Description and characteristics of the blackberry variety Natchez


Very often in the garden areas you can find a blackberry. The variety of blackberry Natchez differs in that ripe and tasty berries can be pampered at the end of June.

In this article, we'll talk about the description and characteristics of this type of blackberry.


Table of contents

  • Description of the blackberry variety Natchez
  • Characteristics of berries
  • History of selection and region of growth
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • Planting of seedlings
  • Growing conditions
  • Diseases and pests

Description of the blackberry variety Natchez

Natchez is a creeping shrub on which thorns are absent. Immediately after planting, the branches begin to grow upward, but after the appearance of the first harvest they tend to land. This feature is due to the severity of the fruit or strong winds. The average length of shoots is 5 meters.

Flowering occurs at the end of May.Blackberry flowers are white and large, with 5-6 petals.The leaves of this variety are light green with a pubescent surface, and at the edges there is an easy serration.

In the presence of favorable climatic conditions, berries ripen at the end of June, the fruiting period can last up to, months. When fully ripe, the blackberry keeps well on the branches and does not fall off for a long time. The cultivar is suitable for cultivation only in southern regions, because shrubs have low resistance to frost.

Natchez blackberry fruit

Characteristics of berries

The very first blackberry harvest Natchez gives fruits a length, centimeter and a weight of 14 grams, then these sizes increase to 5 centimeters and 22 grams. The shape of the berries is elongated-cylindrical. The color is dark blue, almost black with a pronounced luster. The taste of blackberry is excellent, sweet with a slight sourness, the seeds of the bone are small.

Berries of the Natchez blackberry variety are collected in a brush for 10-30 pieces, when fully ripened, they break off well, and the sepal dries.

Also, such fruits are distinguished by good transportability and the ability to preserve an attractive appearance and taste for 2 weeks.

History of selection and region of growth

The variety was bred by the American breeder John Clark at the Arkansas University of Science in 2007. Blackberry Natchez is considered one of the youngest species of this culture.


Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

  • On the bush there are no spines, which makes the care of it more simple and convenient.
  • Berries ripen at the end of June. In the same period, the fruits of other varieties are still green.
  • Also, the fruits are very large, beautiful and tasty. They are great for both private use and commercial use.
  • Good transportability and long shelf life of blackberries characterize the variety on the positive side.
  • The fruiting period can last up to, months, which allows you to eat fresh berries from the beginning to the end of the summer.
  • Another distinctive feature is good resistance to diseases and pests.
  • The bush has a poor frost resistance and can be damaged even under weak frosts.
  • Branches are distinguished by their fragility and weakness, so they need additional support.
  • The variety is very demanding for the presence of sunlight. With insufficient amount of light and heat, the blackberry can not fully ripen.
Blackberry Dimensions Natchez

Planting of seedlings

It is customary to plant a blackberry of Natchez variety in the spring. Due to low frost resistance, the shrub can not survive the winter after the fall planting. The most favorable time will be April, while the kidneys have not yet blossomed. It is worth remembering that planted in spring the plant requires additional shelter for the winter.

Choosing a place for blackberry, you should consider its preferences:

  • The soil must be fertile, loamy or sandy loam, necessarily the presence of drainage.
  • It is best to use land with a low or neutral level of oxidation.
  • Highly located groundwater can dilute the root system, which can cause rot. Therefore it is very important to provide a safe site.
  • The site for blackberries should be well lighted and ventilated, but at the same time the shrub is protected from gusty winds and scorching sun rays.

When planting blackberries in a holiday village, the following instructions should be adhered to:

  1. Presumptive planting site should be dug in advance and remove all weeds.
  2. The distance between the pits is, a meter, while the depth and width of the hole are approximately 50 centimeters.
  3. At 2/3 of the depth, a mixture is introduced into the landing pit, consisting of:
  • Fertile soil layer;
  • 2 buckets of humus or compost;
  • 100 grams of superphosphate;
  • 60 grams of potassium.
  1. Then the inside of the hole is planted with a seedling, the roots must be carefully spread out.
  2. Sprinkling the seedling with earth, it is gently shaken to avoid the formation of air cracks between the roots.
  3. Around the planted shrub form a hole, about 50 centimeters deep, after which through it the blackberry is poured with 2 buckets of water.
  4. At the last stage, the trunks should be thoroughly walled up.
Immediately after planting, the blackberries are cut off, leaving only 30-40 centimeters from the ground.
Bushes with ripe blackberries of Natchez

Growing conditions

That the bush yielded a plentiful harvest, it is necessary to look after it properly, observing all the prescribed rules.

