What is convection in a microwave oven and why is it needed?

What is convection in a microwave oven and why is it needed?


In our age of technical progress in the kitchen, the hostess has a lot of helpers, greatly facilitating her life, especially with a busy work week. One of these assistants can be considered a microwave with convection. Not everyone knows about this mode, which means that not all use it. And in vain! After all, in the microwave oven you can not only heat dishes and thaw meat (which is done by most housewives!), But also cook porridge and even bake cake, pies and tender cakes. And this will be done just by convection.


  • 1What is convection?
  • 2How to choose the right model
  • 3How to use the convection mode
  • 4To buy or not to buy a microwave oven?
  • 5Do I have to believe in myths?
    • 5.1Myth 1. Microwave waves change the molecular structure of products
    • 5.2Myth 2. In such food, many carcinogens
    • 5.3Myth 3. It is dangerous to stay close to the operating oven

What is convection?

Such a phenomenon as convection occurs in nature, when heat transfer takes place, during which the internal energy is transmitted in the form of jets and streams (for example, when clouds are formed). But, put on the service of a man, she began to be forced. With the help of convection in different units, water or air can move around in a circle.

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Adding a similar function in the microwave oven has made it possible to expand the possibilities for preparing various dishes. The original models of the furnaces were equipped with only the function of the grill. It was possible to cook a tender chicken with a crispy crust and nothing more.

A microwave oven with convection can be considered a full-fledged oven. Thanks to the built-in fan located on the rear panel of the microwave oven, hot air is pumped in and circulates inside the working chamber. Of course, such models have large, in comparison with other, dimensions, and electricity is taken a lot. But in return you will get perfectly baked meat, fish, air pies, and not with a burnt hard crust, as it sometimes happens in a conventional oven, but with a soft but well-baked.

Perhaps, most often use a microwave oven mistress, renting an apartment. Typically, in demountable apartments are antediluvian or simple gas stoves, in which there is no decent oven, which means it is impossible to prepare a family dinner or a festive dinner. A microwave oven with convection makes this possible for almost any hostess.

How to choose the right model


The taste and color, as they say, no comrades. It is always difficult to make a choice, focusing solely on someone else's opinion. If you are a hostess of a huge kitchen with a bunch of all built-in appliances, including an oven, and also if you have multivark and aerogrill, the microwave oven, you probably do not need it, well, except for heating or defrosting products.

But if the relationship with the gas oven did not work out, as all the time pies cakes, and baked chicken reminds more dried shoe, then, of course, it is worth buying a modern oven that combines three functions:

  • microwave
  • grill
  • convection

In modern devices, heating elements of two types are used: tan and quartz. Tan is a metal spiral with a heating element inside. As a rule, it is installed at the top of the working chamber and allows you to use the grill every time you want it. In some models, the ten can even be raised, lowered, generally, placed at the rear wall, if required by the shape or size of the products used.


A quartz grill is nothing but a tightly wound wire made of an alloy of nickel and chromium, which is known to be heat resistant. This wire is inserted into a tube made of quartz glass and immovably fixed to the top of the furnace above the working chamber. This grill is much more convenient to use, because it does not occupy the working space of the camera, it's more ergonomic, because it heats up faster, and it's much easier to clean it. And you can also put your own heating level for the grill.

Choosing a specific model of the microwave oven, of course, you can view thousands of reviews on the forums, consult a few consultants, but the choice will still be yours.


If you are an experienced hostess with a long cook time, you can adapt to any model of microwave. Let it not happen the first time a lush pie or a steak from a fish with a baked crust, but from the second time the experience will appear.


In the end, in expensive models equipped with both grill and convection, there are automatic programs that include even different cuisines of the world. An inexperienced hostess will simply choose products, add them to special dishes and simply set the desired program, which itself select cooking time, heating power and even a combination or sequence of modes: microwaves, grill or grill mode and convection.

How to use the convection mode


If you have long and successfully used the services of a microwave oven just for warming up, and now have finally purchased modern and refined oven with convection, it's time to get acquainted with the most simple rules of its use. So, a few tips for beginners:

  1. Cook in a special dish made of heat-resistant glass, designed for this type of microwave oven.
  2. Cook the dishes in a small volume so that they are evenly baked.
  3. Use when cooking a special stand in the form of a grate on the legs (as a rule, it is included with any oven). Such a stand during cooking makes it possible to circulate hot air around the entire volume of the dish, which will allow it to be evenly influenced.
  4. If you want to get a ruddy crust, it is better to use the combined with the grill mode. In addition, this way of cooking reduces cooking time by 15-20 minutes, which will save both electricity and your time, which is no less valuable.
  5. Before starting baking meat and fish or baking cakes, it is recommended to warm up the working chamber for 10-15 minutes.
  6. 6. Experiment with different products and modes to constantly delight your family and friends.

To buy or not to buy a microwave oven?

Just such a question set many buyers, coming today to a hardware store. What, in fact, are the pros and cons of a microwave oven with microwaves, grilling and convection? Perhaps the following comparison will help determine your choice.

Benefits disadvantages
several modes, the ability to combine different methods of cooking small, compared with the oven, the volume
prepares faster - saves time not all dishes will do
stores more useful substances high power consumption
automatic control and touch panel good models are expensive

If you have an old microwave oven and you did not use a microwave with convection and grill, then it's time to master new technologies.

The last achievement is the appearance of a microwave oven that combines six cooking methods: microwaves, microwave with steam, grill, microwaves with grill, convection, convection with grill.

A worthy representative of this class of units can be considered the model Panasonic NN-CS596S. It is based on inverter technology of cooking, and the dishes are not only beautiful and mouth-watering, but also have excellent taste qualities.

There are decent models in the company Samsung, LG, Redmond - in short, all the world's manufacturers of household appliances. If you like modern design, while the kitchen is not so great to embody all the wildest dreams in its design, the purchase of modern microwave oven, equipped with the most advanced technology, indeed, and comfort will help create, and dishes to give a real home-like taste, and place in the kitchen save. But the old oven can be taken to the dacha to just warm up the food in it.


Do I have to believe in myths?

Concerning the use of microwave ovens, so many myths have appeared that it is time to debunk them. Here are the most common ones.


Myth 1. Microwave waves change the molecular structure of products

Many people believe that microwaves change the structure of products at the molecular level, which can have a negative effect on a person. But we need to understand that microwaves only heat products, they are not ionic or radiation radiators, and therefore, do not bring any harm.

Myth 2. In such food, many carcinogens

If you recall the chemistry, the carcinogenic substances are formed when the oil is combined with a high temperature. And this often happens either when frying, or in the oven. Preparation in the microwave, on the contrary, is closer to the steamer, since the oil is not used at all, that is, such food will only benefit.

Myth 3. It is dangerous to stay close to the operating oven

During the operation of the microwave oven, all tissues and human cells will be exposed to radiation, which will cause harm. But now half of the devices, including a mobile phone and a computer, emit electromagnetic waves, and we spend much more time with them. And the furnace has a metal casing that completely protects from the effects of this radiation. That's who really can not be near the operating unit - so this is the one who has a pacemaker.

To believe or not to believe in myths is, in the end, a personal matter for everyone. But to think about buying a modern microwave oven with convection and grill, perhaps, is worth many.

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