How to choose an accurate floor scales

How to choose an accurate floor scales


The modern way of life makes us constantly monitor our health. Deciding for ourselves what to eat and drink when doing physical exercises, we also need to know how to choose a floor scales to track your weight.


  • 1Tips for choosing
  • 2The device of mechanical weights
  • 3Features of electronic models
  • 4Additional features of electronic scales

Tips for choosing

At once we will tell, that it is not necessary to think too much in this occasion. The main thing is that the thing should be reliable and not quickly broken down, and additional functions are necessary only for enthusiastic fans of a healthy lifestyle. Many women prefer to choose the device based on its appearance, and then for a long time with pleasure use it, not regretting it at all.

Here are a few tips to help you decide.

  • Always pay attention to the maximum load the floor scales are designed for. If you weigh heavy objects or people on them, they will soon fail.
  • Mechanical floor scales are more reliable and cheaper than electronic scales, but the latter are more accurate. So if you want to track downright grammes, then buy electronic.
  • Try to choose a device with a fluted platform, because on a smooth surface it is easy to slip.
  • There are outdoor scales that work from solar energy. If you buy them, then you will not have to think about buying batteries. As you understand, these are electronic devices.
  • If you purchase a device on which several people will be weighed, then you can choose a model with built-in memory. It will help fix changes in the weight of two, three or more people.

The first thing that rushes when choosing a scale is their design, but if you liked some model, then do not rush with the purchase. Study carefully all its parameters and then buy.

In order to fully answer the question of how to choose a scale, you need to know a little about their device.

The device of mechanical weights

In mechanical scales, the main element is the springs. When we stand on the platform and press our weight onto it, a system of mechanisms comes into play, which eventually stretches the spring. The spring is attached to the arrow or to the dial. Therefore, when it stretches, the arrow begins to move, and we see your weight in the window. That's how these floor scales work, which is very difficult to spoil.


To set the arrow to zero, you need to twist the adjusting screw, which is usually placed at the bottom of the device. Those who decided to choose a mechanical mechanism can be envied to some extent. It's quite difficult to spoil, it can last for dozens of years, and you do not need to buy any batteries for it in addition.


The floor scales can fail only if the loads are constantly exceeded. Then the spring simply stretches and can not respond properly to pressure.


Features of electronic models

The basis for the work of modern electronic scales is the change in the electrical resistance of the strain gage. A strain gage is a device that changes its electrical characteristics if it is squeezed or stretched. Something like a spring, only the accuracy of the indications increases.

We, as usual, stand on a flat and smooth platform, the device turns on, determines our weight and displays the readout on the liquid crystal screen. Many people prefer to choose electronic models, because they have a more beautiful, modern look. At the same time, we must remember that you will have to buy batteries from time to time and remember that electronics are afraid of high humidity.

Electronic Mechanical
It is necessary to provide power supply Easy to repair, work without batteries
Very accurately determine the weight Less accurately weighed
Have additional functions Long service life

Additional features of electronic scales

Most of all, electronic devices are attracted by the fact that they can do what is not mechanical by force. They will remember the weight of your body, and when you weigh the next times, you will be able to see if there is any progress.

Electronics can also be selected for the fact that it is capable of calculating itself. There are electronic floor scales, in memory of which you can enter the value of your growth, and then they will determine if your weight is reaching the ideal value, or else you need to work.

Modern technology for the home has reached what can determine what percentage of fat is contained in your body. At once we will notice, that the floor scales do it not so precisely, but carries away the fact. When you climb an electronic balance, an electric current is passed through your body. This is a small, almost imperceptible discharge, but it allows you to know the relationship in the body of muscles with fat.

Almost all electronic devices are automatically turned off, and some of them emit audible signals to draw our attention. These are such wonderful features that these seemingly simple devices have, which allows us to think carefully about the choice and start with enthusiasm the measurement of the indices of our body.

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