The Natchez variety tolerates the absence of moisture,but do not abuse this opportunity. The appearance of beautiful and delicious fruits depends entirely on the abundance and quality of watering. Once a week, blackberry water 4-5 buckets of water.

During fruiting and ovary formation, the frequency and volume of irrigation is increased to 20 liters once every 3 days.

Blackberry Natchez is usually grown with a pedestal or trellis, a height of, a meter. In this case, it will be easier for the branches to keep harvest, and they will not break.

Natchez long enough to form new shoots, so cut the shrub can be 1 time in 2 years, adhering to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to remove new shoots, which subsequently will interfere with fruit bearing.
  2. To ensure that the blackberry yields a good harvest, 6-8 main stems will suffice for the bush, the rest can be safely removed.
  3. The lateral processes are shortened by 30 centimeters.
  4. Also, sanitary pruning will be mandatory, during which all dry, damaged and excessively thickening branches of the crown are removed.
Pruning is carried out during the period of biological rest, that is, in early spring, before the buds swell, or in late autumn after the fall of the fall.

To feed the blackberry you need several times per season, using a variety of fertilizers:

  1. In the spring period, before bud blossoming, the root canal is dug with 8 kilograms of compost (humus) or 50 grams of ammonium nitrate.
  2. Before flowering, the bush is watered with the following mixture:
  • 2 kilograms of fresh mullein are bred in 10 liters of water;
  • Another option would be 1 kilogram of bird droppings mixed with 10 liters of water.
  1. After fruiting, the soil is loosened with the addition of 500 grams of wood ash and 100 grams of superphosphate.

Since the Natchez variety does not tolerate frosts, the bush must be prepared for the winter period.The branches are laid on the ground and covered with a heater, which can be served as:

  • Corn leaves;
  • Sawdust and humus;
  • Hay, straw, vegetable tops.

Then the resulting construction is covered with a dense polyethylene film. For the best preparation of shrubs for cold weather, experienced gardeners remove the fertilized 2-year-old shoots and all damaged branches.

In order for the blackberry to be as painless as possible to survive the winter period, before hiding it, it is necessary abundantly watered and carefully covered with peat or dry sawdust, the layer must be at least 10 centimeters.
Harvest of ripe blackberry berries Natchez

Diseases and pests

Blackberry Natchez is distinguished by its excellent resistance to many diseases and pests. But in order to fully protect yourself from trouble, it is recommended to adhere to the following preventive measures:

  1. To avoid rust, the bush is treated with 1% Brod liquid, carefully weed the tree trunk and remove all the fallen leaves.
  2. Anthracnose and septoriosis can significantly damage the plant, 1% Brod liquid is also used against these diseases.
To develop good immunity to diseases, blackberries need to be thoroughly fertilized and fed. Lack of nutrients often becomes the main cause of plant damage.

In order to drive away the bear, chamois, aphids, larvae and caterpillars from the bush before spreading the leaves, and before fruiting, spray it with the following solution:

  • 200 grams of tobacco dust mixed with 10 liters of water and insisted for 3 days;
  • Then the resulting mixture was filtered and again 10 liters of water were added;
  • Before spraying on 1 liter of solution add 5 grams of laundry soap.

To fight the mite and sawmill in the fall, the stalk is mulched with peat or humus, the mulch layer should be more than 8 centimeters.After flowering, the blackberry is treated with 100 grams of carbolic soap mixed with 15-liter water.

Natchez blackberry is one of the best breeding discoveries. It has an ideal taste and appearance. A significant disadvantage is the inability to grow it in areas further to the southern region.

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