The smell from the air conditioner in the apartment: the main causes of an unpleasant stench when turned on?

The air conditioner perfectly cleans and regulates air humidity, creates a comfortable temperature in the room. But all its advantages are crossed out if, after switching on, the room is filled with an unpleasant, and sometimes unbearable smell. So that the air conditioner does not hang on the wall just for decoration, it is necessary to cure its “stale breath”.


  1. Common causes of bad smell from an air conditioner
  2. The smell when you turn on the air conditioner
  3. Installation of antibacterial filters
  4. Video: Cleaning the air conditioner with an unpleasant odor
Bad smell from the air conditioner

Common causes of bad smell from an air conditioner

The appearance of an unpleasant odor from the air conditioner can be due to several reasons:

  • A long break in the operation of the device, for example, if the air conditioner is used only in the summer. Therefore, to reduce the risk of odors - turn it on more often.
  • Necessary care actions are not provided. It must be disassembled, cleaned, washed. Of course, this work is time-consuming, but with the correct content of the air conditioner, the air in the room will always be clean and fresh.
  • Untimely replacement of the filters also affects not in the best way the appearance of strange aromas. In this case, it is recommended to change the filters during.

The smell when you turn on the air conditioner

If, when you turn on the device, your nose catches odors, do not panic. It is necessary to identify what kind of "aroma" exudes air conditioning:

Plastic smell

Usually felt the first time you turn on the newly installed device. This disadvantage is often sinned by cheap models. The smell disappears after a few days of use and is not considered an indicator of a malfunction of the device. However, you should make sure that the plastic does not melt in the split system itself (usually in heating mode). This may be the case when using low-quality plastic in the manufacture of air conditioners.

The smell of burning insulation

When turned on, did you smell a burnt smell? Unplug the appliance immediately from the electrical outlet. Perhaps there was a burnout of the wiring, which in addition can lead to a fire. To solve this problem, call a specialist.

Putrid smell or damp smell

One of the common odors that causes inconvenience to most owners of air conditioners. The source of this smell is bacteria and molds that settle inside the device. Since condensation always forms in the air conditioner - water, which is an ideal medium for the development of various microorganisms, the risk of smell is high.

With constant operation, condensate is drained through the drainage system. In the case when the device has not been turned on for a long time, part of the condensate remains inside and an ideal environment is created for the development of fungi and bacteria, because for their growth you need only heat and dampness.

To avoid the accumulation of liquid, therefore, to deprive the microorganisms of their living environment, install the device correctly. Errors during installation can lead to the formation of fluid stagnation, which is the impetus for the occurrence of stench. To solve the problem, you can take the following steps:

  • If the air conditioner has been idle for a long time, then before turning it on, it is necessary to rinse the inside of the device well from fungi, disinfect and dry it.
  • Some models have a feature that reduces the risk of mold. It lies in the fact that the fan does not turn off immediately, but continues to work for some more time. Thus, the air conditioner itself gets rid of excess moisture inside.
  • Disinfection with antibacterial agents. Antibacterial agents are purchased in specialized stores. It is sprayed at the place where air is taken for cooling. Together with the air flow, droplets penetrate the drainage system and act on microorganisms. Usually this is enough for the bacteria and mold to die, and with them the putrid odor will disappear.
  • In the most advanced case, you will have to disassemble the device and disinfect the inside. If there is little experience in analyzing equipment, it is better to call a master who will produce cleaning and treating the air conditioner.
Cleaning the air conditioner by a master

Environmental odor accumulation

Many air conditioners in some modes take air not from the street, but from the premises. Therefore, if the apartment has a steady smell, then the air conditioner will blow out the same “flavored” air, so-called “air cycle in a single apartment” is obtained.

Persistent and unpleasant odors emit:

  • poor-quality furniture containing formaldehyde resins;
  • cigarette smoke;
  • low quality plastic;
  • some types of synthetics.

To get rid of the smell, it is necessary to ventilate the room well. Do not use “strongly smelling” pieces of furniture in the house, and for the air conditioner it is worth purchasing antibacterial filters.

The smell of sewage

The spread of the smell of sewage throughout the apartment from the air conditioner is facilitated by the improper installation of the drainage device. If the condensate does not drain onto the street, but into the sewer, a siphon must be installed. With direct discharge, pretty soon you will be able to feel the whole "charm" of sewer pipes. In this case, only reinstallation will help.

Installation of antibacterial filters

This is a universal way to solve odor problems. There are several types of filters that help fight one or another "aroma", as well as a variety of microorganisms:

  • Photocatalytic. This filter is installed on almost all modern models of air conditioners. It absorbs any odors of organic origin. It contains titanium dioxide (titanium white), which accelerates the process of the breakdown of organic substances. The whites themselves are not consumed, but act only as a catalyst.
  • Plasma ionizer. It perfectly disinfects air from various pathogens: bacteria and viruses, traps dust particles. Air passes through metal plates, between which a very high voltage passes, which guarantees not only protection against bacteria, but also from extraneous odors.
  • Catechin. Antivirus filter. It uses catechin - a plant substance that has a powerful antibacterial effect. Record holders for catechin content are tea leaves;
  • Wasabi. Another filter using plant materials. Japanese horseradish - wasabi - contains a substance that copes with pathogenic bacteria and disinfects the air.

Filters also need to be cleaned in a timely manner, otherwise, if heavily soiled, they will cease to do their job, and an unpleasant odor will attack again and again. In the instructions, the manufacturer must prescribe after what time it is necessary to change or clean the filter.

Video: Cleaning the air conditioner with an unpleasant odor

In the next video, the author will tell you how to get rid of the unpleasant odor from the air conditioner if the usual methods do not help. You will clearly see how to disassemble the air conditioner for internal cleaning:

There are many reasons for the appearance of a smell after turning on the air conditioner. But if you install it correctly, clean the filters, the inside of the air conditioner and fan, then the risk of living in an apartment spoiled by unpleasant odors will decrease geometrically progression. Any device needs preventive maintenance, and air conditioning is no exception.

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