How to configure the air-conditioning heat

Why air conditioning does not want to heat during the winter. The device itself does not produce heat - pumping cold streets. Effectiveness (efficiency) of the system is small. Compressor, exposed to the frost, working for wear due to low oil temperature. In summer the situation is different. We are trying to heat the hot air outside. Therefore, each air conditioner upper limit. External power is not recommended to expose to the sun. In the winter, the summer people go against the laws of nature, warming the cold, cooling the heat. How to set up the air conditioner on heat? Change the operating principle!

Heat pumps and air conditioners

In 1852 in Britain, Lord Kelvin, born William Thomson, developed the concept of heat pumps on the basis of which the air conditioners are working today. Limitations arise because the water pump from where to eat. It is useless to drain the desert flood the marsh, the difference will be inconspicuous. Refrigerator runs more or less stable at any time of the year - inside the apartment there is a mad scatter temperatures.

Is it possible to find a stable source of heat: to warm the person in winter, summer, daytime, at night?

Air conditioning

Such a cold source in rural areas uses every - cellar. They are constantly being stabilized temperature due to the constancy of the Earth. Temperature deep water averages 4 ° C with increasing depth is increased depending on the season. Scientists say, can raise the temperature of the radiators to a position 60 ° C if there is a power source bottomless temperature 1 ° C. Wait a minute, because there is such a source!

In Russia a promising source of heat is considered groundwater. If you drill a deep well, to put back the probe, included in an external coolant circulation system - can provide energy to the house. Use for this village well, does not freeze in winter.

In some countries, go to drastic steps. Solar energy works alongside geothermal. On the roof are installed special collectors to heat water on their own. They work in tandem with heat pump water energy from the earth.

Thus it is not combusted fuel - heat eventually back into the atmosphere. Truly environmentally friendly home heating method. It goes well with underfloor heating systems, fan coil units - heat exchanger temperature does not exceed 45 ° C - you can get off the ground. The result is a synergistic system that does not depend on time of day, the temperature outside the window. Thermostats can help maintain desired conditions. You feel the striking difference compared to conventional air conditioning, sensitive to the vagaries of the weather?

According to the forecasts of the European Union by 2020, 75% of heating equipment will be heat pumps, air conditioners will remain, will go into oblivion.

The operating principle of heat pumps

The heat pump includes three circuit heat exchange. Let's start with the outside.

The operating principle of heat pumps

The outer contour of the heat pump

Mentioned outer contour of the heat pump. It passes through the probe in the borehole. air conditioner heat exchanger of the last forces working in the cold, takes away a little heat from the snow. Underground helical contour with the carrier receives a gift from the groundwater. The transported heat pump flow enters the device housing, located in the basement of the house. Here, the outer contour meets with freon.

Refrigerant circuit of heat pump

Who knows the principle of the refrigerator - the air conditioning mechanism, the heat pump does not seem to be difficult. Four aggregate state of the refrigerant:

  1. Compression.
  2. Condensation.
  3. Expansion.
  4. Evaporation.

Heat pump

Compression of charge compressor. Engine heat pump at very special. Applied spiral design - a rotor stator. Imagine a spiral screwed to the center - are often shown in films, indicating a state of hypnosis. The spiral high - such a cylinder. Made of solid steel, is called the stator - the stationary part. Imagine: in a spiral inserted is the same - the rotor - the moving part. Both are the same.

The rotor makes a circular motion like: steam freon asleep between the spirals begins to move toward the center of the turns more heated, shrinking. As shown in the middle of the labyrinth outlet valve of the compressor - the most efficient design. expensive technology - applied only in sophisticated equipment (heat pumps). Hot vapor refrigerant travels to the condenser, to give the inner contour of the heat - the heating system of the house. The refrigerant becomes a liquid state. Via a pressure reducing valve (expansion space) flows into the evaporator.

Simultaneously, the compressor continues to discharge the atmosphere - Freon passes into the vapor state, taking huge amount of heat from an external circuit, devastating the subsoil. The cycle is closed. Air conditioning does not work on heat pumps the refrigerant unit is simply on the principle of the heat pump from one place to another - the reason for the effectiveness of the zero in the winter.

Air conditioning is available for heating

Inner loop heat pump

In the inner-loop heat pump circulates water or ethylene glycol (as a coil). Small temperature of 45 ° C suffices for the systems, but the equipment warm to 60 ° C - the level of the central heating radiators by European standards. Even insulation for air conditioning (compressor, drainage paths, Freon) will not allow the instrument to work in the cold, despite the claims of advertisers staff minus twenty degrees Celsius! The heat pump will continue to safely provide a warm home.

heat pump apparatus

Inside the heat pump is the refrigerator with the products of household appliances, with inherent attributes. Evaporator coil immersed in the flow capacity of the circulating refrigerant passes through the hole.

Condenser drowned in the same pot - a place pumping heating water. The heat pump is not its own pumps (not all models). To provide warmth even a private cottage, need help. In the figures referred to as external pump. However, there are models of heat pumps, air, serviceable. Details on expensive equipment dealers do not spread. To reach the level in Italy (in 1996 the population was 800,000 geothermal units, excluding industry), Russia is not threatened.

Standard air-conditioning heat does not work without a special packet not included in the standard setup:

  1. Cable heated drain hose.
  2. Thermal insulation of the compressor housing.
  3. Electronic board, reduces the compressor speed.

Heat pumps work on cooling. However, the cost of products surpasses 100,000 rubles - thermal conditioning a little expensive. No details on the establishment of the equipment at a specific price. The impression is: the dealers do not appreciate the time customers. That the client will call, will inquire instead of quick reference information, price list. There are promotional films and an elementary question of equipment structure is omitted. Sidi, guess how many will have to pay in excess of 100,000 rubles cast for thermal conditioning to heat the home.

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