A class of washing in washing machines: in detail about the method of determining

In the numerous variety of domestic models of equipment is difficult to understand, with no idea of ​​the technical capabilities of the particular unit. It is hard to imagine that the owner can give the potential speed of the drum and the spin speed.

But the faithful will prompt classes machine washing directly telling about the qualitative indicators of the operations.

The content of the article:

  • The principle and classification of targets
  • The process of determining the class of washing
    • Preparations prior to testing
    • Detergent for tests
    • Stripsy to test work machines
    • The reference unit for research
    • the test steps
  • The impact of energy efficiency classes to choose from
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The principle and classification of targets

The division into classes washing units greatly facilitates the choice of the machine with the necessary and sufficient capacity. Than they are higher, the better the washing is carried out, but the greater the amount will have to pay the buyer stiralki.

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Just note that to solve everyday tasks as quality indicators are often optional.

Classification is also carried out according to the criteria spin and power, these criteria are not less interesting than the quality of the wash.

With them, by analogy should be defined in advance so as not to overpay in vain for ultra-high performance, as well as for the application of functions not found.

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Washing machines at the store

Classification of the different parameters of the washing machine is carried out to facilitate the process of selecting the right buyer he makes and models

Inspection liked stiralok

The division into classes will help future owners to get an idea about the performance of the unit during the different operations

Customers choose a washing machine

The important characteristic to be classified, a class of washing to the proposed sale of technics

Information stickers on the body

Effective assistance in finding suitable equipment for washing have a label on the package stiralok

Stiralka installed on the workplace

Stickers introduce potential buyers with technical capabilities, feature set, economical and efficient laundry equipment

Sticker with the designation washing class

letter symbols used to denote class similar to the energy efficiency class wash

The label on the front panel stiralki

Equipment of the highest class, receive a category in the test results, assigned letter "A"

Stiralka with energy efficiency class A

Most of the selling points of the washing parameters marked the letters "A" or "B", the difference between them can only be determined empirically

Washing machines at the store

Washing machines at the store

Inspection liked stiralok

Inspection liked stiralok

Customers choose a washing machine

Customers choose a washing machine

Information stickers on the body

Information stickers on the body

Stiralka installed on the workplace

Stiralka installed on the workplace

Sticker with the designation washing class

Sticker with the designation washing class

The label on the front panel stiralki

The label on the front panel stiralki

Stiralka with energy efficiency class A

Stiralka with energy efficiency class A

In the 90s of the last century it has been developed informational labels alerting potential owners of washing machines on the device efficiency.

Classes are depicted on them with colored marking stripes and Latin letters from "BUT"Assigned technique with maximum values ​​to «G»Marking the unit with the lowest score.

The letters and the corresponding grading classification is valid in all cases carried out for each make and model of the washing machine manufacturer, to abide by international rules and testing control.

Note that the vast majority offered for sale stiralok on aspects of quality of washing mentioned letters "BUT" or "AT".

Produce and sell ineffective devices manufacturers themselves do not see the point. However, with the nuances of the said division is necessary to understand in detail.

Examination of the technical documentation

In addition to reviewing the information, colorfully marked on the labels, should carefully examine the technical documentation attached to the equipment before you buy

The process of determining the class of washing

To determine the qualitative characteristics of the washing operation has been developed and adopted technology standard for European regulated value EN 60456-A11.

Preparations prior to testing

washable cotton underwear products performed before testing. Suitable x / b sheets and other bedding, kitchen linen, Waffle towels.

Routine tests for washing class conducted in several stages:

  1. Preparing the laundry. Those. holding washing water without detergents and drying under standard conditions indicated.
  2. Processing in the washing machine. Is performed five times, itself comprises washing followed by rinsing and spin dryer. Washing is done at a temperature of 60 ° C.
  3. Evaluation studies on average. As a rule, do not estimate the initial washing, because it gives the highest result. Determination is carried out on one of the four remaining experienced washes.

To accurately determine the effectiveness of otstiryvaniya used 20 different criteria. The analysis is performed on the organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics.

Lingerie for routine tests

To perform the test runs harvested c / b linen. A parison is divided into four pieces, three of which are artificially sostarivayut to varying degrees of wear by repeated washings

For future work on testing c / b linen prepared in a special way. It is divided into four equal parts by weight of each of which weighs less than 5 kg.

