.

Let's consider each problem separately.

Failure protection problem

The "Aquastop" system is installed in most modern PMMs. It protects the user from an emergency that may occur when a water leakage occurs. Therefore, when water enters the pallet, the foam float rises and presses on the switch. The latter sends a signal to the electronic module, and the latter sends a signal to the drain pump. The pumping of water begins.

Problems with Aquastop confirmsDTC E15on display.

A false cause of operation could be a scale that formed on the float.

To fix the situation, you need to drain the water from the pan. In some models (Ariston, Bosch, Indesit), the float sensor is located on the side wall, and water may also remain in it. To remove, tilt the machine by 45 degrees:

  • disconnect the equipment from power and communications;
  • push it to the free place;
  • prepare the container. After tilting the PMM, drain the remaining water from the pan.

If in your car system "Aquastop" is mechanical, you need to install a new hose. Then the problem will be solved. If protection of the electronic type, proceed as follows:

  • after disconnecting, turn the case to the rear wall;
  • remove the bottom cover (if any), it rests on bolts or snaps;
  • On the inside of the lid the leakage sensor is fixed;

  • disconnect its wiring and unscrew the screw;
  • Reinstall the new part in reverse order.

You are convinced that the case is leaking? Then you need to eliminate its cause. Inspect the dishwasher pot at the time of damage. Sometimesfully disassemble the equipmentto find the problem.

Problems with the inlet valve and the pressure switch

The flow valve is connected to the level sensor. Pressostat sends the board information about the amount of water in the bunker. If it gives incorrect readings, then when you turn on the system will recruit and drain the water.

Start the check from the valve:

  • close the shut-off valve;
  • If the pump does not stop buzzing, remove the plug from the outlet;
  • disconnect the water intake hose from the PMM;
  • remove the flow filter;
  • check the electronic component of the valve with a multimeter - connect its test leads to the contacts; normal values ​​are 500-1500 Ohm;
  • inspect the valve for blockage.

The part can not be repaired, therefore in case of a breakage, replace it with the original spare part.

Pressostat can be located under the bottom of the model. The element is a reservoir to which pressure tubes are connected. Make sure the sensor is working properly by using a multimeter or blow it into the tube. Are audible clicks? So, the part is in order. No - replacement is in progress.

Incorrect operation of the electronic board

Most often the problem of a drain-kit happens due to a faulty triac on the board. Each element of the module is responsible for the operation of different nodes and parts. Therefore, if one of them burns down, the pump can work continuously until the technician disconnects from the mains. Causes of problems with the board:

  1. Short circuit or voltage surge. Have you connected the dishwasher without the stabilizer? This is fraught with a violation of the electronic part.
  2. Contact with moisture. This can happen during transportation, when water enters the module.

A triac can be soldered, but a specialist must do this kind of work. You can only inspect the module:

  • fully open the PMM door;
  • loosen its paneling by unscrewing the bolts around the perimeter;
  • lift the door and remove the control panel;

  • under the panel is the module;
  • disconnect the black lead leading to the sensor;

  • Unscrew the module bolts and connectors;
  • conduct an inspection.

Depreciation of the oil seal of the pump

This is not the main reason for the problems, but if you excluded all the others, then it remains to check the circulation pump. Thanks to the engine, water is constantly fed into the sprinklers, which contributes to washing dishes. Unfortunately, when worn, it is impossible to replace only the stuffing box. Separately, the elements are not supplied, and the pump (in most models) is not collapsible.

How to make a replacement yourself:

  • open access to the bottom of the MMP;
  • disconnect the wiring;
  • with the help of pliers, unfasten the yoke, which connects the branch pipe to the pump;
  • disconnect the pipe and drain hose;
  • unscrew the fastening screws;
  • remove the part from the case and install a new one.

Also, carefully inspect the nipples for integrity. If the material has leaked, has lost its tightness, it is better to install new nozzles.

The cause of leakage may be a damaged PMM tank. In this case, the water will constantly pour in the pan. If you can not find the problem - call the wizard.

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