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  1. Natalya, thanks for the very useful information! We spent the first winter here in the village, previously engaged in gardening, gardening in Siberia. Here everything is different, there is no experience. For example, before the New Year, lettuce, which was planted before winter, came out, probably in vain. Now she covered the film, its fate is not clear. For sowing seeds always used purchased land, not peat tablets. I think that the agrotechnology of growing seedlings is the same, the most important thing, I think, is the timing of planting. There is little land, are there any ways to grow cucumbers economically( by land)?Is it possible to use vertical cultivation of cucumbers here? Will they burn?

  • Thank you, Elena. I am glad that you need information. Of course, our winter( 2014-2015) is not quite normal - November, December are relatively warm, and even without snow. Now, some meteosites scare severe frosts. I never sowed a salad before winter. Always chose the warm days of February for this. Now only sowed carrots. And then only a small bed( the first half of December) - just “itched your hands” to do something at the dacha. .. I think you did everything right, covering the salad with a film. If the frosts do not jump over the border minus 10-12 degrees, then the salad must survive. It is best if there is a small air space between the film and the salad so that the film does not touch the leaves. And it would be ideal to first cover the crops of lettuce with a spunbond( not thinner than 30), and a film on top. The film on top is only if there is a threat of severe frost, below minus 12 degrees.
    I plant seedlings in peat tablets, peat pots with purchased soil, and just in plastic cups, too, with purchased soil. Capacities can be more, such as a cover from cakes - it all depends on my material capabilities.
    Yes, I agree, the agrotechnology of growing seedlings does not really depend on the containers. The whole difference - need a picking or not. Well, also the volume, the frequency of irrigation is different. And the timing of planting depends on the growing conditions. In the greenhouse - you can early, and open ground - it all depends on the weather.
    Last year my seedlings outgrew because of the weather - April was cold. Late disembarkation did not have a special effect on tomatoes and eggplants. But the peppers did not like it. It seems to me that the pepper harvest would be better if I planted it on time.
    Cucumbers I usually sow seeds in open ground. Raised( trailing on the ground) - Phoenix variety. And with a primitive trellis - varieties, or rather, hybrids like Hermann, Masha, etc. Phoenix is ​​a very fruitful and drought-resistant variety, I plant it every year. And I try to sow cucumbers along the shade in the partial shade - the open sun before dinner and the shadow after. But with cucumbers in recent years, I worry not only about - they will burn, they will not burn, but more - what a bjaka will attack them or not.

    1. Angelica

      Very useful information, thank you.

I have been living here for three years( Krasnodar Territory), I just can’t guess the sowing time. We used to live far away - Siberia. A year ago, already in January, the seeds of pepper sown! !!😳 Today I planted some tomatoes and peppers on February 23.Thank you so much for the interesting article.

  • I am glad that my experience will help you to grow the crop. By the way, the end of January is a normal time for sowing seeds with us. Of course, judging by 2013, then the spring was a little late, it was not as warm as we would like. .. The seedling probably outgrew, waiting for good days. I, for example, would spray it with Athlete’s solution or its analogue — a TOUR( perhaps there are already other plant growth regulators) that make the seedlings stocky, strong, with a well-developed root system. Manufacturers of the drug recommend not more than 3 treatments with interruptions of at least 5-7 days. That is, the mechanism of action of the Athlete( TUR) is as follows: the drug after the first treatment slows down the growth of the aerial part of the plant by about a week, but the root system begins to grow rapidly. After a week after processing, the growth of leaves, stems resumes. Alternating in this way the time of treatments, as well as the break between them, it is possible, without prejudice to the plants, to keep their growth before planting in a permanent place. More treatments or more frequent use of this drug can only harm your plants and your crop. In many garden and garden forums I read that, they say, processed or processed, and the seedlings stopped growing. Alas, I also “broke my forehead with these rakes” - all the failures are based on the number of treatments( sprayed more than three times during the growing season), as well as the length of the period between them( they do not withstand interruption, spray more often than necessary).

Thank you!

  • I am glad that the information was useful to you.

  • Thank you, Natalia! Tips just in time.

    • I am glad that the advice came in handy

  • In Siberia, it is advised to sow tomatoes for seedlings not earlier than March 20, because otherwise the seedlings lack the sun, it stretches, becomes thin. And we sow eggplants or peppers not earlier than February.

  • Interestingly it turns out that you are offering thermophilic eggplants to be planted in open ground before tomatoes! And besides, on April 14!Would not be even misleading people!

  • I’ll download the mother-in-law, let her study

  • Oh, the Krasnodar Territory was lucky, such a detailed article when sowing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, and even with a calendar, we have a lot to ask us.wonderful gardeners!

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