7 secrets of brown color in the interior of the kitchen

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Brown - this is the ideal color for the kitchen interior at least because of it:

  • Practicality;
  • Versatility;
  • Positive impact on the psyche;
  • Prevalence in the form of natural materials.

On the other hand, sometimes brown shades may seem too boring and gloomy, to conceal light and visually reduce space. In this material, we made some simple secrets of applying these shades and picked up 65 photo interiors, which will help you decorate a cozy and stylish kitchen in brown tones, avoiding errors.

General Characteristics of Color

To successfully plan the design of brown cuisine, you should know the following features of this color:

Effects on humans:brown shades soothe and cause a sense of security, warmth and coziness. This is due to the fact that from time immemorial they surrounded us everywhere: in the form of tree trunks, earth, clay, stones, fruits, plants, in the colors of animals, for example, cows and horses. Brown cuisine will not only look cozy, but solid, solid, noble. And also the brown color helps to focus and balance emotions, so this is an excellent option for those who have a habit of working at a dinner table.

Who is most suitable for:conservatives, intellectuals, business and calm people.


Optical properties:dark, slightly saturated and warm color. Visually distances and heavier furniture, curtains or walls, while not increasing, but not reducing them in volume.

Which kitchens look best:in spacious kitchens with large windows that face north, west or east.

The most suitable styles are:classic, loft, country, rustic, African, English.

7 secrets of brown color

The Secret 1. Brown curtains and furniture like light walls

Since the brown curtains, wooden furniture, kitchen furniture and furniture, upholstered, for example, with dark skin looks too massive, it is better to put them on a light background: white, light beige, light blue or light pink.

  • The exception is curtains and furniture ocher and yellowish shades of brown.

The Secret 2. Due to its visual neutrality, the brown color can be used in the finish, if ...

  • In finishing only the floor- it can be lined not only with wood, parquet board or laminate, but also with ceramic or porcelain tiles, as well as with natural stone. However, do not choose a material that is too dark in color, since on a dark brown background all the drops of water, crumbs, dust and other household pollution will become doubly noticeable.

  • In the decoration of the walls- provided that the furniture, curtains and other details of the interior are predominantly light colors. The second way to successfully use brown wallpaper or paint for walls - to decorate them with one wall. So you can add to the interior not only a sense of comfort, but also visually remove the accent wall, thereby visually slightly increasing the kitchen. The third option - if the kitchen is spacious and lacks the sense of chamberiness, then the walls can be lined with wooden panels of the buiseri. A selection of photos of various variants of brown walls and wallpaper design is presented below in the section "Photo Gallery of Ideas".
  • In the apron finish- In almost any interior, brown ceramic tiles, stone or wood in an apron will perfectly match with a countertop made of the same material or wood. But be careful with the choice of too dark materials, as already noted - they are too marquee.

The Secret 3. To brown seemed less strict, it can be diluted ...

... pink, lilac, blue or turquoise. In the environment of these shades, the severe brown becomes softer and more cheerful, while at the same time ennobling them, makes it more elegant.

  • Blue and turquoise color bring the right note of freshness into the warm interior of the brown kitchen. With them, dark brown shades look the most. This combination of colors is especially suitable for well-lit kitchens with windows facing south.

  • Pink and lilac will look best in the form of textiles - chairs with upholstery, curtains, pillows, tablecloths.

The Secret 4. With yellow, red and orange colors, light brown shades

These warm tones are related to light brown color, and therefore it is perfectly combined with it. But with more saturated chocolate shades, the interior will not turn out to be warm, but rather stuffy.


Here are a couple of photo-examples of orange-brown cuisine and one - a dining room.


Examples of the design of the yellow-brown kitchen.


The Secret 5. Brown will make the kitchen smaller and darker, if ...

... in the interior there will be too many gray and black tones. These dark shades in combination with the same dark chocolate color should be used carefully and, if so, then dilute with a large portion of white dyes.

The Secret 6. Brown likes a variety of textures

Planning the design of the kitchen in brown tones, do not limit yourself to only the floors of the array, a suite with wooden facades, a table top and, say, chocolate wallpaper. Try combining 3-5 different textures and materials. The interior of the kitchen can be decorated with brick walls, leather upholstered chairs, linen curtains, ceramic tile "boar" in an apron, rattan wicker furniture and other brown details.


The Secret 7. "Cinnamon + vanilla" - an excellent alternative to the duo "cocoa + milk"

White color is a win-win pair for our hero and his universal "diluent". To create a harmonious color scheme of the interior, you can use the simple formula "brown + white + 1, 2 or 3 additional colors". But if you do not like white and brown cuisine, then pay attention to the same light, but warmer and softer vanilla shade.



Photo gallery of ideas

Kitchen sets

We present a large selection of photos of kitchen sets in all shades and styles.




Walls, apron, wallpaper


Brown wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen are in the next collection of photos


And finally, a photo of aprons made of stone and tiles


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