What clothes steamer to choose? Tips and tricks

Ironing takes a place in the top three in the list of the most unloved and tedious household chores. Especially it concerns smoothing after washing window curtains, delicate and thin fabrics, and also things from materials which are easily and quickly rumpled, and smoothed much more difficult.

Even modern models of irons do not make things too easy. And then it's time to choose and buy a good steamer for the house, which can greatly facilitate the fate of the housewife. That's just the thing this little enough familiar to most of our citizens. How to choose a steamer for clothes correctly, very few people know. According to statistics, only 20% of Russians are familiar with this type of home appliances quite well and understand what kind of appliance will help solve their goals. .

The problem is completely solved. Advice of experts will help to understand the intricacies and understand what a steamer clothes the best.

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Universal DevicesReviews of experienced travelers say: the road irons are much less productive and efficient than the portable hand-steamer. And the iron weighs a little more.

The road otparivatel is capable to quickly put in order the clothes crumpled in a suitcase, including jackets and a coat. What road iron is capable of it?

You can also use a steamer as a boiler to get a cup of tea. And if a cold has suddenly caught up, then a compact device can successfully work as an inhaler, which can be used at home too.

A small hand-operated steamer should be chosen by those buyers who have not too many things at home that require vertical steaming.

Advantages of small manual models:

  • low cost;
  • light weight and size;
  • ability to use for other needs.

Disadvantages: small power

  • ;
  • is a small water tank, which allows continuous use of the device for no more than 7-10 minutes.

However, if you read consumer reviews, the disadvantages in most cases are fully compensated by the merits.

Much more productive and more efficient, both for home and for professional use, models of greater power and performance. If you choose them, you can easily stroke the curtains and curtains of any, even the most complex designs.

Your outfits made of thin and delicate fabrics will no longer be in danger of being spoiled by a hot heavy iron. You can bring velvet and velor things, jackets, coats, and even fur coats and other fur products in perfect condition.

Powerful steam flow can be used at home for disinfecting upholstered furniture, pillows and blankets, soft toys. Dust mites that cause allergies and almost all bacteria die from hot steam. In addition, steam treatment is able to eliminate odors absorbed into the fabric. Using steam makes it much easier to remove various dirt and stains.

To choose the right steamer for clothes, you need to understand the basic characteristics of these devices.

Steamer Features The steamer consists of a heating element, a water tank, a steam generator, a steam supply hose and a steam iron. Water enters the steam generator by gravity or under the action of a pump-pump. Pump models produce more steam per minute, which increases speed.

Most consumers are first interested in the power of the device. This is only partly true, since in boilers it is not only power consumption that is important, but also the amount of steam supplied. Power determines how fast the device will reach its operating temperature and how much energy it will consume.

The more powerful the vertical steamer is, the faster you will smooth things, but the energy consumption will increase.

For domestic purposes, average power is sufficient: from 1300 to 1700 W.Reviews of owners of powerful steamers say that the optimal amount of steam is up to 55 ml of water evaporated per minute, and 35-40 ml is enough for most.

However, power only affects the speed of work, almost without affecting the quality. If you are not in too much of a hurry, it makes no sense to spend money on a powerful device, losing money on increased power consumption. Yes, and the most powerful models are more expensive than others.

Equally important, especially with large amounts of work on smoothing things, has a volume of water tank. The smaller the tank - the more often you have to stop the process in order to replenish it with water. Some models require that topping-up be carried out only when the device has cooled down, and to others it is possible to add water without stopping work.

Inexpensive models are demanding on the quality of the water used: only distilled is suitable, sold in household departments, specialty stores and pharmacies.

A more expensive vertical steamer, equipped with special filters, is content with simple tap water. However, it will have to be cleaned periodically from the formed scale, especially with increased water hardness. Even for such devices it is more practical to use filtered or boiled water.

The material from which the iron is made is also worth paying close attention. It is best to choose from those models in which the sole ironing is made of metal or ceramic. The plastic sole quickly fails. The more holes, the better. The most successful models in which the sole plate is heated: this eliminates the unpleasant effect of splashing.

By the way, many models sin splash formation, if you start ironing without waiting for the device to warm up well.

Low-cost models have only one mode of operation. Although the functionality of such devices is limited, this is enough for everyday use in the household. It is much more convenient steamers for clothes, equipped with mode switches. You can choose more or less intense modes that best suit the treated tissue. But such models are much more expensive.

Much more comfortable steamers for clothes, equipped with mode switches. You can choose more or less intense modes that best suit the treated tissue. But such models are much more expensive.

Large steamers with multiple modes of operation are more often purchased for ateliers, shops and cleaning companies. At home, having such a device is worth it if you have a large family and constantly have to iron whole heaps of clothes from different materials.

For some models, manufacturers are making several accessories for the convenience of consumers. The most convenient and practical are the special clips that allow you to create arrows on the pants, as well as special brushes for cleaning things.

The majority of floor steamers include clothes hangers and a glove that protects your hand from burning with hot steam. However, as the reviews show, our fellow citizens rarely use protective gloves.

Universal devices

Some steamers have versatile functions. They combine a steamer, steam cleaner and steam iron. It is rational to acquire such complex and expensive devices for a large house, in which a large family lives with small children and pets, or for intensive professional use.

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