How to choose a quiet washing machine

Noiseless washing machines often cause admiration among users choosing the right model. Particularly successful is the acquisition of a quiet car for families with young children. In addition, a quiet stylalka will please those who are used to washing things at night - the technique does not make noise during washing and spinning. At this time you can safely rest or sleep, without being distracted by unpleasant sounds and vibrations. A noiseless washing machine is sure to be found in a wide range of products on the market. In this article, we'll figure out which washing machines are the quietest, what to look for when choosing, how to determine the noise during operation.

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Stiralki: what machines are considered quiet

Silent rubbish is often called exactly those models, the noise level of which does not exceed 72 dB. A lot of popular washing machines are equipped with a collector motor and belt drive. At the same time they are pleased with excellent noise indices - 56-59 dB for washing and not more than 76 dB for spinning. Not so long ago it was thought that the quietest washing machine with front loading - model AWE 9630 from "Virpul". The noise level of the stylalk for spinning is 72 dB, washing is 51 dB. But today in the SMA market there is a huge assortment of styrenes, exceeding the parameters of the company "Virpul" in terms of silent operation. Washing machines with a low noise level are characterized by the same characteristics as mentioned above. Only models with figures of the same order are many.

How to reduce the noise level of Stiralki

Perhaps, every housewife wants a styalka to work almost silently. Those who chose narrow models of machines, would like to reduce the noise level of vibrations. But how to make the machine quieter? Of course, you can try to install the SM as accurately as possible, but this is not always possible, especially with an uneven field. This will cause an imbalance of the drum, which causes vibrations and noise to become a permanent phenomenon.

Recommendation! Install rubber feet to absorb vibration. So you will forget about unpleasant sounds during the washing of things and you can safely enjoy your rest while the technician is doing his job.

Silent Stiralka: How to make the right choice

To choose a quiet washing machine, it is recommended to seek professional help. In the store, sellers will provide you with all the necessary advice. Before buying, you can see the range of machines presented in the catalog of online stores. After reviewing the characteristics of each model, you will find exactly the stylalka that matches your requirements: noise level, max load of laundry, energy efficiency, number of washing programs and other. We offer you an overview, a noiseless washing machine of which firm is best.


Since the manufacturers took care of the Super Silent system, you can easily acquire a model of this company. During the whole time the machine works almost silently. For example, the noise level when washing in the model AQ80L 09 CIS is no more than 54 dB, and in the AQD 1070D the figure is even lower - up to 49 dB.


German manufacturers build contactless modern engines in new models of stylals, guaranteeing quiet work, effective washing and durability of the machine. The balancing system is the main advantage of the Bosch technique, because the user can be confident in stability and quiet operation.


When answering the question, which washing machines are the most quiet, we can mention the "Virpul" model with the load of linen from above. According to statistics, the styralka works quietly even at the maximum speed of revolutions during spinning. Models with low cost do not exceed 59-72 dB. More expensive machines work quietly - their comfortable figure is about 51 dB.


A lot of positive feedback was given to the Gorenye model. When washing, no more than 59 dB is produced and a stability control function is provided. For example, the model WS53101S is designed for washing up to, kg. Manufacturers have provided 12 programs, which include the washing of wool and sportswear. Also there is a washing schedule at low speed. For the entire washing cycle, the machine spends 37 liters of water. Even high speed speeds for spinning provide silent operation of the washer - 66 dB.Talk about which washing machine is the most noiseless, focusing only on dB, you can long. When choosing a reliable washing machine, you should also start from other indicators that play no less important role: price, build quality, number of programs and not only. Good luck in finding a model that will meet your requirements, work silently and do not break!

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