The first part is left completely new and second passes 20 washing cycles. The third part of things washed 40 times. The fourth party is the "long-suffering" - it 60 times is loaded into the machine.

Preparatory washing is performed in pure water. Before further experimental work items stored indoors at 20 ° C, the humidity level therein during this period must be equal to 65%.

After completing the wash cycle and drying under strict conditions described, proceed to test the washing machine.

Testing machines with top loading

Control tests are subjected to all models of washing machines, regardless of the type and load capacity. Pilot testing process is carried out by a similar scheme for all

Detergent for tests

Routine tests are carried out with the use of a detergent produced by Concern «Henkel». In structure for performing testing means at least 77% of the detergent powder itself.

The proportion of enzymes is exactly 20%, the proportion of 3% bleach. It lacks flavor and conditioning agents.

The above-described detergent does not enter the free market, where it is unlikely to be in demand. His deliberately produce for stiralok manufacturers and deliver on the companies involved in their production.

Means for testing are not available in the mixed format, as well as separate the items. They are directly in front of the control washing should be mixed in precisely metered proportions, upload should be 180 grams.

Prior to assaying the ingredients are stored separately allocated to each of them sealed container.

Washing powder for testing

Means for control of washings does not contain flavoring and coloring agents. Mixed and poured immediately prior to testing

Stripsy to test work machines

In addition to the specific detergent for controlled trials are needed standards. This is also a product that is not intended for the average consumer. They are produced in laboratories in Germany (WFK) and Switzerland (EMPA) specifically for washing machines manufacturers.

The standard test is a strip of cross-linked five tissue grafts with a variety of contaminants.

pollution options are selected from those which are most often found in the conditions inherent in everyday life. This is stripsy - squares x / cotton fabric with a side of 15 cm.

One of the flaps is perfectly clean. All other four pieces are soiled hard deduced substances and products: red wine, cocoa with milk, mineral oil and carbon black, pig's blood.

Stripsy for evaluating washing class

Besides lots of new and artificially aged linen for control experiments need stripsy - scraps of fabric with characteristic living conditions of pollution

Since after the wash all the reference patches are almost white, the organoleptic method gives only a superficial idea of ​​the quality of the washing process.

Depth information obtained by applying a high-precision equipment - Spectrophotometer for assessing the effectiveness of quantitative measurement with the utmost clarity.

The main method of testing is to determine the percentage of light reflection, based on white ability to fully reflect the light rays and black to absorb them entirely.

For values ​​are a percentage of the intensity of light reflected from different test patches. This value is then compared with the laundry, wash the next benchmark.

The reference unit for research

In this step, is used as a laundry test guideline elapsed laundry washing machine in a reference «Wascator». It serves as a control equipment on demand DIN EN 60456.

Said unit is used solely to determine the qualitative characteristics of the washing machines produced by manufacturers from different countries in recent years.

Washing machine for testing

Defining class washing is carried out simultaneously in the test and the reference machine. The standard carries each wash with equivalent characteristics

This is the most common machine is not issued more than 800 revolutions per minute. The technical potential is not taken into account - is important the stability of the operations.

Each time a reference device erases loaded into it things with absolutely the same quality, because of what is used in the form of a certain measure to determine the characteristics of other machines.

Etalon-unit receives an exactly 5 kg load, and wherein the weights of its own, since in the model has a built in device.

Wash therein rovnehonko last 79 minutes in the temperature range of 60 ° C. Activate its magnetic card with a programmed washing process, the relevant EU requirements.

the test steps

The reference and the test machine run at a time. The laundry equipment is charged in a special way. For example, if one thing is laid out from the fold bottom of the tank, then following it is necessary to place a fold directed inwards.

Loading the laundry for testing

To perform the test, the laundry is loaded so that the laundry detergent and operations performed by the unit worked on all loaded into the drum weight evenly

Together with the laundry in the drum with reference laid strip patches. If verifiable technique was charged with 6 kg of laundry, e.g., by attaching thereto additional strips. During operation of the washing machine at the same time estimated power consumption.

Upon completion of the cycle of the washing machines is recovered linen and separated from it the reference patches. Stretches things dried and purely visually determine the quality of the rinse.

