Optimum temperature for seedlings at different stages of cultivation

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers are one of the most popular vegetable crops for growing in the garden, cottage area. Every year, truck farmers grow seeds, plant them on individual pots, dive, take care of the bushes in every possible way. The right temperature for seedling is the most important factor at all stages of plant development.



  • Temperature for seedlings of tomatoes
  • Cucumber seedlings - growing temperature
  • Temperature for pepper sprouts

As practice shows, the harvest of vegetables can be obtained in any climatic zone, but the temperature index plays the most important role here. Before planting the seedlings for permanent residence, the soil should be heated by sun rays to about + 12 ° C. Note that the land should also not be overheated, young bushes can suffer from this.

Each individual vegetable needs its own temperature regime. What temperature does the seedlings of tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers withstand, you learn from the information below. These vegetables are very demanding of the environment, any temperature difference or deviation from the norm can ruin your work. To prevent this from happening, let us consider their characteristic features.

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Temperature for seedlings of tomatoes

Consider the temperature regime for tomatoes in more detail:

  1. Shoots germinate at a temperature of +12.. + 16 degrees Celsius, after which it should gradually increase.
  2. At +25.. + 30 ° C sprouts show active growth, so that at this stage they do not stretch, the temperature should be lowered to the original value (+14.. + 16 degrees). In this case, the rootlets of the seedlings begin to form even with a lack of illumination.
  3. What is the minimum temperature for seedlings of tomatoes? It should be ensured that it does not reach + 10 ° C, otherwise the growth of bushes will stop. Since tomatoes are quite thermophilic, the minimum limit is +12 degrees at night and +23 in the afternoon.
  4. The maximum temperature values ​​at which the flowering stops and the ovary falls off is above +28 and below + 13 ° C. At high temperatures, pollen sterilization takes place, and at low temperatures it simply does not ripen.
  5. At what temperature do tomato seedlings die? When the bottom of the thermometer scale is reached - + 5 ° C or upper - + 40 ° C, the plants lose their appearance first, but then they may even die. Indicator minus, ° C - death for delicate bush.

Thus, the acceptable temperature for growing tomatoes is +20.. + 23 in the afternoon and +16.. +18 at night. For the soil, the optimal indicator for the day is similar, and at night it should not fall below + 16 ° C, as this worsens the adaptation (survival) of plants.

Tempering process outside the window

At what temperature do you carry seedlings on the balcony? Until the moment of planting in the ground, it must be accustomed to the street conditions - harden. It is necessary to start these procedures approximately two weeks before planting tomatoes for permanent residence. An open balcony for tomatoes is a great place where they adapt to sunlight and cold air.


When the day is warm (+ 12 ° C or more), the seedlings can be opened and taken out to fresh air - two to three hours in the first 2-3 days will be enough. After this period you will be able to leave it there all day long. If you decide to leave it on the balcony for the night, it will be better if you cover it with a film. The temperature at this stage should not be below + 10 ° C, if the column of the thermometer rushes down, do not hesitate, put seedlings in the house. The indicator that the bushes were hardened will be a light violet foliage shade, do not forget to water them during the adaptation process.

Greenhouse for hardening of plants before landing in the ground

The first few days do not expose plants to the open sun, they can get burned - the leaves will become white.

Sunburn of tomato leaves

The shadow is the best place for them at first. Rooted strong sprouts can withstand even frosts, weak - immediately perishes.


After 45-50 days from the emergence of shoots, tomatoes are sent to the beds. Wait for a cloudy day to plant tomatoes in the open ground - this is an important condition. They easily get accustomed, but the soil temperature should be acceptable (not lower than + 12 ° C).

The temperature of air and ground is also important if tomatoes are pre-planted in a greenhouse. The soil under the film warms up quickly, two days will be enough. Thus, the temperature of the upper layers of the soil should not be below + 10 ° C, otherwise the root system of plants will cease to develop, and will begin to rot. Ideally, if the temperature of the soil in the greenhouse for planting seedlings will not be below + 15 ° C. This is an acceptable level for the harmonious adaptation of plants to a new location, the development of new roots.

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Cucumber seedlings - growing temperature

Cucumbers are also a heat-loving crop, sprouts appear on the 4th-6th day after planting. The higher the air temperature, the faster the shoots will appear. This vegetable needs a little time to please us with a crop, from the moment of puncturing the first shoots to the fruiting period it takes about 50 or 60 days.

Acceptable indicators for the appearance of germs - +25.. + 30 ° C. After emergence, the temperature for seedlings of cucumbers should vary from + 20 ° C to + 23 ° C. It is no longer necessary, because excess heat and lack of light can provoke stretching of the bush. Plants must be ventilated (open the window), and later rendered on the balcony - tempered.

When 4 full leaflets appear, cucumbers are transplanted into the open ground, the ground for them should be heated to + 18 ° C. If, with the onset of the night, the air temperature drops below +15, it is strongly recommended to cover the beds with a film.Cucumbers badly tolerate even minimal cooling (and dampness), at + 15 ° C their growth stops, and at + 10 ° C and lower they begin to ache - later die. As cucumbers grow at night, the temperature at this time of day must be at least + 18 ° C.

For cucumbers, the temperature difference between day and night values ​​is very important, if it is more than 7 degrees, the seedlings get stressed. Therefore, again, do not forget about the shelter material for beds at night. In addition, provide the bushes regular moderate watering.

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Temperature for pepper sprouts

The daily temperature for pepper seedling should be +22.. + 25 degrees, night - +11.. + 14 (slightly higher than tomatoes). And, before the appearance of sprouts, it should be kept within + 25.. + 28 ° С. After the pepper ascend, you need to lower it to + 20 ° C for literally 2 or 3 days, then raise to +22.. + 25 ° C and continue to maintain it constantly on this figure.

On non-sunny days it is recommended to reduce the temperature to +18.. + 22 ° С. Just like tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper seedlings need to be tempered - put on the balcony, if the air temperature does not fall below + 15 ° C.


Organization of irrigation, timely introduction of fertilizing is part of an important and sometimes time-consuming process of growing vegetable crops. The temperature for seedlings should be maintained at the required level at all stages of plant development.

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