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White is the color of lightness, airiness and purity. Kitchens of white color amaze us with space, and it seems that even the air there becomes purer. In addition, the kitchens in light colors favorably reflect on the well-being of the owners and are always at the height of fashion.

White kitchen - the arguments for and against

Argument v. No. 1:Perhaps the main thing that stops most of the kitchen design in white is march. Indeed, on some surfaces, for example on the floor of wood or laminate, stains from wine will be difficult to remove or completely impossible, and on the white glossy furniture there are traces of fingers. Therefore, a light kitchen needs to pay a little more attention to care and maintenance of order.

Counter argument:But do not exaggerate the marble of white, and certainly you will not win, if you prefer it to dark colors - dust and stains of dirt on dark surfaces are noticeable no less.

Keep in mind that from the point of view of practicality, it is not so much the color that is important as the quality, texture and performance characteristics of the finishing materials and furniture. In addition, visually, light kitchens in a state of disorder look much neater than colored and dark kitchens.

  • To make the lower cabinets of the kitchen unit less dirty, the table top should hang over them 3-4 cm;
  • White facades of the kitchen - absolutely not brand! Glossy smooth surfaces, for example MDF, are particularly easy to clean. But the countertop is better to take a wooden, but not dark - on the dark tabletops will be visible all the stains, small crumbs, fat coating and dust;
  • If you like light colors, then choose easy-care materials: on the floor it is better to put light ceramic granite / tile / stone / linoleum, but not a parquet board and laminate. The apron of white glass will not be very practical, but the white tile will do. From a dark apron is better to refuse - dust will be visible, especially because of the backlight.
  • White floor and floor like bleached oak still requires double care, so it is more practical to choose the floor of traditional brown, but not dark shades of wood.

Argument v. No. 2:White associates many people with hospitals in hospitals. Yes, in fact, it is easy to overdo this color, and instead of airiness you can get an unnecessarily sterile appearance.

Counter argument:This effect can be easily avoided if, in the right proportion, dilute the design of the white kitchen with additional colors, and also create a uniform and soft lighting of the space.

Argument v. No. 3:White color due to its win-win and fashion for the Scandinavian style has become very popular and even typical.

Counter argument:Even if you are used to avoid predictability in all its manifestations, do not be afraid to decorate the interior in white, let your individuality reflects well-chosen furniture, interesting textiles, decor made by one's own hands, or vintage things. In addition, it is the white background that will allow you to change the decor and style of the interior as often and to the extent you want.

What about the arguments for?

  1. Of course, the main advantage is the effect of expanding the space, because, as we know, light shades have the property of visually making the room larger. For example, the narrow space thanks to the white walls will appear wider, and the light floor and ceiling will make the kitchen with low ceilings higher. Here is a selection of photos of white small and narrow kitchens in the style of Provence, minimalism and Scandinavian country (turn to the right).

  1. If the windows go to the north, then the best choice is a milk-colored kitchen, as in the photo below.

But also for "southern" kitchens this color approaches not less, especially, if to choose white with a cold podtonom.

  1. The dominant white can make the solemnity of classical interiors rich in pretentious shapes and complex decor, delicate and lighter;
  1. And, as already mentioned, white color can be a perfect background for any other bright, neutral or contrasting colors. In other words, white kitchen, like a clean sheet of paper, will allow you to create your masterpiece and tell your story.

Playing Color

The design of the white kitchen can be:

  1. Monochrome, when almost everything in the interior is subordinated to one color and related shades of cold and warm temperature. This option is quite specific and requires high-quality finishing, furniture and accessories, the use of predominantly natural materials. But you can safely combine different materials, play with textures and textures - roughness, abrasion, opacity, gloss, relief, volume and decorations like classical stucco molding and buisery. To make the space more "residential fill it with living room plants and interesting details - flowers, paintings, posters, textiles;
  1. Contrasting, when the white is complemented by black, dark blue, dark gray and dark brown. In this combination, the white becomes whiter, while the darker one is deeper and nobler. The contrast in the interior always looks stylish, fresh and luxurious, so it never goes out of style (scroll right);


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  1. Most often white is used as a neutral background for other basic, pastel tones or bright color accents.



Winning combinations:

  1. The combination of white surfaces with a tree of any shade - such a universal background will be able to adjust to any changes in decor and furnishings. Especially relevant is the combination for interiors in the style of Provence, country, cheby chic and classics;

  1. A bright color accent can make a table top, apron, one wall, floor, any part of the kitchen set, curtains and kitchen textiles, etc .;
  1. Very advantageous is the combination of colored walls-white furniture, and then you will have the opportunity to the desire to change the wallpaper, or repaint the walls, to change the background from time to time for a light headset.

Furniture and white color

If the main goal in the arrangement is precisely the facilitation and expansion of space, then the design of the white kitchen can be further facilitated by furniture with open shelves.


If the design of the kitchen in white you decided to make it closer to the Classics, then pay attention to the facades with glass inserts, this will add to the interior even more lightness.


Well, the white glossy kitchen looks great in a minimalistic interior or in the interior of high-tech.


Alternatives to white color

If the white color in the interior seems to you too sterile, you can refer to other shades, for example, the kitchen in beige tones will also look actual and visually make the room larger.


Another basic color in the interior is light gray. It has almost all the advantages of white shades, but it is much less marvelous. Gray can be decorated with walls, as in the photo below.


And you can choose gray kitchen furniture - in any style decision, the gray kitchen set and dining group will look noble and fresh.

White kitchen will never go out of fashion, and the choice of this color in the interior will always be successful. Starting here in the morning, you can be charged with positive emotions and ease for the whole day, and when you return there in the evening, it is easy to restore your strength and dive into peace before bed.

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