The classification rinse feature is not usually appears, but for people with allergies and small children is of great importance. After all, in direct contact with their skin sensitive to irritants powder remaining in the tissue fibers can cause real harm.

Further laboratory staff begin studying flaps. They are dried and treated with ironing, and then studying the spectrophotometer to determine the reflectance.

Spectrophotometer data transmitted to a computer with software designed to handle them.

Assessment of remission of diffuse light

Upon completion of washing and rinsing laboratory parameters evaluated reflective clothes and stripsov who visited in the reference machine and the equipment under test

In fact, as a result of researches the quantitative value of the efficiency stiralki work.

letter "BUT" extending testing unit can receive, if to wash dirty pieces of cloth 3% better than did the reference machine, «G» appropriated the one that managed to wash out 12% worse than the standard equipment.

The impact of energy efficiency classes to choose from

Stiralki electronically controlled differ significantly from historical predecessors. The owner of the unit has the discretion to set temperature conditions, to select or disable the function of rinsing, or dehydrating, set delay activation, etc.

Note the larger operations of the laundry machine performs the processing, the more energy it expends. Similarly, on the consumption of electricity affects the spin option and washing temperature: the higher it is, the more will have to pay.

a new generation of machines Panel

On the new generation of washing units instead of a complex function selection system applied simplified notation. The machine itself determines the mode of operation and the ability to save energy

Due to the introduction of numerous functions, produced in different modes, the electronic command apparatus has become unnecessarily complicated.

In order not to "hammer head" owners of washing machines too much information, many manufacturers have switched to the new scheme - Fuzzy Logic, Which translated into our language means "fuzzy logic".

Thanks to the new principle of management on the panel to select the type of fabric is enough. All other parameters of the washing machine and associated procedures will define itself, analyzing the situation.

Self-assembly will select the best, most economical power consumption.

Poster explaining the sticker symbols

In addition to the category of energy efficiency classes wash and spin, the label indicates water consumption, electricity and weight load size

Washing machines described fundamental system more expensive than conventional counterparts by about $ 150.

However, the overpayment is more than covered by the savings, if the unit is actively maintained. Costs are reduced as much as 20%. In addition, the units of this category also save water consumption.

Beforehand will determine the amount that plan to spend on the purchase and compare with Potential savings of resources that will provide your favorite model as a result of several years operation.

It is not always advisable to pay more for a higher class of several thousand. After all, the quality of washing, he had virtually no impact.

The average user, and even "by eye" is difficult to tell the difference without technical equipment. Without instruments quality washes, the relevant classes "BUT" and "AT" it is impossible to ascertain.

If the future owner is not too picky about the specified parameters, there is no need to pay purely for the "classiness".

The power consumption of conventional machines that do not have the designated function is determined by power consumption during a standard wash at 60 ° C. The smaller the unit of energy expended, the higher the grade.

power parameters Standardization

Standardization of energy consumption parameters needed for the future owner could compare several different units of energy performance

To assign a class evaluation is conducted during the wash cycle at different modes with varying degrees of load.

It is believed that during the year the machine must work at least 220 full cycles. The average reference unit spends hour wash 1.52 kW / h. The annual consumption is calculated at the same 334 kW.

Table classes washing machines

It is worth knowing that the purchase of a washing machine of the highest class are not always justified for use in a domestic environment. Before buying you should consider whether the unit will be fully loaded with work, if the owners need the highest performance in the wash

Beginning in 2010, the data sheet washing machines represent energy efficiency index. This value Energy Efficiency Index the abbreviation EEI. Which greatly facilitates customer choice model that meets the wishes of its energy efficiency class.

To calculate the annual consumption of the reference index is multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the class of energy consumption is then divided by 100.

The most economical units assigned class "A +""A +++". Reducing costs is an important parameter, but it is justified only if the car is actively exploited.

In the case of infrequent use chase ins does not make sense, because too, will have to pay a considerable sum for them.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

video creators share with potential buyers with valuable advice on selecting stiralki:

The story describes the main characteristics influencing the choice of the washing machine:

That's the difficult empirically to find the parameters for the classification of washing machines and the customer brought only refer essentially to facilitate the choice of model.

The main task of the user - to determine for themselves the importance of the class of future assistant before you buy, by comparing the potential savings in the future, with the amount of the overpayment for the "classiness".

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